How To Change Screen Size on Vizio TV

The screen size of your Vizio television is such a magnificent entity of the entire television. The beauty of the screen is to encompass the whole display on the television. However, a quality viewing experience may not be possible when you start seeing black borders on TV.

These black borders may be seen at the sides, top, or bottom of your television. And when you’re seeing your favorite movie or television program, your attention will be divided between the content displayed and the black borders. It’s very distracting.

These black borders happen when the movie or television program showing on your Vizio TV is transmitted with an aspect ratio that is different from that of your television.

When the program or television show you are seeing is transmitted on the old 4:3 aspect ratio, your Vizio TV will display black borders on the side of the screen. The black border could be on the right side or left side.

You will have the black frame at the top or bottom of the television if you view videos that are panoramically-filmed. Don’t panic. Your Vizio television is working on Normal mode. The content displaying on your television screen is simply transmitted in its original aspect ratio.

To correct this, you may need to adjust the screen of your Vizio television by changing the television’s screen size. The Vizio television is built with aspect ratio controls. An adjustment made on the television’s aspect ratio control will help correct the fault. If you feel there is a great need to adjust the screen size of your television, follow these simple steps.

Step One

Grab the Vizio television remote, ensure that it is in perfect working condition. Check if the batteries in it are still active. Change them if need be. This is because, for this correction, you will need the television remote very much.

Step Two

Once you have ascertained that the TV remote is good, please locate the Menu button on the Vizio TV remote control. Click on the Menu button and wait for further options to pop up on the screen.

Step Three

After clicking on the Menu button, a series of options will pop up almost immediately on the television screen. Navigate with the remote to Wide, click on the OK button when you get the arrows on Wide.

Step Four

Use the TV remote to highlight the screen mode that you prefer. You can navigate through the diverse options with the arrow buttons on the television remote.

Step Five

If you have black borders displaying at the television side, expand the television’s screen size. You can do this by clicking on the Wide icon on the television. This will eliminate the side borders. Click on the OK button to implement these changes.

Step Six

Suppose you want to remove all the black borders on the screen, whether the one on the side, top, or bottom, click on Zoom. This has an automatic reaction on the television screen and allows the video displaying on the TV to fit the screen without stress. Once you find the Zoom icon, click on the OK button to implement.

Step Seven

If your television displays a standard-definition video, you might need to click on Panoramic to expand the video length to fit the screen. Often than not, this setting doesn’t appear on television screen settings. You only get to see the Panoramic option if the television is displaying standard-definition.

It is essential to know that you will still find black borders at the television sides if the video is transmitted on widescreen.

Step Eight

You can select the Stretch option to expand the video on each side to fit the size of the television. The Vizio TV is uniquely designed so that you will only be allowed to use the stretch option if the TV is displaying high-definition video.

Please locate the stretch option. Once you find it, click on the OK button on the remote. However, it is essential to know that the television will still display black borders at the top and bottom of the screen if transmitted in widescreen.

Step Nine

Once you have gotten the desired screen size for the television image, you should exit the on-screen menu. To do this, click on the Exit button on the TV remote.