Vizio vs TCL vs Samsung TV Comparison [2023]

The evolvement of technology has birth tons of digital brands in different sectors. The television industry is not left out of this growth. So far, several TV brands in the market are doing great. Some of these brands include TCL, Samsung, LG, Vizio, Hisense, etc.

With the outstanding features each of these brands incorporates into their TV series, choosing the one best for you might be a hassle. Not to worry, we will be comparing Vizio, TCL and Samsung TV. This comparison will include their features, similarities and differences.

Vizio vs TCL vs Samsung

Brands like Vizio, TCL and Samsung are pretty popular in the market. Their popularity is due to the functions they offer.

These TV brands are equipped with the latest technologies hence attracting buyers globally. Each of these TV brands has a wide variety of models to suit different buyers’ budgets and needs.

It is safe to say that Samsung is a household name as they have been available for a while and are more versatile. It is a South Korean brand and quite prominent in the electronic industry. Samsung TVs are famous for their innovative features, longevity and high quality.

TCL, on the other hand, is a Chinese brand prominent for its affordable pricing. And unlike the Samsung brand, TCL does not offer the same level of quality and longevity. Nonetheless, in its capability, it offers decent picture quality and several innovative features.

Similarly, Vizio Tvs are equally affordable and offer great sound and picture quality in their different models. Although they do not have high-end features like other brands, they offer great value for the price.

Significant Features of Vizio, TCL, and Samsung TV

Each of these TV brands has its distinct features, which makes them stand out. Generally, Samsung TVs are designed to be versatile, and they feature a wide variety of smart options. For instance, some series offer technologies for gaming as FreeSync or Auto Game mode.

In addition, Samsung offers a unique ambient mode that makes the viewing experience exceptional for users. With the built-in AirPlay 2 in some Samsung TV models, users can easily mirror content from their computers or smartphones to their TV screen.

TCL, on the other, offers some impeccable features, with its Auto Game mode being the most outstanding. In addition, some models also offer picture-in-picture functions that enable multiple screen use, easy task switching, multi-user accounts and other settings. Some TCL series features iPQ Engine that corrects colour inaccuracies.

Vizio TVs, on the other hand, has a user-friendly TV interface that is easy to navigate. It features an HD screen and offers digital and analog connections, including up to 5 HDMI ports. In addition, Vizio TVs offer primary audio speakers.

An Overview of Samsung TVs

Samsung is a prominent brand in the electronic industry. They offer a wide range of TV sets featuring different screen sizes and pricing options.

Samsung provides better performance and quality built-in speakers that offer outstanding audio quality. In addition, their TV set comes in both HD and 4K resolution models. When it comes to pricing, Samsung TVs are relatively pricy.

Generally, Samsung TVs offer three to four HDMI ports and multiple USB ports. Also, they use the Tizen interface on their Smart TVs, hence offering users tiles that scroll across the bottom of the screen. The Tizen feature offers smart compatibility with smartphones and tablets.

Prominent Features of Samsung TVs

  • Smart feature
  • Voice control
  • Fast User Interface
  • Streaming Video Services
  • 4K UHD Streaming Video
  • Universal Search
  • App store
  • Recommendation Engine

An Overview of TCL TVs

Although relatively new in the market, the TCL has built a reputable brand for making affordable TVs. TCL TVs are relatively cheaper compared to those offered by other brands. And like other TV brands, TCL has premium QLED TVs in the market. In addition, the brand has several models to suit different shopper’s needs.

Alongside its affordable price range, TCL TVs offer excellent performance with outstanding picture and sound quality.

Prominent Feature of TCL TVs

As mentioned above, there are several models of TCL TVs in the market. Below are some of the features some of the models have:

  • THX Game Mode
  • Mini-LED backlighting
  • Google assistant
  • Built-in Chromecast
  • 4k resolution

An Overview of Vizio TVs

Vizio is one of the electronic brands in the market that offers affordable TV sets. Like other TV brands, Vizio also comes in different models, and each has its distinct features. Generally, Vizio image and audio quality are average.

One of the distinct features of the newer models of Vizio TVs is the Smart option. The Vizio internet apps Plus has an excellent user interface that is relatively easy to use. In addition, it offers a variety of ports, including HDMI, USB, Ethernet, and component audio/video. Most Vizio TV sets have five HDMI ports which is an edge over other TV brands.

Prominent Features of Vizio TV

As mentioned above, there are several models of Vizio TVs in the market. Below are some of the features some of the models have:

  • Smart TV software
  • Dolby Vision
  • High dynamic range
  • Ergonomic design
  • Multiple connection ports
  • Infinite contrast
  • Smooth motion

Similarities Between Samsung, TCL and Vizio TV

Depending on the TV model you get, you might not have all features. Some models come with HDMI, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, TV tuner, Full HD, Ultra HD, Smart TV, etc., while others come with some of the features.

Below is a table showing a model from each brand; their difference and similarities. We’ll be using the popular 65-inch tv size as a yardstick. However, you should know that these features could change depending on the brand model. (Slide table on mobile)

Product NameTCL 65-inch 5-Series 4KSamsung Series
Vizio  Series – P65Q9-H61
Screen Size65 inches65 inches65 inches
Speaker power16W20W30W
Display typeQLEDLEDLED
TV tuner
Full HD
Weight41.90 pounds56.00 pounds‎55.12 pounds
Smart TV
Refresh Rate60 Hz60 Hz120 Hz
Ultra HD
Dimensions56.9 x 11.6 x 34.9 inches4.8 x 57.2 x 33 inches‎57.01 x 11.81 x 35.14 inches
Samsung, TCL and Vizio Comparison Table


Each of these TV brands – Vizio, TCL, Samsung have their strong points. However, the Samsung brands appear to have more functionality than others. When it comes to pricing, the TCL TV sets are relatively cheaper than Samsung and Vizio. However, Vizio has more HDMI connections than the others.

Nonetheless, picking a suitable TV for your household is a personal choice. Be sure to factor in your viewing needs and budget before proceeding with your purchase.