3 Ways to Add Apps to Hisense Smart Tv

Hisense Smart TV is undoubtedly one of the best screens with an impressive performance. Interestingly, this smart TV has a wide range of apps to give you a great user experience.

Besides watching local channels on the TV, these already installed applications allow you to stream content directly from the internet.

Hisense Smart Tv Apps

The downside of these apps is that not all of them will be entirely useful to you. On the other hand, there are apps you might want to use that are not installed on the TV.

It begs the question, how do I add an app to Hisense Smart TV? Does Hisense Smart TV also have an app play store like an android device?

If these questions bother you, worry less, you will find answers to all of them in this piece. We will explain how you can add an app to your Hisense smart TV without stress.

Three Ways to Add App to Hisense Smart TV

There are three ways to add an app to Hisense Smart TV:

1. Download From App Store

Step One

Grab your TV remote, and find the home button. Once you see the home button, click on it to return the TV to the homepage.

Step One

Navigate to the TV’s Apps Store. You can browse through different categories to find the app you want to download when you are in the store. Better still, you can minimize the stress by using the search box in the app store.

Activate the on-screen keyboard, type the name of the app you want to download, and click enter.

Step Three

Once you find the app you wish to download, click on install. It will start download immediately.

Give it about 30 seconds to one minute to complete the download. Once the download is completed, the app will be automatically installed on the TV.

2. Use Screen Mirror App

Another way you can add an app to Hisense Smart TV is by using the Screen Mirror method. It is an app on the Google play store for Hisense smart TV and Android phones.

The screen Mirror app will serve as an intermediary between the TV and the Android phone.

The is method is the best bet if the app you want to use is not on the TV’s play store. A couple of entertainment apps are Google play store for Android devices, but you won’t find them on the app store for TV.

With the Screen Mirror, you can use the app on your TV through your mobile device.

You want to know how to Screen Mirror your android device on the television.

This method ensures you can use virtually all phone apps on your television. You can play various video games from your mobile device.

This method expands your mobile device’s viewing capacity by mirroring your phone screen on the television screen.

3. Use VEWD App System

The VEWD App System is another unique method of adding an app to Hisense Smart TV.

One of the downsides of this method is that it doesn’t approve you to download the 3rd party app directly into your TV. You can only use the app while it is open; once it is closed, the app disappears.

While downloading from the app store approves that you save the application on your TV for consistent use, VEWD App System only allows you to use it online.

Once you are done, the app goes away, and you must repeat the same method if you want to use the app again.

It is the best option if you don’t want to load the memory of your TV with too many applications.

Follow the steps below to do this:

Step One

Grab the TV remote, and click on the App button. Locate the VEWD App Store on the screen. Once it is found, click on the enter button.

Step Two

Like the conventional app store, you get various categories of applications on the store. Find the app you wish to use at the moment. You can use the search option to locate the app faster.

Step Three

Once you find your desired app, click the enter button, and the app will open. You can use the application directly without installing it into your TV memory.

Once you’re done and close the app, it varnishes from the screen. You are expected to repeat the method if you want to use the app again.

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  1. Since I purchased my Hisense smart tv A443″ I Ve never downloaded or added 3rd party Apps on tv . The so called My App icon does function to it’s intended purpose please rectify the error before we lose the merits of a device.

  2. My Hisense smart tv does not have an App store,why? But there are instructions regarding My App icon to App store in the manual.Please advise accordingly or display tutorial on how to do it.

  3. Hisense is extremely frustrating to navigate. There are no app stores as per the instructions, we are unable to download dusney+ and others alike. Please help Hisense…

  4. I’m done with Hisense tvs, it’s almost impossible to download and app that isn’t already in the tv. The next tvs I buy will be anything but a Hisense. There are reasons why these are so cheap, and these are just a few. I’ll spend a little more money for a better tv next time. Plus their “support “ isn’t worth the time you spend talking to them.

  5. I cannot access My Apps and so I’m limited in my choices to what is already preprogrammed in the Apps. What the heck? The manual says I can add Apps but the function does not work whatsoever. Has anyone received a response regarding this issue yet?

  6. Worst TV in the history of TVs. Basically impossible to download any app that’s not already installed on the TV.

  7. i have spent 2 days trying to download Kayo on my hisense smart tv it is virtually impossible can anyone help i am ready to tear my hair out

  8. Hisense smart TV’s are anything but smart. Useless Apps and you cannot add others. Sound quality is terrible. Never again will i buy Hisense products. No wonder they are cheap.

  9. That’s why you buy a w0 dollar fire stick and sream off it instead of using smart tv functions. All smart tvs suck because of all the problems just listed. Unless it’s toshiba fire tv. Then all smart tvs are dumb af and run much smoother on s fire stick.

  10. I did not think that any smart TV would come without an app store. Its ridiculous! Now I am forced to only have the stupid apps they select for me and cannot download any apps that I want. This is a huge flaw!

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