3 Ways to Hide TV Wires Over a Brick Fireplace

You might have spent a lot of money on getting a beautiful new television set for your home. But the last thing you want to see is a flow of scattered loose wires and cables cascading down your wall.

If your TV is mounted close to your brick fireplace, you may want to look for ways to conceal those wires around it. Luckily, there are several ways to solve this messy problem.

But it doesn’t just end there. Anyone can handle this process on their own, in a short time, and at an affordable price.

It could have been easier to drill into your walls and rope in the cords and wires, but the brick fireplace kicks that out of the options.

Hide TV Wires Over a Brick Fireplace Without Cutting Your Walls

In this article, we will be looking at three simple ways to hide those wires over the fireplace without cutting through your walls.

1. Using a Fabric Cord

One of the most accessible options that are way cheaper and save a lot of time is the fabric cord cover method. This simple method will not just conceal your cable wires and prevent them from hanging down the fireplace.


It will also protect your little kids and pet, if any. Also, you can rest assured that there will be a lesser chance of you or any other person tripping over loose wires.

The fabric cord comes in different sizes and colors, but you should get a fabric with the same background color as the fireplace. Also, getting a material that is enough to cover the length of the cords will be just fine.

Some of these fabric covers have zippers that allow you to easily open and close them if you intend to add or remove cables.

One significant benefit of using a fabric cord cover is that you will reduce the size. But you can always increase the size, just so that it looks as good as you want it to.

2. Using a Wire Tweak For Fireplace Mantel

This is a not-so-popular option that makes use of a hook made out of wire. It is usually wrapped around the ends of the bundled cable wires attached behind the cabinet next to the electric outlet.


You can place an item on the wall at the back of the cabinet that will allow you to hook the tweak wire on the cords above the outlet. This will keep the wires from hanging down from the sides of the mantel.

The wire tweak always comes through as a TV cord holder. You have a choice of placing decorative items to cover it or leave it bare as long as it blends well with the walls.

3. Using Zip Ties

This is a perfect option if your brick fireplace has an open space underneath it. You can always prevent your wires from touching the floor with zip ties.


Get the necessary tools that will allow you to spool your wires and hold them together with a zip tie attached in the center. But you need to ensure that there is sufficient slack to enable you to reach the wires without any need to pull or scatter the arrangement.

It is advised that you make use of the Velcro zip ties instead, in case you don’t want to cut through your zip ties and make a mess of it every time you move a wire.

Also, to save more space, you may need to purchase a flat extender for your outlet. It allows you to plug your cables easily from the sides. It can also increase the number of outlets you can use to plug in your devices.

Here is the fact about delicate home matters, if you have any questions or confusion about how to conceal those TV wires over a brick fireplace, all you need is a professional.

Remember that you are trying as much as possible not to make a mess. Besides, a skilled hand saves time, refixing cost, and you from a whole lot of stress.


Hiding your TV wires over your brick fireplace may require you to hire a professional with skills or an electrician. But we all know how well it can eat into our budget.

So, when you don’t have that much to spend on drilling a hole into your apartment wall, then the out-listed methods in this article works very well too. Have fun with the best TV view from your brick fireplace point.