3 Ways To Connect Unsupported Bluetooth To PS4

You have just bought a new PS4, and there is a rush of excitement to connect it to your favorite Bluetooth headphone for quality audio while gaming.

You get a pop-up message when trying to connect: “Your PS4 does not support this audio device”. So you ask the question, “why is it not connecting?”.

This article will address this and proffer possible answers to one of the most asked console questions in this era.

Why Does My PS4 Say Bluetooth Audio Devices Are Not Supported?

At the launch of the PS4, Sony enterprise announced that the console would not be supporting any advanced audio distribution profile (A2DP). A2DP is stereo music distributed wirelessly over Bluetooth.

Sony deliberately did this to prevent lagging; they discovered that using A2DP causes a lag around 100ms+, which results in a poor user experience.

However, there are possible hacks to connect your favorite Bluetooth device to PS4. There are also supported Bluetooth devices that can connect to PS4, and these can be done in 2 ways:

  • Get a certified Bluetooth headphone/gadget compatible with PS4, like the Gold wireless headset or the Platinum wireless stereo headset.
  • Connect any standard Bluetooth audio device with your PS4 by using gadgets like a Bluetooth dongle or auxiliary cable for connection.

If you are unsure how to connect unsupported Bluetooth to PS4, these methods below should guide you:

Method 1

Connecting Unsupported Bluetooth with PS4 using Cable

The connection is wired, and it requires the use of a male-male auxiliary cable or wire with a built-in mic. The auxiliary wire comes with two 3.5 millimeters jacks connected on both sides of the cable.

You can use this method with the following steps:

  • Plug one side of the cable to the headphones’ 3.5milimeter port.
  • Connect the other side of the cable to the PS4 controller.
  • Go to your PS4 Settings and scroll down to the devices section. 
  • From the device settings, tap on the Audio Device option, select Output Device Options and choose USB headphones.
  • Find the Output to Headphone option and select All Audio.

With these steps, you will successfully connect your unsupported Bluetooth headphone to your PS4 through a wired connection.

However, we have all experienced the inconvenience of wired headphones while gaming.

If you are uncomfortable with the extra wires, you should try the following method to achieve wireless functionality:

Method 2

Connecting Unsupported Bluetooth With PS4 Using Bluetooth USB Adapter Or Dongle

Using this method guarantees you a wireless connection, but it involves using a Bluetooth adapter or a Dongle. Below are the steps to follow to connect your headphones to PS4 through a Bluetooth adapter:

  • Connect your Bluetooth USB to your PS4 console.
  • Turn on your current headphones and pair them to your PS4.
  • Connect your Bluetooth adapter to your PS4. It goes through the 3.5-millimeter jack.
  • Go to your PS4 settings and scroll down to the devices section.
  • Click on Devices>Input devices and then headset connected to the controller.
  • Go back and find the output device option and select the USB headphones.

To use a Dongle, kindly follow the steps below:

  • Insert your wireless mic (Most Dongles come with one).
  • Insert your Bluetooth Dongle into the PS4 USB slot.
  • Press the button on the Dongle to turn it on.
  • Turn the Bluetooth headset on and connect it with the Dongle. 
  • Jump to PS4 Settings. Click Devices and then click Audio Devices.
  • Select Input Device, then choose the Headset Connected to Controller option.
  • Select the Output Devices option and choose USB Headset.
  • Select Output to Headphones and click Audio.

With these steps, you’ll be able to connect to your PS4 wirelessly.

Method 3

Connecting Unsupported Bluetooth With PS4 Using PS4 Remote Play App

With the remote play app, you can access your PS4 console with your mobile phone via a Wifi connection.

Furthermore, your mobile phone serves as the controller in this method, and you can communicate through your phone’s mic.

You can try this method by the following steps:

  • Download and Install the PS4 remote play app on your mobile phone.
  • Jump to your PS4 settings, select the Enable Remote Play option and activate it.
  • Select Add Device, then Code. An 8-digit PIN will display on the screen.
  • Input this 8-digit PIN on the remote play app on your phone and register it.

However, this method might not work for most games or devices, but it’s still worth giving a try. It’s also dependent on mobile phone internet speed and specifications.

Frequently Asked Questions

Reading through this informative article, you might have a few questions. Below is the compilation of a few frequently asked questions and answers on this topic:

Can I Connect any Bluetooth Headphones To PS4?

Sadly, not all headphones are compatible with PS4, especially those with old specifications. The headphones need to have a TRRS configuration to ensure compatibility.

What Bluetooth Devices are Supported by PS4?

Below is a list of some compatible wireless headsets for PS4:

  • Platinum wireless stereo headset – Model CECHYA-0090.
  • New Gold wireless headset – Model CUHYA-0080.
  • Gold wireless headset – Model CECHYA-0083.
  • PULSE Elite wireless stereo headset – Model CECHYA-0086.

Can I Use Airpods With PS4?

AirPods are not supported by PS4. To connect Airpods to PS4, you need to use a third-party Bluetooth adapter with audio capabilities.

The Bluetooth adapter will link the AirPod to your PS4 and can be used to connect several Bluetooth devices.