6 Ways To Fix HDMI No Signal Problem

If you can’t get a signal on your television or monitor after establishing a connection via an HDMI cable, fret not. You are not the first person to experience this issue, and indeed, you won’t be the last.

When your TV or monitor displays no signal when you use an HDMI cable for connection, this means the device is not getting any feed from the source that has been selected. This is not a severe problem, and it can be fixed seamlessly without employing the service of paid expert.

How To Fix HDMI No Signal

You can adopt six solution methods to fix this problem. You may not have to try all the five solution methods; you can review the list to find the best one that would fix the problem.

1. Change The Input Source

Sometimes the problem could be caused by selecting the wrong input source. This is most prevalent if your television has more than one HDMI port. Ensure you choose the sound input source. Click on the input button on your TV remote, check the back of your TV to ascertain the same HDMI port you are connected to, click on it on TV, and everything should be solved.

2. Enable The HDMI Connection Setting

Another reason why you may see no signal on your monitor or TV is that the HDMI connection is not enabled yet on the device. If you are connecting your smartphone to the television, ensure the HDMI connection of the device is enabled before you try establishing a connection between the two devices.

Click on Settings on your TV remote, scroll to Display Entries, then locate the HDMI connection. By doing this, you will know if the HDMI settings on your TV is disabled. If, by chance, the settings are disabled, enable it.

3. Update The Chipset Drivers and Graphics Drivers

If the chipset drivers or graphics drivers are outdated, you may have a signal problem on your screen when connected with an HDMI cable. You can update the chipset drivers and graphics drivers with the use of Driver Easy.

The Driver Easy is an application that is used to update chipset drivers and graphics drivers automatically. This app will eliminate the stress, patience, and need for expertise. Drive Easy will identify the system of your device and find the correct drivers that would work with it without causing any harm. The app has two subscription plans. You can either opt for the Free plan or Pro version plan. However, for efficacy, it is wise that you settle for the Pro version plan.

How To Use Drive Easy

Visit your app store and download the Driver Easy application on your device. Once the download is complete, run the app on your device. Click on the Scan Now button displaying on your screen. The app will begin to scan your device to detect any fault.

Tap the Update button. This will download the correct version of the driver for your device, and you can have it installed manually. If you are using the Pro version, you will click on Update All. The app will download and install the correct version of the missing drivers or needs an upgrade.

4. Unplug and Plug The Power Cable of The TV or Monitor

The fault could be as a result of bugs in the television. A quick reset of the device could solve the situation. All you need to do is unplug the television power cable from the source, leave it for a few seconds before plugging it back in power.

5. Unplug all HDMI Sources and Reconnect Them

If your television has more than one HDMI source, you may try this solution method. There could be a fault in any of the HDMI ports. All required is to unplug all the HDMI cables connected to your device and plug them back carefully and adequately.

6. Reset The TV

This should be the last solution method that comes to mind when you encounter this problem. The inability of the television to find a signal using the HDMI connection could be due to bugs on the device.

Rebooting the television may not be effective in solving this problem. You might have to reset the entire Television system. It is important to note that doing a factory reset of the television means losing some settings and other information stored on the television. You might need to back up the device before doing the reset.

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