5 Best RV TV Mount Ideas

If you planning to tour the country, a recreational vehicle RV is probably the best means of transportation. It promises to offer you the luxury of space and comfort. While the RV guarantees convenience due to its ample room, you must take care of the entertainment segment.

RV TV Mount

Far-distance travel can sometimes get boring regardless of how much comfort you get while traveling. This explains why you need a source of entertainment.

The television is the most prominent entertainment device you can get. It is important to note that most RVs are an extension of living space. This means you can mount your television in the RV while you travel.

However, since the wall and the general setting of the RV are not like in your home, you might be a little confounded with how to mount the television.

We’ll highlight the five best RV TV mount ideas. These ideas will give you a clue or just activate your sense of creativity to mount your RV TV.

However, before we delve into that, let’s quickly highlight some of the things you must consider before getting an RV TV mount.

TV Size

You must consider the space on the RV. All RVs don’t have the same room for a television.

Before you purchase one, you must consider the available space on the RV before making your decision. Also, the room on the RV will let you know the best type of mount to use.

We’ve created an in-depth guide on TV Dimensions and Sizes.


To know the correct television weight to purchase, check the sturdiness of the RV TV mount. The strength of the TV mount will determine the weight of the television to buy.

The adjustability of RV TV Mount

Ensure that the RV TV mount is adjustable. This is because the viewing angle of the RV TV is not like the one in the house. So you might always need to readjust the TV mount to have a good view from any angle you are viewing from.

5 Mounting Ideas For RV TV

1. Outdoor RV Tv Mounting

The outdoor mounting is quite tricky. You must ensure that the RV TV mount is such that it is detachable. This will allow you to change the location of the mount in the RV. This mounting idea is perfect for when you are camping.

A great tool we recommend is a dual plat RV Tv mount. With this nifty piece of equipment, you can mount your RV TV outside the camp where it can entertain everyone.

Since the TV mount is detachable, you can easily remove it and mount it indoors when the television is not in use. This is to ensure the safety of the tv.

2. Under Cabinet Mounting

One downside about this mounting style is that the space in the RV is limited. This means you only have a small undercabinet space to manage when it comes to mounting your RV TV.

You must ensure that you get a small television. You should get a TV below 27 inches. Here’s an under cabinet mount we like.

3. Inside Cabinet Articulating Arm

You don’t need to refurbish the plywood as this mounting method can be done without having to readjust the plywood.

This style is quite sophisticated as you won’t see cables or wires flying around the place. You only get to see the television screen.

Every other thing is cover by the plywood. After installing the television, you will need to lock the television to keep it safe. If the plywood is too wide, the tv might swing from one angle to another, which can damage the tv.

4. Full Motion RV TV Mount

This has to be one of our favourites because of the aesthetics. This cool equipment allows for flexible viewing and movement. RV TV wall mounts usually come with decent instruction and are relatively easy to install.

One thing to note, however, is that the wooden board in your RV vehicle should be thicker than 1/2 inch. +/-5 degrees post-installation adjustment to allow for perfect TV leveling.

5. Mount on Wall Surface

This is the easiest way of mounting the RV TV. You need to make few holes on the wall surface, attach the TV mount and have the television installed on the TV mount.

One major downside of this method is that it leaves several holes in the wall. Also, you might not have the opportunity to change the television position as this will require that you drill more spots on the wall.

6. On Cabinet

Mounting the RV TV on the cabinet is no doubt the most popular. This is because it is effortless and straightforward to set. It would be best if you used the cabinet as a stand for the television.

This type of mounting is not very attractive since you will see different wires and cables all over the place.

Take Away

You can adopt any of these ideas to mount your RV TV easily. One of the most important pieces of equipment you need to hang your RV TV is the RV mount which is slightly different from the normal TV mount that is used in the house. You can shop for some of the best RV TV Mount here.

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  1. When looking for the best mount, think about how well it can hold your TV. Because RVs move a lot, you need make sure that your mounting bracket includes additional safety features to avoid any potential harm to your TV.

  2. I’ve only been on a short trip since installing the Perlesmith RV lockable TV mount. But I like the design of the mount. It was thought out. It was very difficult for me to install but I did some custom mounts before so it was very simple for me. I love the simple hanging solution on the back! It has a nail on the TV stand that makes it easy to hang the TV. I wish every bracket was like this.


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