Where to Buy a Television: 5 Options to Consider

Owning a TV with incredible sound quality and a smart design to go with it is excellent. It gives your space a kind of cinematic experience and makes it nothing short of bliss. But then, there is more to look out for when considering purchasing a tv than the size of it.

If you look at the different brands in the market, you might think they are the same with a bit of difference in size. But that’s not it. All brands come with differences in screen types, resolutions, and software.

For example, LCD TVs are common and are likely found in most homes. To project the images on screen, the LCD backlight shines on a layer of liquid crystal. They come in smaller sizes and are cheaper to buy at any store. This is not the same for OLED because it is the higher and best screen type you can find today.

When looking for the best tv size to fit your living room and the best screen to give you that cinematic view, you should also look out for the best places to get it. You don’t want to buy from a store with a bad return policy.

Here are 5 Best Places for you to Buy your dream TV

If you have considered buying your television at a later date, you should look out for TV deals. Most TV deals come in November of every year, mostly on Black Friday and Cyber Monday. This is one of the best times to get your dream TV at a lower discount.

But if Black Friday is a long time to wait, especially with Playoff and Super Bowl seasons coming up at the beginning of the year, you can find lots of promotions on all electronics and price reductions on every TV size online.

Best places you can buy a TV

You should know that it is okay to check out different stores for their prices. It will help you to compare prices and settle on the one that suits your budget.


If you are looking out for the best place to buy anything, Amazon is one of the top places to go. It has lots of great electronics you can think of, and its customer service is top-notch.

Amazon has a user interface that allows you to sort and filter your selections. If by any chance you are stuck on which to pick, you can check out the reviews of that product from other customers.

More still, their return policy is easy, and most orders are shipped free. So there is little risk of damaging your TV in transit.


Another great place to look out for when buying a TV is Walmart. It is an excellent place for price comparisons. Their restocking and constant rollbacks give them an edge over others.

They have every brand you’re familiar with and can provide you great deals on TV that are resold. They also have a warranty of 90 days to return your TV in their various stores.   

Best Buy

The beautiful thing about Best Buy is that they always have daily and weekly deals. They have a great selection and display of all electronic products.

If you want to get a TV fast, you can check out their website and the items selected for that day. It will be available for you using their pick-up store. Also, their shipping for all TV is free but might take longer than Amazon.

B&H Photo

This retailer is well known in New York City. It is now one of the many great retailers that sell electronic products.

The are many brands of TVs on B&H Photo and they can match the lowest prices of other retailers. Their websites allow you lookout for new and certified used TV models that will fit your budget.


We all know that Dell is a PC company, but it also sells all TV brands. The good thing about them is the gift cards they add to their TV products. It gets to your email and will be helpful after seven days of its arrival.

The amount on the gift card is enough to get you an extra item of your choice. Though it is only for their website, it is worth it in the end.


The five places mentioned are some of the best places you can buy your television. Amazon is the top place you can try. Its daily deals, free shipping, and good customer interface are one of a kind.

Watch out for holiday deals if you must. You can use tools like CamelCamelCamel to track the prices yourself. If you check other stores to compare the prices, you can use the Google Shopping tool. It will shield you from overspending.