How to Reset Element TV

Sometimes, electrical devices can begin to malfunction. In situations when you are unsure of what the problem could be, it is a good idea always to try to reset the TV to the factory settings. On some TVs, you can reset it by using a button on the TV or a remote.

Element TV

If your Element Smart TV has specific issues, you can try to fix them by performing a factory reset. Let’s discuss the possible reasons for resetting your TV, how to perform a reset, and other relevant information you should know.

Possible Reasons for Resetting Element TV

When an Element TV’s software or hardware component develops a fault, they are incapable of performing its functions. Element TV users may experience problems with audio and video playback, issues with connectivity, and system errors.

If your Element TV becomes unresponsive or freezes, you will see the need to perform a reset. Below are other possible reasons that warrant a TV reset: 

  • The TV fails to pick up signals from the remote control.
  • The TV does not react when you press any of the on-screen buttons.
  • The Element TV keeps turning off.
  • After several unsuccessful attempts, the television will not turn on.
  • The TV displays a black screen.
  • The applications running on the TV frequently crash. 
  • In the event you purchased the television as a used electrical device.
  • The TV cannot establish a connection to Wi-Fi or any other internet services.
  • The TV is on but cannot play audio or video content.

Easy Ways To Reset Element TV

Now that you know the possible scenarios or reasons to consider a TV reset, you should know how to reset or restore your Element TV. Find out how to do this below.

Soft Reset

Element TV soft reset

Try a soft reset first before you go on to hard reset your TV. Doing this will assist you in resolving the issue without requiring you to lose any of your data. To do a soft reset, remove the power cable from the wall socket without first turning off the device. Sit back for a few minutes before re-plugging in the power cable.

Use Google Assistant

You might be unaware of this, but you can use the Google Assistant voice-activation technology to take control of your Element TV. Connecting your mobile device to your TV will allow you to use voice commands for various everyday tasks once you install and activate Google Assistant on your device.

You can perform voice commands into the software, and the TV will respond by turning on/ off, restarting, and performing other duties, including resetting. It is crucial to remember that to connect Google Assistant to your TV remotely, you might need to create an account on Google Assistant. This is after you have made the app download and activation on your mobile device.

Factory Reset

You must know that a factory reset on your TV will delete all personal information, including apps, settings, internet connection, television channel, etc. Therefore, once the procedure is complete, you should consider setting these up again. You should be familiar with that series on Element TV, and keep in mind that methods may vary slightly. To perform a TV reset:

  • Switch on the TV.
  • Press Menu.
  • Locate and click the TV Settings.
  • Navigate to General.
  • Select Restore Default.

You might be asked for a pin code or a parental control code when you get to these stages. In such cases, be aware that 0000 is the default pin for Element TV.

How To Reset Element TV Passcode

The procedure of resetting a passcode on Element TV is straightforward, and you can master it in a short time. If you reset any of the settings on your Element TV, it is conceivable that you can lose all of the data that you have stored on the device. If you only must reset the passcode for your Element TV, you can use the factory default password and update the password through the main menu.

To reset your Element TV account password, press the Menu button on your device or remote control. Check that the “Lock” button is activated. You will have the ability to alter the password on the page. The default password you need to access the device on all new devices is 0000. After you restore the default settings on your Element TV, you can change the passcode.

How to Fix an Element TV’s Blank Screen

It is likely for your Element TV screen to malfunction, resulting in issues such as black screen or flickering. Now, carefully read through to find out the different screen problems that may occur on your TV and how to fix them:

Backlight Issues

A backlight illuminates the picture on the LCD screen of the element TV. If there are problems with the backlight, you will not be able to see anything on the TV. The warranty of a currently operational TV covers backlight problems. To get repairs done, you will need to get in touch with the Element TV dealer. If your Element TV warranty no longer covers the device, you should consider hiring a technician to fix the backlight problem.

Broken TV Screen 

As a result of their fragility and susceptibility to damage, TV screens can be challenging to fix. Extreme temperatures and surges in electrical current are two of many factors that can cause harm to the TV screen. If the Element TV can create sound, but the screen remains dark, the problem most likely lies with the TV screen. It is necessary to replace the entire display panel to repair a broken TV screen.

TV Panel Faults

If your TV panel fails, the screen will be completely black. A malfunctioning hardware component may result from exposure to water, a heavy collision, or a power surge, all of which have the potential to damage the television panel. If you notice problems with the Element TV panel, you need to contact a technician to repair or replace the TV. Be aware that you may be unable to fix some issues with the TV panel, so you might consider purchasing a new Element TV.

Failure of the Power Supply Board

Your Element TV’s power supply board is responsible for converting the AC line voltage, 110 volts, to lower voltages necessary for the television to function correctly. The TV will not turn on if there is a problem with the power supply board. To evaluate whether there is a problem with the power board, connect your Element TV to a power source separate from the TV itself.

If the TV displays a picture, the power board is okay; nevertheless, the problem may lie with the electrical outlet.

If the TV does not turn back on, the power board is defective and needs a replacement. You can contact an expert to get assistance installing a new power board.

Sleep timer

If you observe that the Element TV goes black at regular intervals, the sleep timer could be activated. Once the time you have selected has passed, the sleep timer will turn off your television. Restart your TV and navigate to the configuration menu on your television and turn off the timer.