Discovering the Roku Web Browser: Two Ways to Access the Internet on Roku

The ability to stream media content from different sources to a TV and compatibility with Homekit make the Roku TV popular among other streaming devices.

However, one thing that seems to bother users of Roku devices is the inability to browse with the device on the TV. 

Does Roku Have a Web Browser?

Sharp Roku TV
Sharp Roku TV

Sadly, no but hopefully soon. Roku TV doesn’t have any native browser from where you can access the internet directly. Don’t feel bad about this, at least not yet, as there are two ways to browse the internet with your Roku device. 

If you are a user of Roku TV and are concerned about how you can browse the web using the Roku device, you may have just found a solution to that. Ensure you read this piece to the end to find out!

How To Browse the Internet With Roku

As stated earlier, there two ways you can access the internet via the Roku device, they are:

  • Cast a web browser to the Roku device from Windows 10
  • Cast a web browser to the Roku device from Android device

1. How to cast a web browser to the Roku device from Windows 10

While it is impossible to browse the internet directly from your Roku device, it is not impossible to cast a web browser on the device from Windows 10, thanks to Miracast technology. With this technology, your television screen can become an extension of your computer. 

It is important to note that this option works perfectly for all devices that support the casting feature. To cast from windows 10, follow these steps:

Step One

You must ensure that your PC is or upgraded to the latest version of Windows 10. Once that is settled, you can begin the process. 

Check the taskbar, click on the small notification icon at the right corner of the screen. 

Step Two

A list of features will pop up, locate the project icon and click on it. This will launch the window’s project feature to display your PC’s screen on your TV. 

Step Three

Once you click on the project icon, a list of options will pop up. It is the list of available options showing how you can project the screen of your PC on your TV.

Some of the options you will see include:

PC screen only: This will only allow display on your PC. It won’t display on any other screen. 

Duplicate: This allows you to duplicate your PC screen on the Roku device. 

Extend: This option uses the Roku device as an extension making it an additional monitor.

Second screen only: This displays content on the Roku device, and nothing shows on your PC.

You are expected to choose the one that best suits you. The most common use option is the Extend, as it allows you to use your PC screen for other things while you use it to project a web browser on your Roku device. 

However, if you want to concentrate on the Roku device alone, you can only opt for the Second screen. Select the option that best suits your need and click on connect to a wireless display. 

Step Four

After clicking on Connect to a wireless display, the system will search for available devices that support the Miracast feature.

Locate your Roku device from the list and click on it. Wait for some time, and you will see your PC screen displaying on your TV screen. 

Step Five

Go ahead and open the browser and surf the internet on your TV screen. 

2. How to cast Web Browser from Android to Roku Device

The second option involves using an Android device to browse the internet on a Roku device using the Screen Mirroring feature.

Interestingly, most android devices have the Screen Mirroring feature on them. Although the names might be different depending on the brand, they all perform the same function. 

To cast web browser from Android device to Roku device, follow these steps: 

Step One:

Swipe down the phone screen to open the notification bar and locate Screen Mirror or Smart View using a Samsung device. Click on it once you see it. 

Step Two

Give it time to search for available devices. Once it is done, you will see the list of available devices, click on your Roku device, and in no time, you will see the screen of your android device on your TV.

With this, you can use any browser on your phone to surf the internet on the TV screen. 

It’s as simple as that! Now you know how to use a web browser on your Roku device. We’ll keep you updated if Roku ever releases a browser.