4 Ways To Reset TCL Roku TV

If you’re having system bugs or network connectivity issues with your TCL Roku TV, a reset will most likely fix all the issues. A reset will help remove passwords, menu preferences, network connection, and restore factory settings.

To reset TCL Roku TV, you can do it using a remote control or without a remote control. However, the steps to flow in resetting the TV will depend on your TV model. Read through to see the different ways to reset TCL Roku TV.

How to Reset TCL Roku TV

1.    Reset TCL Roku TV Using a Remote Control

  • On your Roku remote control, press the home button and scroll down.
  • Choose the system option
  • Scroll down to the advanced systems settings option and select ‘factory reset’
  • Select ‘factory reset everything’.
  • Fill in your passcode. If you didn’t change it, the default passcode is ‘1234’. The master passcode is either 0812 or 0423.
  • Then, select the ‘yes’ option to complete the process.

After the process, you’ll notice that all the personal information you used to sign in to the device will be removed. However, if you’re stuck trying to restart the TV using the TCL Roku remote, you’ll need to force reboot the TV or try out other TV remote replacements.

2. Reset TCL Roku TV Without a Remote Control

If your Roku remote control is having issues or you misplaced it, follow the steps below to reset your TCL Roku TV without a remote control.

  • Carefully remove all the cables on your TCL Roku TV, excluding the power cord.
  • Check the lower part or back of your TV for the reset button.
  • Use your finger or a paper clip (most preferably) to press the reset button for at least 12 seconds.
  • While pressing the reset button, slowly remove the power cord.
  • Plug the TV back into the power source and release the button as soon as the startup screen comes up.

Unlike what happens when you factory reset using a remote, you’ll not lose the important settings in the device.

3. Reset Your TCL Roku TV Using the Roku Remote App

Roku has its mobile app. If you don’t have the app, you can easily download it from Playstore or App store. It’s important to first connect both your TV and Remote App to the same WiFi network.

To reset your TV using the mobile app, follow the steps below:

  • Download and install the Roku Remote app on the device you want to use as a remote.
  • Press the controller button to pair the Roku player with the app. This will enable the app to work as your TV remote. Select the settings button and then choose the option of the system.
  • Select the Advanced System Settings options and click on Factory Reset. A new screen will pop up asking if you want to reset the TV.
  • Click ‘confirm’. Enter your passcode which is a four-digit code. If you didn’t change the code, enter the default code which is 1234.
  • Your system will begin to reset.
  • You may require extra help while resetting your TV as you’ll need to press the ‘power’ and ‘mute’ buttons simultaneously since you’ll need to unplug the power cord while doing that.

Most importantly, while doing the factory reset, if you don’t see the power indicator, ensure your TV is on while doing the reset. That way, you’ll be able to press the reset button until the TV powers off. It acts as an indicator that the reset is complete.

4. Reset Your TCL Roku TV Using Remoku.tv Web App

In addition, you can also reset your TCL Roku TV using the Remoku.tv web app. This app is used to control your Roku TV. Interestingly, you can use it from your PC, Tablet, Smartphone, Mac, etc.

The resetting process is akin to using the TV remote control. Both Remoku.tv and Roku App give digital access to your controller.

The only difference is that Roku TV and Roku app must be connected to the same WiFi network while using Remoku.tv app if you are using an ethernet cable to access the internet connection on your TV.

  • Go to Remoku.tv and sign in your the device you want to use as a remote.
  • Press the controller button to pair your Roku TV to the site. Press the settings button and then choose the option of the system.
  • Select the Advanced System Settings options and click on Factory Reset. A new screen will pop up asking if you want to reset the TV.
  • Click ‘confirm’. Enter your passcode to complete the process. Your TV will reset automatically

What if Your TCL Roku TV Doesn’t Have the Factory Reset Option?

If your TV shows a black screen or gets frozen, you will be unable to perform the factory reset using any of the methods.

Nevertheless, you can still reset your TV using any of the following options:

If your TV has a reset button:

  • Check for the hidden reset button on the connector panel of your TCL Roku TV.
  • Use a paperclip to press down the reset button for at least 10 to 12 seconds.
  • When the status indicator turns dim, release the button. Your TV will automatically go off.
  • Turn on the TV again and follow the setup wizard.

If your TV doesn’t have a reset button:

  • Simultaneously long-press the ‘power’ and ‘mute’ buttons on your TCL Roku TV.
  • While still pressing the buttons, unplug the TV from the power socket and plug it back again
  • When the startup screen appears, release the ‘power’ and ‘mute’ buttons.
  • Then, follow the setup wizard to complete the reset.

How To Reset Network Settings on Your TCL Roku TV

If your Roku TV isn’t recognizing a network or connecting to the internet, reset its network settings. The reset will remove all the information about the existing network connection.

To do this, follow the steps below:

  • Go to your settings
  • Select ‘settings’ and choose ‘advanced system settings’
  • Select ‘network connection reset’.
  • Then, choose ‘reset connection’.

Note that after the reset, all the details of your network will be removed. To add a new network connection, open the Settings app again and select network. Then, select ‘set up new connection’ and enter the details of your new network.

How to Reset Video and Audio Settings on TCL Roku TV

If there’s no sound or videos are refusing to play on your TV, you’ll need to reset the video and audio settings. To do this, follow the steps below:

  • Open the Settings app and go to ‘system’
  • Choose advanced system settings
  • Select ‘factory reset’. Then, reset the video/audio settings.

It is important to note that this reset will only remove audio/video settings. Read the information that pops up on your screen to ensure that you don’t lose important data.

TCL Roku TV Reset not Working? Here’s What to Do!

If you’ve tried all the different ways to reset your Roku TV and it doesn’t work, consider doing the following:

1. Update the TCL Roku TV Software

Most newer models of TCL Roku TVs will automatically update when connected to the internet if there is a new software version available.

To check if your TV is running the latest software version, go to Settings. Select system and check ‘system’. You’ll find the details there.

2. Contact Roku Customer Support if the Problem Persists

In rare cases, you may still experience system bugs even after you’ve reset and updated your TV software. The next best action to take is to contact a Roku technician. Luckily, if your TV is under warranty, they will direct you to an authorized Roku expert.

Final Words

There’s a high guarantee that when you reset your TCL Roku TV, you’ll be able to remove the system bugs. Inasmuch as the different TV models have their peculiar resetting procedures, the ways highlighted above will go a long way in solving your device glitches.