7 Simple Solutions to Keep Your Samsung TV From Turning Off Automatically

How would you feel after you have waited for weeks to see your favourite show, you are still severely interrupted by television that keeps going off? You tried to put it back on, and a few minutes into the show, the television trips off again. It is infuriating, right?

You’d probably wonder if the television is playing a trick on you or it is a sign that you need a new tv. Well, there are so many things that could cause a Samsung television to go off at intervals. Not all of it means that the tv is bad and you would need a new one.

Samsung Television Turning Off Itself?

Find out in this review why your Samsung television is going off and how to fix it.

1. Power Supply Problems

Most times, Samsung televisions go on and off at intervals simply because of inadequate power supply. Check the television plug to see if it is appropriately connected to the power source.

If there is any alternation broken or loose, this can cause the television to go off at intervals. To keep this in check, ensure that the television cable is in good condition. Also, the television plug must be properly connected to the power source. If you’re using an extension, test your extension with other devices.

2. Connected Devices Problem

If the fault is not from the power source, you should check devices connected to the television. More often than not, some devices like a DVD player or an old cable box could send wake-up signals to your TV without your consent, and this will cause the television to reboot immediately. You would need to fix all connected devices to the TV

3. Hardware Problems

If you have checked for fault in the power source and connected devices and find none, your television could have a hardware problem.

The motherboard of a television is the power of the electronic device. This is the meeting point for all the television components, and it is at this point that signals are being exchanged and distributed.

When the motherboard is faulty, it could cause the television to overheat, leading to it turning off and on at intervals. Sad to note, if the television motherboard is faulty, your best bet is to consider getting new television.

This is because the motherboard is as expensive as getting new television. So if you discover that the fault is from the motherboard, you might have to shop for a new Samsung smart television.

If your TV doesn’t stay on, you can try these methods for a solution.

4. Check The Power Source

Unplug the television from the power source. Most times, the problem is a result of a faulty power source or loose plug. Check the television plug to see if it entered the power source correctly and it is firm. You could also try using another power source in your house.

Also, you may need to check the TV power source. If need be, change the power source. This will help the television to stay on when you need it.

5. Check Your Television Remote

There are times that the Samsung television remote may be stuck. When the remote’s power button is stuck, it will send signals to the television to go off and turn on. You would not know this because you have not pressed the power button on the remote yourself.

The remote could be malfunctioning. Test the remote, take out its batteries, and wait for a few minutes. If the television stays on within the minutes when the remote batteries are out, be sure to repair the television remote or get another one.

6. Assess The Circuit Breaker

If you notice that your television is not the only electronic that is going off at intervals, you should check the circuit breaker. Reset the circuit breaker to fix this fault. However, if you do not notice any changes, you should consider getting a new circuit breaker. Do not attempt this if you aren’t a professional.

7. Get A New Television

If you have tried all that is listed and no changes are noticed, you should consider getting a new Samsung television. We have reviewed several Samsung television sizes.

You can read more about Samsung 55 inch television, Samsung 70 inch, Samsung 40 inch, and many more.

Our team of editors carefully selected these televisions based on their price, features, and functionalities. You are sure to get the best deal if you allow these reviews to be your guide when you want to get one.