7 Ways to Fix Toshiba TV Black Screen

Televisions may encounter various technical problems, including loss of image and sound, the TV screen appears black or blank. There are several different reasons for the Toshiba black screen problem.

Fortunately, some of these issues can be resolved with little effort, while others will need a technician’s assistance.

Try solving the problem first before spending money to fix or replace the TV. You will probably be able to restore the photo and sound to your TV and save time and money for yourself.

Different Causes of Toshiba Tv Black Screen and How to Fix Them

Blinking Effect of Toshiba Tv Black Screen

The blinking or flickering effect on TV can display black flashes. Sometimes blinking TV can be revised simply by switching off and unplugging the TV.

If, after unplugging your TV and turning it back on, the blinking continues, it could be a component on the TV that is faulty.

How to Fix Flickering or Blinking problem

  • Reboot your Tv.
  • Check all the connections across the cables and make sure there are no faulty TV components.
  • Check the TV Power supply. If possible, try plugging the TV into a different power outlet.
  • Check that the Tv is not in Energy-saving mode
  • Change the input source to see if the issue involves a TV or a variable.
  • If the TV has no cable problems and all the components work well. The TV itself might be faulty. Most televisions have a rear light that can fail and have a liquid crystal problem. When this happens, it may blink or dim the image on the screen.

You might need to contact a technician to fix this problem if you have tried all the methods mentioned above.

Fixing a Black or Blank Toshiba Tv

When your TV is switched on, and the power light is on, but no image or sound is heard, check the following:

1. Switching on the Tv

Check that the TV is enabled by clicking the power button with the remote or the set’s front panel. Ensure the component you’re using is switched on (Xbox, Cable, SAT, ROKU).

2. Right Cables and Cords

Double-check that all cables and cords are firmly attached to the television inputs and component outputs. For example, if your tv is video two input, but the digital cable converter is plugged in video one input, the Tv will not have sound or image display on the screen.

Double-check that you’re on the correct input, as some TVs will display a black screen if there’s nothing plugged into the current port.

3. Loose Cable

Reset the audio and video input connections to make sure it’s not a loose cable causing the TV’s problem.

Check for the connected cable devices and disconnect them, then plug it back and check if the signal will come up. Having loose cable devices can make your Tv not respond or go blank.

4. Replacing Your HDMI Cable

You may need to replace your HDMI cable because there might be defects that trigger the issue of the blank or black screen.

5. Turn off the Power Saver Mode

Some TV sets will turn off the screen automatically, but it also produces sound when movement is not detected. It may be as a result of Energy Save mode or power saver being activated. Check that the TV is not in energy save mode, if it’s in energy mode, take it to the normal display mode using your remote.

6. Reset the Tv

Please switch off the TV for some minutes, then press and hold the Tv power button on for about 20 seconds to reset it. If after doing this, it still doesn’t work, it might be problems with a defective power supply board.

7. Faulty Power Supply Board

If the power supply board is faulty, the TV will have the power light on, but no sound or picture will display. If after trying out all these methods and your TV screen is black, consider changing your Tv’s power board.

Other Causes of Toshiba Tv Black Screen and How to Fix Them

Some other things might be causing Tv black screen like the following.

8. Timer Sleep Activation

In some instances, the television sleep timer might be activated and thereby turning off within the set range. The problem can be quickly resolved, you have to search the sleep timer settings on your TV Setup menu and deactivate it.

9. Backlight Problem

If you have a Toshiba LCD television, this may be the cause of your black screen. Backlight is used in LCD televisions to illuminate the images on the wall.

However, if your backlight malfunctions, nothing will be shown on the screen. You’ll need to replace the backlight on your TV to fix this problem.

10. Issue With Tv Column

If you have issues with the Toshiba Tv screen going black or blank, the panel may have been damaged. If this is the case, you can carefully consider whether purchasing a new TV is preferable to buying a new screen.

However, it’s common knowledge that repaired screens are more likely to develop faults in the future, especially if repaired with sub-standard materials.


These are some of the issues with black screens and solutions to them. If, after trying out these methods and you still have problems with the Tv, you might need professional assistance. If you just got your Tv recently, you might be able to fix it under the manufacturer’s warranty.

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  1. Toshiba tv black screen.By switching the tv off and on for a 20 minutes it may come on but if you try to change change channel it will shut off but will continue to hear the sound.I changed few hdmi cables but nothing changed also followed all the information that you gave. Any help with this problem.Thank you

  2. Toshiba LCD model 40BL702B powers on, blinks then stays on black screen.

    Can’t change source.

    Powers on and off like it should
    Unplugged all cables and unplugged at plug outlet.

    No luck as of yet.

  3. How can you check the ‘settings’ when the screen remains 100% permanently black. Pressing the blue Menu button on the remote makes no change – no menu appears.

  4. I don’t think it is power board that will not allow the toshiba 32d1333db to come on I think it is the Av board that will not trun on the audio and the back lights and then the tv will come on

  5. Did you get sorted. My TV only 3 years old also and suddenly screen has just gone black. Tried everything. Seems a bit odd that people having similar issues.

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