5 Tips for Troubleshooting a TV with Sound but No Picture

If your TV screen goes black but the sound still works, it could be as a result of varying issues depending on your tv model. Errors that emerge from smart devices can sometimes be unpredictable as they might be technical, factory-related, or minor errors like wrong wiring.

Regardless of what the issue might be, getting interrupted while watching your favorite show is a buzz killer. So what do you do when your tv screen suddenly goes blank or black?

The first thought that might cross your mind could be that the TV got disconnected from its power source. However, you can still hear the audio from whatever you are viewing, but you cannot see the visual.

There are tons of reasons you might experience this; the good thing is that most of these issues can be fixed with simple hacks, while you will have to contact a professional technician for other issues.

This article will be recommending five ways to fix tv sound but no picture.

Causes of Blank or Black TV Screen

Below are some of the reasons why your TV screen is showing blank pictures, usually black.

Power supply board failure

The most prominent cause of a blank TV screen is a fault in the power supply board. Generally, TVs have more than a power supply board alongside a T-con board and other internal parts.

To determine if it is a power supply issue, connect your TV to an independent power source. If it works, then the problem is not with the TV but the power outlet.

Backlight Error

This issue is prominent with LCD TVs as it uses a backlight to illuminate the images on the screen. Hence, if there are some issues with the backlight, you might be unable to view anything on your screen.

TV Panel Issue

If your TV panel is damaged, your screen will automatically go blank. This issue, however, is complex as you either get a new TV or buy a new screen.

Bad Connections

A wrong connection or bad wiring can cause your TV screen to go blank. You can check the connection cables to ensure that the power source, TV, and other devices are correctly plugged in.

Sleep Timer

If the sleep timer is activated on the TV, your TV will automatically go to sleep once it reaches the set time. The good thing is that you can deactivate the timer from your TV setup menu.

Capacitor Issue

If the capacitor of the TV is bad, the TV will not power on or display any images.

5 hacks to try if TV has sound but no picture Issue

Below are our top pick five hacks on how to fix TV blank screen issue:

1. Factory Reset

Carry out a factory reset on the TV using the RESET option. To reset your TV;

  • Get a pin
  • Check the side or back of your TV for a small pinhole
  • Insert the pin in the hole
  • Press and hold for 30 – 60 seconds

Some TVs also allow you to reset via the remote control or tv app. Once you release your hold, the TV will power off and on. A reset would have been automatically initiated. Proceed to set up the TV afresh and check if it is now working correctly.

2. Disable power saver mode

Check your TV settings to see if it is on power saver mode. If it is on a power saver, your screen will automatically power off while the sound is still active. Hence, if your TV has this feature, we recommend that you disable the power saver mode or Energy save mode to ensure no interruptions while viewing.

3. Change the HDMI Cable

If the cause of your TV going blank is faulty cable connections, consider changing the HDMI Cable of the TV. HDMI cables are inexpensive and are available in both offline and online stores.

4. TV Power Board Replacement

Consider changing your Tv power board if none of the hacks mentioned above are not working. You can contact a technician to replace your TV power board or fix it yourself.

To fix it yourself, follow the guide below:

  • Get a soft towel or cloth to protect the TV screen
  • Get a screwdriver – the size will depend on the size of the TV
  • Grab a container or screw holder
  • Lay the TV downward and unscrew the back using a screwdriver
  • Find the fuses on the TV (five of them)
  • If the fuse is burnt or faulty, replace it
  • Runscrew the screw holding the power board
  • Replace the old one with a new one and screw it
  • Reconnect all the cables and wires
  • Screw back the back cover of the TV
  • Power on the TV and check if the issue is fixed

5. Check the TV installation

This is one of the most straightforward hacks. Check your TV power and installation connections to see if it is properly installed and no loose cables. Once you are sure that all cables are in their appropriate port, do the following:

  • Power off the TV and unplug it.
  • Wait for 15 -30 minutes before plugging it back in
  • Press and hold the power button for a few seconds
  • Release the power button
  • Power on the TV

This hack should do the trick and restore visuals to the TV.


With the above recommendations, you should be able to fix your TV’s blank screen. However, if the issue persists, you should contact a technician or your TV brand’s customer support.

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  1. THANK YOU!! I Thought my TV was gone !! I followed your instructions on my TV and just needed to be restarted the picture came back on…thank you 1000 times!!! I looked at a couple more sites and they pretty much said my TV was shot.Thank you so much!

  2. Within one year I have changed two tv because of black screen but the sound is working. First one they I should buy new screen by the repair but I brought new tv less two months, the second tv did the same thing again, what should I do, its the wiring of the house or what. I am get crazy today.

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