How to Easily Secure a Flat-Screen TV on a Stand

Ever wondered what would happen if you save money for months to finally buy a new flat screen smart TV and it falls off the stand and breaks? You might ask yourself why this would happen to you, after all, mounting a TV on the stand is not rocket science, it’s an easy-peasy task anyone can do. 

But let me tell you something, tip-overs could happen to anyone if they do follow the proper guidelines while mounting the TV on a stand. The most dangerous thing about these TV tip-overs, according to the CPSC report, is that 2000 children under nine were injured between 2017-2019. 

However, you don’t have to panic as I have done some in-depth research for you on this topic. 

So without wasting more time, scroll down the page and read the guidelines, tips, and step-by-step procedure, I’ve written below and save your TV from falling.  

Step-by-Step Guide to Secure a Flat Screen TV on a Stand:

First step: Assemble your TV Stand properly

The most important thing for TV mounting safety is the stability of the stand. No precautions and straps will work if your TV stand is not good in quality vice or if you don’t assemble it correctly. So build your TV stand properly with the help of the manual/guide. 

Second Step: Attach it or place it on furniture

After assembling the TV stand, attach it to furniture, if you have tabletop universal mounts, then place the stand on furniture carefully. 

Note: Make sure that the furniture is secure and broader than your TV.

Third Step: Attach brackets with the TV

Here comes the last step. Read the manual, choose the right screw, and attach the brackets vertically with the help of a screwdriver or drill. 

Note: Don’t over-tighten the screw. 

Fourth Step: Connect TV to TV Stand

Find someone who can help you with this step. Then, carefully lift your TV with your partner and attach it to the TV stand. 

Tips to Secure a Flat Screen TV on a Stand:

Anti Tip Straps

Anti tip tv straps

Anti Tip straps work as a backup for safety in case of an accident. Attaching a smart TV to a stand is not enough for protection because a bit of movement can cause the TV to tip over.

There are many Anti-tip straps on the market. You can buy any one that suits you but you should always look for the best quality. 

Things you need to attach Anti Tip Straps to a TV:

  • Screw Driver.
  • Drill.

How to Attach Anti Tip Straps to a TV:

  • Draw holes on the wall and the back of your furniture frame. 
  • Check the backside of your TV. You’ll see four holes in square shapes. 
  • Anti Tip Straps mostly come in Y shapes. Now hold the upper side of the straps and attach these two straps to the TV with the help of the screwdriver and screws provided. 
  • Then, attach the center part of the Anti Tip Strap behind the back of the furniture frame. 
  • Attach the bracket on the wall (after finding the stud on a wall).
  • Now, attach the end of the Anti Tip Strap to the bracket.
  • Then, tighten the Anti Tip Strap for safety. 

Follow these tips and secure your child from TV tip-overs:

  • Don’t place enticing items like kids’ toys near your TV or in the TV stand furniture drawer.
  • Don’t put the remote control on the TV stand furniture.
  • Choose a TV stand according to the size of your TV.
  • If you still have an older television, then, for the sake of your child’s safety, put it in a room where children do not go. 
  • Make sure that the stand is out of reach of your child.
  • Don’t use a dresser as a stand for your TV.
  • If possible, install a wall mount instead of a TV stand because this is the safest way if you have children at home.