4 Ways To Find A Lost TV Remote

Funnily, TV remotes always have a way of disappearing when you need them to adjust the volume, change the channel, or reset any setting. Finding your lost remote can be quite stressful and annoying. Remotes are among the top 10 things we lose often.

We watch TVs almost every day and TV remotes are always very useful. Sometimes, the TV remote could get lost because the last person to watch the screen lost it. That’s expected when members of a family watch one TV.

Read through and discover 3 different ways to find a lost TV remote.

Ways To Find Your Lost TV Remote

Trying to find a lost remote is becoming a regular thing, especially now that most smart TV remotes are small in size making it easy to misplace them. Here are a few ways to find your lost TV remote:

1. Use a TV Remote Control Finder

If you live with other people, there’s always a possibility that the remote will get missing. So, if you’re looking for your lost remote, you could use a TV remote control finder.

With the help of the remote control finder, you’ll be able to locate exactly where the TV remote is instead of having to spend so much time searching for the remote in different corners.

The TV remote finders are like a thin card that uses Bluetooth technology to connect to your phone. When you make the connection, you’ll be able to locate the remote from an app on your phone.

Currently, there are many remote control finders in the market. When purchasing one, it is advisable to get the one with a long-lasting battery strength that’ll last up to a year, and a connection range of not less than 100 ft (30m) indoors.

In addition, you can share the remote control finder with other people that live in the house with you, via the phone app. This will help increase the finding power as they’ll also be able to use the app to track the lost TV remote.

2. Search For The TV Remote

You could begin the search by checking the obvious places where the remote will likely be in. There’s always a high possibility that the remote will be in the living room. Most people love to keep their remote close to the TV or where they sat while watching the TV.

If you don’t find the remote in the obvious places, check the hidden areas (underneath tables, books, blankets, and many other places in your home). Check the kitchen as well.

Try to recall your location while you were holding the remote. There’s a possibility that you went outside with the remote and left it somewhere while your mind was thinking of something else. Don’t leave any place unturned. Check your fridge, bedsheets, and bed covers too.

3. Ask Around

You may not have been the last person who used the TV remote. Therefore, it is important to ask the members of your household to be sure that none of them carried (or misplaced).

Plus, asking someone will help you figure out the exact places to search for the remote. If someone took the remote, you’ll be informed. Your daughter could have taken the remote to her room and forgotten it there.

As funny as it may seem, your toddler could decide to hide the remote from you as a prank. Search your kid’s toy box too.

Furthermore, you should ask for assistance while finding the remote. Ask your family members or friends to assist you in looking for the lost remote. 

4. Use the Receiver Button on Your TV

There are certain companies in the telecommunication industry that have increased the rate of growth in the economic system. Some companies that provide TV, such as Dish Network make provision for a button on the receiver which will prompt the remote to flash and beep so you can easily find it.

Therefore, using the button on the receiver of your TV will help you find the remote control easily.

5. Use a Bright Silicon Cover

By using a bright silicon cover for your remote, you’ll be able to easily locate it when it’s misplaced. Plus, it protects the remote from getting damaged.


Unfortunately, because of the small size of most modern smart TV remote controls, the remote get easily misplaced. Don’t get so restless just because you lost your TV remote. Source for a long-lasting solution, rather.

We’ve carefully explained 4 different ways to find a lost TV remote. In sum, you can try them all or go for the one you think will be most effective.