How to Fix Sonos Not Connecting

Sonos is an audio system that allows users to play music everywhere in their home and manage it using a smartphone. It connects listeners to the content that they want and in the location that they want. In contrast to conventional speakers, Sonos connects to your existing wireless network to function as an ideal sound system. 

Though it employs cutting-edge technologies and delivers acoustic performance, it is not without flaws. There is a possibility of encountering connectivity problems when using the devices. Learn easy ways to get your Sonos device functioning again.

Easy Fixes to Sonos Not Connecting

Sonos Roam Bluetooth Wireless Speaker

Common fixes to a Sonos sound device not connecting are below:

  1. Connect to the same network

Sonos might not connect because you are not using the same network for your speakers and the Sonos controller app. A logical solution would be to connect the speakers and the controller app to the same network. This would be the best option. 

Also, ensure that you connect to the correct Wi-Fi network. Ensure your phone, computer, or tablet is connected to the same Wi-Fi network as Sonos. You can confirm by entering your device’s Wi-Fi settings and verifying the connection. It is essential to ensure that your device is not connected to a guest network, as doing so may prohibit Sonos from connecting.

  1. Check the Firmware

 The firmware version that your Sonos is using may have some issues. An issue with the firmware can hinder your speaker from establishing a connection. Launching the Sonos Controller app will allow you to check whether or not your Sonos speaker has installed the most recent firmware update. The steps to check for updates are:

  • Go to Sonos Controller App.
  • Click More.
  • Click Settings.
  • Go to Systems Updates.
  • Click Check for Updates.
  • You will receive a prompt to install an update if a new version is released.
  1. Reset Router

If your Sonos loses connection or cannot connect to the network, you should try to reset your Wi-Fi network by turning the router off and back on. To accomplish this, disconnect the power cord from your router’s energy source and then let it remain idle. Afterward, plug in the router and wait for it to fully power on again, which usually takes approximately two minutes.

  1. Disconnect Multiple Devices

If you have multiple Sonos devices in your collection, only one must be plugged in at a time. Doing otherwise will have you run the risk of accidentally creating a loop. When multiple Sonos devices are connected to a Sonosnet, a type of network forms between the devices called a loop.

When this occurs, the data sent from the devices do not have a direct path, so it continues to loop around. This can result in network switches, which make the network stop functioning correctly. The best option will be to prevent this scenario by plugging in a device at a time.

  1. Use a Sonos Boost
Sonos Boost
Sonos Boost

It is not a problem if, for whatever reason, you happen to be in a location some distance from the router. You will have to purchase a device known as a Sonos Boost. It is a small piece of hardware you will have to connect to your network.

It will improve the signals sent to your Sonos speakers. The implication is that you will still be capable of connecting to the network even if you are in a position that is quite distant from the router.

  1. Use an Ethernet Cable 
 Ethernt Cable 

The distance from the router is not a vital consideration when using an Ethernet cable. The solution to the connection problem is to acquire an Ethernet cable and then use it to connect your router and speakers.

Check that the Ethernet wire is securely plugged into the router and the Sonos device you are using. Alternatively, it would help if you attempted to attach the Ethernet wire to a different port on the router or the Sonos device. You might try using another Ethernet cable to check if the problem is with the current cable in use.

  1. Reset Controller App

To resolve a connection problem, you should try every means possible. You should consider resetting the Sonos Controller App and check if it solves the issue. The following instructions will walk you through resetting the Sonos controller app so you can use it on your Sonos system.

  • Launch the Sonos application.
  • Select the Settings icon.
  • Select the App preferences menu.
  • Click Reset App
  • Using the pop-up, confirm that you want to reset.

Adopting any of the above-mentioned DIY methods can help you resolve a Sonos connectivity problem efficiently. They will save you the stress of seeking external assistance. If you have tried these methods to no avail, you should not fail to contact Sonos customer support for assistance.