7 TCL TV Black Screen Causes and Fixes

When it comes to delivering quality audio and video, the TCL TV is one product that does it all. However, there is a pertinent issue that most users experience – the screen going black.

Don’t fret when this happens; there is a fix for this. There are many reasons why your TCL TV screen might show no video even when you can hear the audio.

Causes of TCL TV Black Screen

As mentioned above, many reasons cause a blackout on your TCL TV. Some of them include:

  • Loose cable connections
  • Hardware issues, e.g., lighting problem
  • Software issues
  • Outdated firmware
  • HDMI cable issues
  • Faulty screen
  • Corrupted motherboard or TV chip

5 Ways to Fix TCL TV Black Screen

Since most of the causes of your TCL TV screen going black are not technical, fixing it does not necessarily require you to contact a technician. We will be recommending some simple Do It Yourself (DIY) tricks on fixing a black screen on a TCL TV.

1. Reboot your TV

Who else tries this fix for every other gadget? One of the most common recovery fixes is rebooting. You can try this hack on your TCL TV too.

Unplug your TV from any electrical connections, wait for a while (5-10 minutes), then plug your TV back in. Your TV screen should be back to normal once you put it on.

Once you reboot your TV, all the hardware will reset, thus reconfiguring the system back to normal if the cause is a simple error.

However, if it does not, it means the cause is not from a faulty connection or loose cable; you can use any of the other fixes below.

2. TV Update

Sometimes, the software the TV came in with might be outdated, hence causing the TV to blackout. You can update the TV software to fix this problem.

You will need your TCL TV remote to initiate and complete this process. Below is how to update your TCL TV software:

  • Take your TV remote, click on the setting button.
  • Navigate to Menu on your TV screen and click on it
  • Scroll to the System Update Menu
  • Click on the System Update Menu
  • Select Update

Once you click on update, your TV automatically starts updating its software. However, note that the duration your TV will take to update depends solely on the update’s size and your internet speed.

While updating your TV software, you mustn’t turn off your TV  as any interruption might cause further damage to the TV’s operating system.

Alternatively, you can set your TV to update itself. All you need to do is set your TCL TV to Automate Updates, and once there is a new update, your TV automatically upgrades itself.

3. TV Reset

Most people usually view this option as a last resort as it automatically deletes all your information. However, it also does the trick of restoring your TV to normal.

Once you reset your TV, it will restore all your setting to default, delete any apps that are not in-built and bugs that might be affecting the TV. Below is how to rest your TCL TV using your remote:

  • Take your TV remote and press on the home button – in quick succession, click on the home button five times.
  • On your remote, press the Up arrow – do this once
  • Press the Rewind button – do this twice
  • Then press the Forward button – do this twice

Once you complete this exact process, your TCL TV will go off and on in few seconds. Any issue you were experiencing before this reset will be resolved once the TV comes on.

However, note that you will need to input your desired settings and re-download apps you like.

Alternatively, you can do a hard reset on your TV directly. To do this:

  • Use a pin to hold down the button at the back panel or side panel of your TV. Hold down for about 12 seconds and let go.
  • Your TV will go off
  • Put on the TV and complete the prompt on how to set up.

4. Check Your Connections

The issue might be from a wrong or a loose cable connection, which might be causing your screen to blackout.

This issue is easy to fix; you can simply replace your cable and get a more durable cable.

5. Contact Support

Unfortunately, if any of the quick fixes recommended above fails, you can always contact TCL customer support. Contacting support is easy; you can do this over the phone or visit a TCL authorized center.

You can fix most software issues over the phone; however, a technician needs to check for hardware issues.


Your TCL TV screen going black is not an issue you should get yourself worked up about. With these simple fixes mentioned above, you can try restoring your TV screen.

However, if none of the recommendations works, getting a technician should be your next call-up action.

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  1. Hi..I HV TCL model 49s62…the problem tv going to black screen after fix HDMI or av cable .and cannot detect digital tv channel….but if I not fix HDMI or av .I can watch YouTube and Netflix without any problem …tq

    • having same problem; i can watch amazon, netflix, etc. no problem….but when i switch to cable it flashes a screen and then goes to black

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