How To Use Spectrum TV App

3 Ways To Use Spectrum TV App

The Spectrum TV app gives users access to different TV stations; you can access it from mobile devices and streaming boxes. Getting the app is free; however, you cannot access it without a Spectrum internet subscription.  There are a lot of benefits attached to using the Spectrum app; one of those benefits … Read more

AirPod stuck on waiting

Personal Gadgets

How to Fix an AirPod Stuck on Waiting

AirPods are pretty stylish and durable; however, they are not without faults. Sometimes, you may find that your AirPod is stuck on waiting because of one issue or another.


Vizio TVs

How to Connect Airpod To Vizio TV

Vizio Tv is a brand of smart TV that offers excellent performance in each price bracket their products cover. Concerning

charge Apple TV remote

Apple TV

How to Charge Apple TV Remote

Charging your Apple TV remote to keep it running is essential, and how you charge it depends on your model. You must change the batteries … Read more