How To Install 3rd Party App On LG

LG is no doubt one of the makers of great home appliances. They boast quality televisions with great features and functionalities. Their smart TV is top-notch. However, one downside of LG TV is its operating system, making it challenging to download 3rd party applications on LG television.

For the record, LG operates on WebOS. This operating system is quite similar to Android, but it is different. This means you can’t download 3rd party applications on the television. Your viewing experience on the television has been restricted. This is because you can’t use some applications to stream your favorite shows on the TV.

Can I Install App on LG?

No, you can’t directly install an application on your LG TV. The operating system that LG television work on does not allow installation of applications from an unknown source.

The LG content store is the only approved store to download applications to the LG TV. Anything outside the LG content store, you would need a media streaming device, like Roku, Apple TV, Fire Stick, and many others.

One thing is sure if the application you want to run on the LG TV is not on the LG Content Store, you can’t access it except you use a media streaming device.

LG TV Content Store

How To Install 3rd Party App Using Streaming Device

If you can’t find the application you want to use on the television after searching the LG Content Store, you have no choice but to adopt this method. To get this done, ensure you have purchased a media streaming device of your choice. Firestick comes highly recommended.

Setting up the media streaming device is almost the same as any streaming device you have gotten. Whether you are using Roku tv, Apple TV or Fire Stick use these simple steps:

Step One:
Bring out the media streaming device, plug one end of the adapter into the device and plug the other end of the adapter into a power source.

Step Two:
Connect the streaming device to your television using the HDMI port at the back of the television. The streaming device comes with a port where you can connect to the HDMI port of the television.

Step Three:
Switch on the television and set it to the same channel where the streaming device is connected to. Usually, the tv has two HDMI ports. Find out which of the ports the device is connected to. If it is connected to HDMI 1, set your LG TV to HDMI 1

Step Four:
Insert batteries into the television remote. Once the remote comes up, it will pair with the television automatically.

Step Five:
Follow the series not instructions displaying on your television screen to connect the device to WiFi.

Step Six:

Once you have successfully connected, you can use any application on your LG television with the aid of this device. All you have to do is download the application you want to use on the media streaming device first.

If you follow these steps, you will use a 3rd party app on your LG television. While this option of getting a media streaming device seemed like the best, it is not cost-friendly. You will have to spend some money on the purchase of the streaming device. This could mean an extra cost for you.

There is another method that is free and less hassle as well. It’s not very convenient but common, it’s free. You can run a 3rd party application on the LG TV with your smartphone. This method is known as screen mirroring. You can use this method with the aid of the LG smart share on your mobile device.

Reasonably, there are diverse ways to share phone screens on the LG TV. These methods will have the phone and television screen connected. Hence, everything that is done on the phone will be projected on the television screen. You can share contents on the LG TV with your mobile phone using the following methods

  • Use HDMI Cable
  • Bluetooth
  • Share Using WiFi

With any of these methods, you can safely use 3rd party applications on your LG television without stress. Now you no longer have to worry that your LG television can’t install a 3rd party application that makes your television experience worth the while.