5 Fixes For Netflix Not Working on Apple TV

With thousands of titles in its collection, Netflix is perhaps the best on-demand movie streaming option available to Apple TV users.

Netflix may be one of the world’s most popular video streaming services, but it doesn’t mean it’s always a pleasure to use. Netflix may periodically stop working due to internet access, reliance on apps, and third-party hardware, such as being unable to play TV shows and movies series, the official apps crashing or not opening properly, or even loading a black screen on your tablet or TV.

What sets them apart from the competition is that their platform works on various devices and has a clean user experience. Most contemporary Smart TVs have Netflix built-in, making the viewing experience even better for their customers.

Like any other platform, Netflix isn’t flawless and may occasionally experience mistakes or other issues. You’re undoubtedly having trouble getting Netflix to work on your Apple TV if you’re reading this article.

Server-related issues usually cause this problem on Netflix, but you should also examine other things on your end when resolving it.

Causes of Netflix Not Working On Apple TV

1. Netflix Servers Down

Netflix Not Working on Apple TV

There are some times Netflix servers might be down. If such happens, that means Netflix won’t work for that period.

2. Personal internet connection

Netflix will not work if your internet is poor. Check that your Wi-Fi or cellular connection is active and that you haven’t accidentally set your device to Airplane mode. Also, check if any other apps can connect to the internet.

3. Outdated Netflix

Error codes may appear if your Netflix app is out of date. Any Netflix error codes you’re experiencing, such as UI-800-3, could be fixed with an app update.

4. Hardware Connection Issues

Netflix may also be unavailable if your device’s hardware connection is broken.

How To Fix Netflix Not Working On Apple TV

If the Netflix app for Apple TV isn’t operating properly, this guide will teach you how to fix it.

1. Check Netflix Servers

If you’re having trouble with Netflix, the first thing you should do is verify the condition of its servers. Netflix relies on its servers to deliver its services and features because it is an online platform.

To monitor Netflix’s servers, go to their dedicated page, where they display the status of their servers and any issues they have faced.

If the servers are down, the most important thing to do for the time being is to wait till Netflix resolves the issue.

2. Re-Login to Your Netflix Account

When Netflix servers go down, your account data may become compromised, causing several issues on the platform.

Try signing out of Netflix and then logging back in after a few minutes to refresh your user data.

3. Sign Out of All Devices

Depending on your package choice, you can only connect a limited number of devices to your Netflix account. If the Netflix app for Apple TV isn’t working, make sure you’ve signed out of your account on other devices before connecting it to your Apple TV.

4. Check and Reset Your Internet

Network issues could cause problems with the Netflix app on your Apple TV. You’ll need a reliable internet connection to use Netflix without any problems.

To check the current strength of your network, use Fast.com to run a speed test.

If your internet connection is slow from running the speed test, reboot your router to re-establish the connection with your ISP servers.

5. Update the Netflix App/Apple TV Firmware

Fix Netflix Not Working on Apple TV

Netflix upgrades its platform frequently to ensure that bugs and other issues are addressed. To improve its platform, Netflix also provides performance tweaks and security updates.

On the other hand, your Netflix app may be due for an update if you haven’t searched for one in a long time.


Why is Netflix not working on my Apple TV?

If Netflix claims it’s presently unavailable, the app has to be updated, or it could indicate a connectivity problem. Restarting your Apple TV, changing the firmware, and restarting your home network are all troubleshooting procedures.

How do I reset my Netflix on Apple?

Return to the Home screen, press and hold the Menu button on the Apple TV remote, make a selection of options, select the General option and choose Reset.

Why does my Netflix say there is a problem connecting to Netflix?

It usually indicates that your device is unable to connect to the Netflix service due to a network connectivity issue.

Why is Netflix so dark on my iPhone?

You can alter the brightness of your iPhone in the Control Center. Open Settings and select Display & Brightness from the drop-down menu. Increase the brightness of your iPhone by dragging the Brightness slider to the right. If your iPhone is still too dark, try Apple’s new Reduce White Point setting introduced with iOS 10.


We hope this article helped you figure out how to fix “Netflix not working on Apple issues,” so you can get back to watching your favorite movies.