How to Charge Apple TV Remote

Charging your Apple TV remote to keep it running is essential, and how you charge it depends on your model. You must change the batteries manually if you use an original “Apple Remote,” whether aluminum or white.

apple tv remote charging

Original Apple Remotes do not have a charging port, and the remote uses a CR2032 battery available at many general retailers, including online.

When you bought your Apple TV, it may have come with a ȲUSB cable for charging your remote; if there is no cable, your iPad or iPhone’s cable can also charge it.

Charging an Apple TV Remote Battery – Things to note

There are no batteries in your first and second-generation remote controllers; therefore, you will have to buy a replacement remote if it no longer charges. You can’t use an Apple TV Remote battery on older Remote versions.

Steps to charge an Apple TV Remote

Step one

To start, plug an end of the USB cable into the lightning port of the remote.

USB cable for apple tv remote charging

Step two

Plug the other end of your cable into a USB port or USB Power Adapter on a laptop or PC.

Step three

You can still use the remote as the Apple TV charges. Ensure that you use the stipulated procedure to check your battery level.

Step Four

Allow the Apple TV Remote to charge for 3 hours for a complete charge. That’s how to charge your Apple TV remote.

How do I know if my Apple TV remote is charging?

There is no physical indicator that shows if Apple TV remote charges, but you will get a notification on your TV informing you it is charging.

To know whether it is charging, you will see an icon on the right side of the remote showing a lightning bolt. If you don’t see this lightning bolt, the bar on the battery symbol will show the relative charge level.

You can access the remote using the previous guidelines.

How long does it take to charge the Apple TV remote?

It takes three hours for a complete charge.

Other Frequently Asked Questions

How can you replace the battery if you have to change it?

i) If you want to replace the aluminum model, a coin can open the slot at its back. Once you open it, remove the depleted battery and insert a new one, making the positive side face you.

ii) If you are replacing the battery of your white Apple Remote, a paper clip will open the battery compartment under the remote. You can replace the battery once you slide the battery off. When you do this, make sure the positive side faces you.

How can you check the battery percentage of your Apple TV remote?

You can check through your Apple TV to know its remote’s battery percentage. The steps below will help you do that:

  • Go to the Settings app on the home screen of your Apple TV.
  • Scroll downwards and tap on “Remotes and Devices.”
  • Scroll downwards and choose “Remote” with a battery symbol beside it.
  • It will show you the battery percentage on your Apple TV remote. If you see it is low, changing the battery or recharging it is an option.

Can I charge my Apple TV remote with my iPhone charger?

Yes. You can use it the same way you plug your iPhone into your computer.

Does the Apple TV remote have a light when charging?

No, it doesn’t.

Do I need to charge my Apple TV remote?

Yes. You will have to charge it when the battery is down.

How do I know when my Apple TV remote is charged?

The battery percentage tells you when your Apple TV remote is charged.

Move to “Settings” and tap “Remotes and Devices,” click “Remote.”

The battery percentage will display.

Do you have to pair your remote to your TV to see the battery percentage?

Yes. Here’s how to do that:

  • Check and confirm that there is power in your Apple TV. A tiny white LED is lightened in the front; if you don’t see it, remove the power cable, wait for 6 seconds, and then plug it again. A white shining LED displays.
  • Switch on the TV; set it to the proper HDMI port, and show the Apple TV’s Home screen.
  • Stay at least 3 inches from the Apple TV unit, let the remote point to the TV, and press and hold the “Menu and Volume up (+)” buttons for 5 seconds.
  • If it prompts you, place the remote on the Apple TV device.

You’ll receive a notification that you have successfully paired the Apple TV remote. If you did not see this message, and if the Apple TV didn’t respond when you pressed it, move over to the next step:

  • Unplug the Apple TV unit, wait for 6 seconds, and plug it in again for a hard reboot.

Repeat the steps if the remote pairs successfully.

If, after you do this, the remote does not control your Apple TV, it might have a defect. You will have to call Apple support or visit the closest Apple Store.

How do you pair your Apple TV HD (fourth generation) with your Apple TV remote?

The earlier-gen remote for your Apple TV is close to the one shipping the fourth-gen Apple 4K TV unit. Also, the only differentiator is that there is no whitening across the Menu button. However, the pairing instructions are equally the same.

How do you pair your Apple TV HD (third-generation) with your Apple TV remote?

The third-generation Apple TV comes with an aluminum Apple Remote with a non-rechargeable battery made of coin cells. If pairing attempts fail, try and replace the battery if battery information often displays a dead battery.

Step one

Flip the remote away. With a coin, turn the compartment’s lid counter clockwise until it is open. Take out the old battery.

Step Two

Insert the new battery into its compartment; the positive (printed side) faces upward. Put the compartment lid back.

Step Three

You can try to pair the remote again. Check and see that there is power in the Apple TV. A small white LED gets illuminated on its front; if you don’t see it, you can unplug the cable and allow 6 seconds, then plug it again.

A shining white LED displays.

Ensure you switch on your TV, set it to the proper HDMI port, and display your Apple TV’s Home screen.

Step Four

Point that remote to your Apple TV’s unit; press down the Left and Menu buttons for 6 seconds. An on-screen confirmation will show that you have unlinked the remote.

Step Five

You can pair the Apple Remote by pressing down the Menu and Right buttons for 6 seconds.

An on-screen confirmation will tell you that you have linked the remote. If you did not see it and there is no response when you press the remote, head over to the next step.

Step Six

Unplug the Apple TV, allow 6 seconds, and plug it in again. Take steps 2 and 4. If none of these steps help, your remote may have defects, and you can get a new one from Apple Store.

How do you pair with Apple TV (second generation)?

The second generation of Apple TV uses the same silver Apple Remote as the third generation; use that same instruction.

How do you pair Apple TV (first generation)?

The original Apple TV is shipped with a white and wide plastic Apple Remote. As you see above, the Play/Pause button is within the directional pad, while the Menu button is under both. The process for adding and removing the remote is the same for third and second aluminum remotes.

Apple TV Remote Not Charging – Fixes to try

You can try the following fixes:

Siri or Apple TV remote not charging

a) Ensure that the power outlet is functioning.

  • Ensure secure connections.
  • Ensure that the cable and charger are working.

b) Restart TV

Unplug from the power source for 10 seconds and plug it back in; this is a reset.

c) Repair the remote

Ensure to switch on your Apple TV.

  • Point the remote to the Apple TV.
  • Press and hold down the volume and menu-up buttons simultaneously for 5 seconds, then follow the on-screen instruction.

Can you view the battery percentage from another Apple TV?

Yes. Suppose you happen to lose your remote or need to pair it to another TV remote. In that case, you have to unpair from the original TV to enable you to view the battery percentage on another Apple TV.

To do this, move to your Apple TV menu and choose “Settings” >>> “General,'” >>> “Remotes and Devices,” >>> “Unpair Apple Remote.” Head over to your new Apple TV, move to “Settings,” “General,” “Remotes and Devices,” then “Pair Apple Remote.”