How to Change Your Roku Screensaver

The Roku TV is an integral component of home entertainment devices. There are no restrictions to what you can do with this device. You can download diverse applications from the app store to enhance your user experience.

It allows you to stream internet TV and even cast to Roku from other devices.

With the new invention of Roku TV, you can add the Roku device to Homekit, allowing you to stream content from other sources that support Airplay 2.

However, there is a feature on the Roku TV that is not commonly used. It is a customization feature. This feature allows you to change the interface of the Roku TV by using a screensaver.

The screensaver is an application that displays moving pictures on the screen when the device is not in use.

While you can choose from the streams of installed screensavers on the TV, it also allows you to personalize your screensaver using pictures from your mobile device or download a new one from the channel store. This feature adds colour to the TV, especially when it is in sleep mode.

If you are imaginative, you might not fancy the premade screensaver displaying on your screen. You may want to know how to change the screensaver to your most preferred choice.

There are two ways to change your Roku screensaver. You can pick from the list of screensavers already installed on the device, or you download them for free on the Roku channel store.

How to download the screensaver from the Roku channel

To download a screensaver app on your Roku TV, follow these steps:

Step One

Click on the home button on the remote. Please navigate to the streaming devices and click it to open the channel store.

Step Two

Search for the theme/screensaver you want. You will find the search icon at the top of the channel store.

Step Three

Once you find the screensaver you want to download, you can click on it to learn more about the app. You can learn about the rating and review users have made. Also, you can find screenshots of the look and feel of the theme on the Roku TV.

Step Four

If you are satisfied, you can proceed to install it. On the Roku channel store, you can either download for free or purchase. If the channel is free, click on ‘Add channel’ to begin download. If it is paid, you can click on ‘Buy’ to purchase.

Step Five

The system will request that you supply your Roku app PIN. Supply the PIN in the box designed for it and click OK to continue download

Step Six

Once you have installed the screensaver, you will find it in the list of screensavers. Scroll to Settings, click on Themes. It may be added to channels on the home screen, but this is not in all cases.

How to change and customise screensaver

After downloading the screensaver, you can change the previous screensaver to the new one you just downloaded. Also, you can customize the wait time. To do that, follow these simple steps:

Step One

Click on the Home button on the Roku TV remote, navigate to settings, click on the screensaver to open its options.

Step Two

You will find a list of screensavers, highlight the one you fancy, and preview it to see how it will look on the device. Sometimes, additional settings may be available.

Click on the Custom settings to further customize the screensaver to your taste. Click on preview again to see the changes made to the screensaver.

Step Three

Once you are done previewing the screensavers and have the one you fancy most, click on the OK button on the remote to save it.

How to change the timing of the Roku screensaver

Meanwhile, you can also review the amount of time your Roku TV will stay inactive before it starts displaying the screensaver. You can review this by following these steps.

Step One

Click on wait time, click the amount of time you want your Roku device to stay inactive before it starts showing the screensaver. Also, from the settings, you can disable the screensaver feature on the device.

Step Two

Once you are done making your decision, click on the OK button to save the settings.

Take Away

Using a Roku screensaver is a fun way to amplify your device. You can pick from the list of themes saved on the system, or download more on the channel store.

It is essential to know that Roku often changes the screensavers to avoid redundancy. With this, you’ll never run out of choices.