Learn How to Connect Speakers to Your Samsung TV: 3 Easy Techniques

The easiest way to connect speakers to a Samsung television typically would be through an HDMI ARC (Audio Return Channel) connection. This method allows for a single HDMI cable to be used for both audio and video, eliminating the need for multiple cables and simplifying the setup process.

To use this method, you will need to ensure that both your television and speakers support HDMI ARC and that your HDMI cable is plugged into the appropriate ARC port on both devices. Once connected, you can then adjust the audio settings on your television to output sound to the connected speakers.

How to Connect Speakers To Samsung Television

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To connect your Samsung television to speakers, you can use the following methods:

  • RCA Connection
  • Bluetooth
  • The ARC – HDMI Connection

1. Connect Speakers to Samsung Television With RCA

Connect Speakers to Samsung Television With RCA

Using the RCA connection is no doubt the easiest and less technical. All that is needed is to connect the Samsung television stereo outputs to the speaker you want to use to project sound output.

To achieve this, follow these simple steps:

Step One:

Grab the speaker cable, and connect it to the Samsung television audio output. The audio output spot is usually found at either the back or side of the television. You only need to identify where the one for your television is located. Consult the television manual if you find it challenging to locate it.

Step Two:

Connect the other end of the RCA cables to your speaker. It could be a home theatre, soundbar, or any audio system you want to use.

Step Three:

Switch on the Samsung television and follow the instructions to establish the connection.

Step Four:

Click on the input on the audio system. By doing this, you should hear sound from your television on your external sound system.

2. Connect Speakers to Samsung Television With ARC HDMI

Connect Speakers To Samsung Television With ARC HDMI

The Arc HDMI option is another fantastic method to connect an external audio system to your Samsung television. This option requires that your Samsung television have the HDMI connection function on its system. It is usually labeled as MDMI-ARC.

Also, you must ensure you are using the HDMI 1.4 cable or something higher to connect successfully. Lastly, you need to switch on the ARC HDMI feature on your television to establish a connection between the tv and the external audio system.

To switch on the ARC HDMI feature on the Samsung television, follow these simple steps:

Step One:

Grab the television remote, click on the Home button. Scroll to Settings, and click on its icon.

Step Two:

When the settings features come up, locate General Menu, click on it, select External Device Manager, click on it.

Step Three:

It is important to note that the ARC HDMI feature on Samsung television is regarded as Anynet+. Click on the Anynet+ (HDMI-CEC) icon when it pops up on your television screen. Press the enter button on the remote to turn it on. You can also use this same button to turn this feature off when you consider it necessary.

How To Connect Speaker To Samsung TV using ARC HDMI (2)

Step One:

If you have turned on the ARC HDMI feature on your Samsung television, turn off your tv and the external audio device.

Step Two:

Grab the HDMI cord, and connect one end to your Samsung television and the other end of the cable to your home theatre. The HDMI spot on the Samsung television can be found on the back and is usually labeled as ARC.

Step Three:

Once you have connected the HDMI cord to the two devices while they are off, proceed to turn on the television and the external audio device. A connection between the television and the audio device will be established if everything is done correctly. The sound will be transmitted from the television and projected on the external audio system.

3. Connect Speakers to Samsung Television Using Bluetooth

Samsung television is at the top of its game to ensure that proud users of their television get the best deal. Little wonder the tv comes with great super features and excellent functionalities.

One of the fantastic features of this television is the Samsung share. With this, you can connect to any device that is Bluetooth enabled. To connect your Samsung television to an external audio system, you must ensure that the tv is Bluetooth enabled.

Follow these simple steps to connect your television to an external sound system.

Step One:

Click on the Home button from your television remote. Select the Settings icon, and select the Sound menu. Select the output option on your television.

Step Two:

The television will scan and display a list of devices that can be connected. Click on your external sound system. Ensure that the Bluetooth of the tv and sound system are both enabled.

Step Three:

Click on the pair and connect icon. Wait for a few seconds for a response from the sound system. You may need to bring the sound system close to the television to ensure the connection is not distorted.

Step Four:

Click on Ok when the two devices have paired. Once a connection is established, you can use the sound system to project sound from your television.