Are TCL TVs Good?

TCL is a big producer of quality and affordable gadgets and electronics. The Chinese electronics brand is among the best TV brands in the world. But are TCL TVs reliable?

Can you trust their products when you are shopping for your next television? Does the electronics brand have affordable TVs that fit your budget? This post will answer these questions and other related questions you may have about TCL TVs.

Let’s begin with the first one. Are TCL TVs good?

Are TCL TVs Good?

TCL TVs are good, and they are one of the best TV brands out there. But, there is more to learn about this TV brand. Typically, we’d say that TCL TVs are okay for regular use.

They are cheap and durable and have a relatively good picture quality. But on the other hand, they are not suitable for super-intensive gaming.

The TV brand does not have the best image quality. Therefore, while they are very okay for casual TV watching, they are not best for playing games.

Note that many other factors will help you decide more accurately if TCL TVs are good for you or not. And we will explore some of them in this post.

TCL TV Picture and Sound Quality

TCL Tvs have come a long way in the last couple of years with their recent releases competing with top TV manufacturers, including Sony, Samsung, and LG. Traditionally, you would expect a TCL offering of basic features and configurations compared to those big names, but it is pretty apparent that things are changing.

We’ve seen Mini LED backlighting introduced in the recent 6 Series, which enables the TV to deliver a richer and finer picture quality. It also has one of the best contrast ratios with local dimming. This series runs on the Google TV Smart platform, not TCL’s regular Roku technology. And it’s no secret that Google delivers a much better experience.

The sound quality of recent TCL models has also improved, but we still maintain our recommendation to opt for external speakers or soundbars for your smart TV. If you don’t appreciate your TV’s picture or sound quality, you can adjust it in the settings tab.

To change the picture and sound settings, go to the settings menu. To return to the home screen, press (home button) and go to settings > TV picture settings.

TCL TV Resolution

Again, TCL is keeping up with the competition in terms of resolution. The recent TCL models are 4k TVs, offering users a top-notch viewing experience, especially movie watchers and gamers. What’s new? The most recent 6 Series 2021 is now available in 8k resolution, that’s four times the quality of a 4k TV.

Whether you own a 4k or 8k TCL, you can expect to enjoy your favorite TV content in these resolutions, even if the content is not 4k/8k. Thanks to TCL’s AiPQ Engine technology, these TVs will upscale the content.

If you want to play around with the resolution settings and see what works for you, you can do so with the following steps:

  • On your TV remote control, press Menu.
  • On the horizontal menu bar, select Settings with the right arrow button.
  • Scroll down to select Screen Aspect Ratio and High Definition
  • Select System Options. Press  OK
  • Press OK after selecting Screen aspect ratio and high definition.

TCL TV Response Time

Response time refers to how fast pixels on the display switch from one color to another. Faster response times result in better viewing experiences during fast-paced scenes, while slower response times can result in ghosting or blurring the image.

TCL may be a budget brand, but it has a decent selection of TVs that can handle gaming. While not as powerful as those made by more established brands, their top-tier models are great for the casual gamer.

With Game Mode enabled and a 60 Hz refresh rate, the lowest input lag on a TCL TV set to 1080p resolution is 11.2ms.  At this level, the maximum input lag is around 30.7 milliseconds. With a refresh rate of 60 Hz and a 4k resolution, you can have an input delay as low as 10.8ms.

If you have a 120Hz TCL, the input lag can be as low as 8.8ms. TCL has TVs in its lineup with 60Hz and 120Hz refresh rates. For gamers, it is best to opt for 120Hz.

You can activate Game Mode on TCL TVs to improve your gaming experience.  Game Mode is a function that allows you to redirect resources away from graphics to reduce input lag.

You can activate Game Mode on your TCL by going to the TV’s Picture Settings.

How Long Can TCL TV Last?

TCL TVs have the same seven-year lifespan as other entry-to mid-level TVs on the market today. The most crucial factor to consider is how the television is used and maintained for longevity.

Like most other TVs on the market, TCL TVs have a lifespan of up to seven years of heavy use. With appropriate maintenance and reasonable use, you can get more performance from your TCL TV.

TCL TV Drawback

The main disadvantage to owning a TCL TV brand is that the quality is inferior to more expensive TV brands.

TCL TVs are good at their prices, but you may not get enough from them when comparing their features with other expensive TVs.

Do TCL TVs Come with a Warranty?

Yes! TCL TVs come with a warranty.

You will get two years (24 months) warranty when you buy a brand of TCL TV from an offline retail shop.

The warranty covers the first year (12 months) of usage only if you buy yours from an online store. And this warranty is only applicable to products purchased for private purposes. If your TV is for a commercial purpose, the warranty lasts for 90 days.

Should You Consider TCL TVs for Gaming?

Video games have varying TV requirements. Hence, TCL TVs are good for some but are not in many other cases.

The quality of the game you want to play will determine if you should consider a TCL TV or not.

Most TCL TVs have a 60Hz refresh rate, and that’s not recommended for games with very high graphics. The TVs may play graphic-intensive games, but the performance will probably not be the best.

You should go for the TCls with 120Hz refresh rates if you’re a competitive gamer who wants a better experience with your console.

See our recommendations for the best TVs for gaming for graphic-intense games.

What Will Break First in TCL TVs?

The first thing that usually breaks in TCL TVs is the backlight. The backlight of the TV powers the screen, and the backlight of your TV will last longer if you set the screen brightness to a moderate level.

On the other hand, your TV backlight may damage in less time if you always use high brightness intensity.

In all, the TV backlight is likely to break first irrespective of how bright your TV screen is. But you can prevent this from happening soon by keeping the TV moderately bright.

Common User Complaints

There is no product without negative reviews, and TCL as a brand is not exempted. During our survey, we found that the most common user complaint was poor customer interaction and experience. They had some issue with their TCL and couldn’t get help as fast as they needed it or none at all.

As a growing company going head-to-head with the likes of Samsung and LG, we think TCL should take customer service more seriously.

Apart from customer service, it is notable that most of the complaints we saw were about older TCL models. Complaints range from TCL Black screen to volume issues, but these are the same complaints you’d get with any other TV brand.

The more recent TCL (like the ones mentioned in this post) have their shortcomings, but it is pretty apparent that TCL has stepped up its game over time.

Who Makes TCL TVs?

TCL TVs are made by a Chinese tech company known as TCL Technologies headquartered in Huizhou, Guangdong Province but with operations across the world.

Are TCL TVs Worth Buying?

TCL TVs are great Smart TV options, especially when you consider their prices in the market. They do not have the best quality and functionalities, but they are worth buying. If you are not a tech whiz, you just might miss how it’s different from the big name brands.

TCL TVs, as a whole, provide good picture quality and a lot of features for a low price. Although they don’t have as many features or aren’t as well-built as more expensive models, their TVs are usually a good deal. 

Most of their products should satisfy your needs if you’re looking for a moderately priced set.

What Are the Best TCL TV Series?

TCL has different TV Series, but you should go for the best ones if you consider getting one yourself.

Here are some of the best TCL TV series worth buying.

TCL 6 Series 2020

The TCL 6 Series is one of the best and latest TLC TV series. It is cheap, and it comes with features that will wow you.

TCL 6 Series combines 4K HDR and mini-LED technology to provide an outstanding TV experience.

Its QLED feature has a wide range of colors that helps to project the TV contents more vividly. TCL 6 Series has Roku TVs as its built-in smart interface. With this, it offers different apps you can download.

The TV Series has advanced features that you need in a high-end TV. It has a 120Hz panel, supports Variable Refresh Rates (VRR), and has control over local dimming zones, and it can serve you well under different lighting conditions.

The TV series lets you stream free TV, live news, sports, and movies. For gaming, you will have a seamless experience. It has a low input lag and supports Variable Refresh Rates (VRR), and it also has a fast Response time.

In addition, the TV series offers an Auto-Game mode, which enhances the fast response time.

TCL 5 Series 2020

The TCL 5 Series 2020 is another good choice. The TCL 5 Series is a powerful mid-range TV, and it is okay for most uses.

Like the series 6, it is great for gaming because it supports Variable Refresh Rates (VRR) and has a quick response time.

This TV Series also comes with a 4k QLED panel and has a wide range of colors that enhance the TV content’s picture quality. It is also perfect for night movies and has a brilliant contrast ratio, and it handles lighting conditions well.

Also, the local dimming feature helps to control the screen lightning when you watch in well-lit rooms. It has an average sound quality.

TCL 5 Series also has an eARC port that lets you connect your favorite soundbar via HDMI. TCL 5 Series displays 720p, 1080p, and 4k contents excellently.

The downside is that this Series cannot view 480p contents properly and has narrow viewing angles.

TCL 8 Series 2019

The TCL 32S325 series 2019 is yet another TCL TV series packed with appreciable features to deliver an improved TV experience. TCL 32S325 series is not so different from the 5 Series 2020 and 6 Series 2020.

It uses LED display technology. The LED integration gives it an exceptional color spectrum that makes it project HDR contents exceptionally.

The TV series can adjust lighting conditions well, and it has a brilliant contrast ratio and is suitable for watching at night. Also, when you watch in well-lit rooms, it will adjust the screen accordingly using local dimming.

Although the TV Series is limited to HDMI 2.0 inputs, it is okay for gaming. It has a quick response time, low input lag, and supports FreeSync and ALLM.

The TCL 32S325 Series has a Roku operating system and provides access to tons of apps available for download. Note that this TV Series does not support variable Refresh Rates (VRR). It also has narrow viewing angles.

There are other Series in the TCL lineup, but these three are the most powerful.


Generally, TCL TVs are good and reliable. But their reliability and performance depend on which model you are buying and how well you maintain it.

The TV models from TCL are cheap and affordable, and they are perfect for viewing video content. They are not always the best choice for gaming since not all TV Series support gaming.

Proper care and maintenance of your TV are crucial to make them last longer. So, do your bit to prolong your TCL’s lifespan if you choose to buy one. Finally, TCL TVs are worth buying if you have a small budget and still want to enjoy some above-average TV features.

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