ONN Soundbar Troubleshooting

In this article, you will find the different challenges that could be responsible for the issues you are experiencing while using  ONN Soundbar along with their different quick fix procedures. Locate the challenge that applies to you and read through it to find the quick solution to what may be the problem.

1. Having Trouble Connecting Your ONN Soundbar to Your TV?

Are you having trouble connecting your ONN Soundbar to your TV, here’s what to do:

Using the HDMI connection

HDMI is considered and recommended as the best way to connect your ONN Soundbar to TV. Note, however, that there are two different ways sound travels when it comes to HDMI on Soundbars and TVs. The first way is HDMI ARC which stands for HDMI Audio Return Channel, this routes all the audio from your TV into your ONN Soundbar.

Connect the ONN Soundbar HDMI cord into its slot at the back of your TV, but before you do this, ensure that you have HDMI CEC enabled at the settings menu on your TV before making this connection, as this is the only way it will work.

Using the HDMI inputs connection

The second way is that if your Soundbar has HDMI inputs make sure you’re using those over connecting everything to the TV. We do this because when you connect all the devices to the Soundbar, there’s no middle man between the soundbar and the audio source therefore there’s no way that audio will be compressed outside the media device.

These are the two ways of connecting your Soundbar to your TV. Now, it just depends on the TV you are using to determine which method to use.

Using the Digital Optical connection

Another method of connecting your ONN Soundbar to your TV is to opt for the Digital Optical. This is usually the simplest method as it requires no extra settings to function. All you need to do is connect your optical cord to the Soundbar and TV.

The difference between this method and the HDMI method is that with HDMI, most times you’ll have to enable HDMI CEC at the settings menu for this method to function.

Using the CAS and Auxiliary method

 Note that the CAC and auxiliary are analog signals and not digital, so they support an even lower level of quality sound than Optical does. Typically, with the CAS, you are only getting the left and right channels connection.

So if your ONN Soundbar has three channels then it’s not advisable to use this method as you’ll lose the center channel due to the merge thereby losing the high-level dialogue you would have had if the center channel was functioning.

Using the Digital Coax method

The digital Coax is almost the same thing as optical fiber only but a little lesser in quality because the cable isn’t quite as good as the optical cable is.

Nevertheless, if your ONN Soundbar has its cord and your TV does too, then you can still go ahead and make use of it.

2. You’re Not Getting Any Sound From the ONN Soundbar

If you’re not getting any sound from your ONN Soundbar then do the following:

●     To know if the sound of your ONN Soundbar is defective connect an Optical Cable to your soundbar. The optical cable comes with the ONN soundbar.

●     Connect the other end of the Optical Cable to your TV. To do this ensure that you have hooked up your other connections such as your cable box and your blu ray box directly to the back of your TV, this will make testing your soundbar a whole lot easier.

There are tiny little plastic covers at each end of the Optical Cable that need to be removed before you make the connection. Now that you know what the cables look like it should make the plugs a lot easier to find on your ONN soundbar and the TV.

●     Locate the optical output at the back of your TV which is normally labeled optical out or audio out then plug in the optical cable to its plug. Note that there is only one way the cable will fit so make sure you match up the plug the correct way and you generally have to give it a little push to make sure it snaps into place. At this point, you’ll feel it lick into place once you push it fairly hard enough.

●     Once that is done, you can plug in the other end to your ONN Soundbar optical connection which is generally labeled audio input or optical input, and note that it will generally look just like the plug that was on your TV. Once this is connected go ahead and connect your Soundbar power plug and your TV power plug and turn the power on for both units.

●     From here you will have to locate and click into your TV’s menu system then locate the audio/sounds settings on the settings menu. Here, you will typically see an option that says to turn off the TV sound speakers and send the sound through that output.

Now, this menu may look a bit different for you all depending on the type of TV you are using, the alternative here for this is to ensure that you consult your instruction manual so that you may know how to go about this function.

Also if you purchased any of the products from an online store, most will provide you with lifetime technical support, this will be the best time to place a call through to their service department and they can walk you through the steps as well. Note that for most ONN Soundbars, how you will know if the sound on your Soundbar is not defective is that a little red light will be emitted.

●     On your TV remote controller, you have switchings, on the second row to the right, switch your ONN Soundbar and keep changing until it reads optical on the reader panel allocated on your Soundbar.

●     When this is done, you can now play whatever you want on your TV to see if the sound comes out of it.

4. If Your ONN Soundbar Cannot Connect With Your Mobile Phone

●     First of all, ensure that your ONN soundbar is switched on.

●     Locate and click on the settings menu on your mobile phone then from the drop-down menu of your settings menu, locate the on/off switch for your Bluetooth antenna and turn it on by clicking on it. Ensure that your phone’s Bluetooth antenna is turned on.

●     At this point locate your ONN Speaker name on the list of pair names that appear in the menu and click on it to pair. This will automatically pair your mobile phone with your ONN Speaker.

●     If you can’t seem to still connect your mobile phone with your ONN Speaker it may be that your mobile phone’s Bluetooth antenna is not compatible with the Bluetooth technology on your mobile phone. If you are running an older phone version, it could be that its Bluetooth technology is not updated enough to be able to connect with and pair with the Bluetooth technology of the ONN Speaker.

●     Again, another reason why they may not be pairing even when both Bluetooth technologies are up to date maybe because the antenna inside the Bluetooth speaker may be broken as it might have gotten damaged during transport, so it may not be that it’s your mobile phone’s Bluetooth technology that’s causing the problem, rather the speaker, in general, is bad. On this point, also note that it goes both ways as the Bluetooth antenna on your mobile device may be broken too.


For any other challenge you may be experiencing with your ONN Soundbar that for one reason or the other may not have been mentioned here, the alternative for this is to ensure that you consult your instruction manual so that you may know how to go about this function.

Also, if you purchased any of the products from an online store, most online stores will provide you with lifetime technical support, so feel free to place a call through to their service department and they can walk you through the steps as well.