How to Recover Deleted TV Recordings from USB Drives, Hard Drives, and More

Recovering data from USB drives and hard drives is very easy today. Whether they are TV recordings of your favorite TV series or they are some of your memorable sporting events, anybody will easily lose their minds on  losing them.

But you do not need to fear this kind of loss anymore. This is because we have the solutions you can use to recover these files easily and quickly. This article provides you with the much-needed knowledge and skills to be able to recover these files. 

From helping you understand better some of the ways people lose data to some of the best ways to recover them, we are here to answer all your queries in a sitting. You will also learn about Disk Drill by Cleverfiles, the top-ranked software for video file retrieval. Let’s embark on a journey to unlock the lost and bring back your treasured TV recordings. 

Part 1: How to Recover Deleted TV Recordings on DirecTV Using DirecTV History

Deleting some of your favorite TV recordings can be a bad experience especially if some of these were among your favorite DirecTV shows. The good news is that DirecTV comes with tools that can help you reclaim lost moments. This is DirecTV History. 

DirecTV History is a digital archive of all your TV viewing history. These include a record of the recently watched channels among other recordings. If you ever lose your TV recordings, this will be your life saver. 

If you have lost your recordings and want a quick fix with DirecTV History, follow the steps below to proceed. 

Step 1: Move to the main menu on your DirecTV remote by pressing the “MENU” button. This should take you to the main menu and you should see several available options. 

Step 2: Choose “History” using the arrow keys on the remote control and navigate to the “History” option. 

Now you are in the DirecTV History section and will be able to access a list of channels you recently watched together with all the recordings. 

Step 3: Scroll through the DirecTV History using the remote-control arrows. Look for the program or recordings that you previously deleted. 

Step 4: Choose the “Deleted Recordings” by highlighting it and pressing the “SELECT” button.

Step 5: Now choose the “Recover” or “Restore” option from the available options. The system should initiate recovery immediately.

Step 6: Confirm the recovery when asked by DirecTV before proceeding to recovery. 

While this process is automated and you will only need to follow the on-screen prompts, you must ensure you are following the right process. Also look out for the steps to recover data from a formatted external hard drive here. DirecTV History gives you the advantage of quick action. You therefore need to act quickly as waiting for too long before executing this process can cause some files to overwrite and become unrecoverable. 

Also, before making this attempt, make sure that DirecTV DVR has enough storage space. This may make the process more challenging if you initiate recovery with a full DVR storage. 

Part 2: How to Recover Deleted TV Recordings on Sky Q Using the Deleted Folder

Like DirecTV history, Sky Q provides you with a safety net when it comes to securing your TV recordings. This is presented in the form of “Deleted Folder.” 

The Sky Q Deleted folder works like a temporary holding space for all your TV recordings that have recently been deleted. So do not think that your deleted TV recordings have gone forever if you have not tried the Deleted Folder. Below is how to get to the bottom of it. 

Step 1: Locate the recordings section using your Sky Q remote. That is the section where you will be able to find the Deleted Folder. 

Step 2: Enter the Deleted Folder and check for “Deleted” or “Recently Deleted” under the Recordings section. This step will take you to the Deleted Folder. 

Step 3: Browse the Deleted Folder by scrolling through it using your remote. This should show you the recordings you deleted.

Step 4: Highlight the recordings you deleted, especially the ones you intend to recover. Once you have selected all of them, click the appropriate button on the remote so that you can initiate the recovery process. 

Step 5: Confirm that the recovery should proceed. This is usually a prompt by Sky Q confirming that you really want to recover deleted TV recordings.

Part 3: Recover Deleted TV Recordings with Data Recovery Tools

While built-in features such as DirecTV History and Sky Q’s Deleted Folder work pretty well to get back your lost TV recordings, you may sometimes fail to get good service from them. That is the time you need to quickly turn up to the data recovery tools. Disk Drill is just one good example. 

While there are so many other options, Disk Drill beats them all. It is a robust software with multiple features built to support data recovery from any device. If you want to recover TV recordings from USB Drives or other, Disk Drill will help you out. 

Follow the steps below:

Step 1: Download and install Disk Drill, the best video recovery software. Choose the version that is compatible with the device you are using e.g. Windows PC.

Step 2: Connect your DVR storage device to the PC. This could be a USB drive or other where you initially stored TV recordings. 

Step 3: Launch the software and choose the storage device for recovery.

Step 4: Scan the DVR storage device for the deleted recordings. 

Step 5: Preview the scan results and choose the TV recording files to recover. 


Losing TV recordings can be so easy. However, it may take you quite long to get them back if you do not act with speed. If you lost your TV recordings today, move with speed and use any of the methods in this guide to get them back.