4 Ways to Find The 4 Digit Code for TVs

Whenever you lose your original remote, the 4-digit code that matches your TV brand is used to program your universal remote. When it is programmed correctly, it can perform some fundamental functions of the original remote.

Universal remotes control audio and video devices of almost any brand and model number. To program your universal remote control, you need to enter a computer code between 2-5 digits into the universal remote control for each device.

How Do You Find the Four Digit Code for Your TV?

The 4 digit code for the universal remote is one of the easiest ways to program your universal remote. Once the universal remote is programmed correctly, it can adjust the sound, enable and disable tv, and change channels.

Here are the  different ways to find your 4-digit code for your Tv

1. Getting the Code From the Tv Manual

Check the User’s Manual of your remote control to locate the code section. The list of codes for the remotes on the manual differs.

Some of the codes are on the manual, while some are written on a piece of paper that comes with the manual. Locate the code and try it out to find the one that matches your Tv remote.

2. Using Website Search

The second easiest approach to use if you’ve misplaced your manual is to look at your remote brand and look up the brand and “universal remote” on an Internet search.

Click on any of the links to search the codes by the TV brand. You will also see the steps to take to program the remote and different codes to try out. Follow the instructions and try the codes to get the right one.

3. Using Code Search

Another way to get your Tv code is by using a code search method.

  • Switch on your Television.
  • On the remote, click on the code search button until its indicator light comes up.
  • Then click and hold the Tv button until the Tv switches
  • Click on enter to save the code on the remote. Once you have done that, you can go ahead to complete your programming.

4. Getting the Code From the Manufacturer

Call your remote manufacturer and ask if the code you need can be given to you.  You may request that the whole list be sent to you.

But you need to send the correct model no of your remote to the manufacturer to get the code for you. The remote model number can be found on the back of a remote or in the battery compartment.

How to Program Your Universal Tv Remote

Universal remote is programmed for the operation of different brands of devices. They can even control the basic functions of a computer, but their functions differ depending on the type of remote.

One of the most popular ways to configure your universal remote to use it for your Tv is by programming it with the 4 digit code.

Using a TV 4 Digit Code Methods

You can get your 4 digit code from your manual or use any of the methods explained earlier.

  • Turn on the Tv and press Tv on the universal remote.
  • Press the Setup button on the universal remote. It will flash a red light
  • Press in the 4 digit code
  • Once you’ve done that, point the remote to the Tv and press the power button.

All the basic functions of the Tv should work once you’ve done that. If it did not work, try the other 4 digit code from the Tv brand until you get the right one for it.


4 digit codes are used to program the universal remote to the original remote control. If you ever misplace your remote, or the original remote control gets spoiled, you can use the universal remote.

Universal remote is not a complete substitution for the main remote of the Tv. Some control only fundamental features, while others allow for advanced image, network, sound, and smart television or home control settings.

However, all advanced features are found on the original remote. So please take note of the programming choices available on a universal remote before getting it.

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