3 Ways To Get Peacock on Your Smart TV

Peacock is an NBC Universal streaming service that you can use to view contents online. With the Peacock TV, you can stream almost anything from the internet. You have the opportunity to view television programs, movies, sports, and many others, all for a small fee.

This streaming service has a free package and a premium package. For its free package, contents are available for streaming for 13 000 hours. While its premium package includes 20,000 hours of streaming for $4.99, and the ad-free package costs only about $9.99 monthly. One advantage of this new streaming service is its affordable subscription rates compared to others.

However, before you jump on this thinking you’ve found a treasure chest. You must know that Peacock doesn’t support all television devices. For instance, you might have a problem using this service if you are a proud Samsung Smart TV user. The streaming services largely support Android TV, Peacock TV, LG smart TV, Vizio TV, Xbox One, etc.

To use the service on your Smart TV, you can use the following options,

  • Chrome cast
  • Airplay
  • Streaming Devices.

How To Use Chrome Cast to Get Peacock on TV

If your Smart TV uses the chrome cast option, you can easily use the peacock on your smart TV. You access this streaming device with either an Android or iOS device. You can follow these simple steps to get this done:

Step One

Firstly, you need to download the Peacock TV app on your device. If you use an Android device, you can visit the Google play store on your device to download the application. If you use an iOS device, check the app store to download the app.

Step Two

Once the app has been downloaded, install it on your device. After this, you can proceed to create an account on the Peacock TV platform. You need to follow the series of instructions to open the account.

Step Three

After that, connect the Chromecast device to your television with an HDMI cable. Connect your device and the Chromecast to the same WiFi. If you have a strong network connection on your phone, you can use your phone as the primary network connection. If not, you can use an external network provider.

Step Four

Launch the Peacock TV app on your phone. Supply your details to gain access to their portal. After that, select the program or movie you want to watch, click on play. After this, click on the Cast icon on your screen to have it televised on your large television screen.

How to stream Peacock TV on Smart TV using AirPlay

The process is quite similar to the first option. Visit your mobile phone app store and download the Peacock TV mobile app.

Step One

Once you have downloaded the peacock TV app on your mobile device, install and run it. After that, you can create an account on the peacock TV platform.

Step Two

After downloading the app and opening an account, connect your mobile phone and the Smart TV to the same WiFi network. You can make use of your mobile phone connection if it is strong enough. If not, you can use an external network provider.

Step Three

After connecting your Smart TV and the mobile phone to a single WiFi, you can open the peacock application on your phone. Scroll to the catalog and select a movie or program you want to watch.

Step Four

After opening the movie or program, you will see the Airplay icon showing in the upper right corner of the screen. Click on it to allow the content displaying on the television to be transmitted on your magnificent Television screen.

Step Five

After clicking on the Airplay icon, you will see the list of available devices. Once you find the name of your Smart TV, click on it. This is the last process. After doing this, you will start seeing the contents displaying on your mobile device on the television.

How To Stream Peacock Using Streaming Device

If you don’t have a smartphone but have some bucks to spend on purchasing a streaming device, you can adopt this option. You can buy a streaming device like Apple TV, Roku, or any other supported one.

All you need to do is download the Peacock TV app on the device and connect the device to your television using Chromecast. You start suing peacock on your Smart TV.