How to Fix Vizio TV Stuck On Logo

When thinking of a television brand that’s affordable, durable, and sleek, Vizio TV comes to mind. Vizio TV is one of the major tech brands in the USA and it has extended its tentacles to other countries around the globe. The television offers you a cinematic experience from the comfort of your home with its crisp image and amazing sound quality. 

However, when the Vizio TV gets stuck on the logo it creates panic and confusion. Especially if the TV is quite new you’re not expecting it to develop a fault so quickly. Interestingly, in the rest of this article, we will explain why your Vizio TV may get stuck and what to do to resolve the problem.

Causes of Vizio TV Stuck on Logo

There are so many things that could cause the Vizio TV to get stuck on the logo. The fault could be caused by a minor software problem. This problem can be fixed by rebooting the television. Also, there could be a break in the transmission of power to the Vizio TV. When this happens, it could also lead to the TV getting stuck. 

6 Quick Fixes For Vizio TV Stuck On Logo

So when your Vizio TV gets stuck on the logo, use the following troubleshooting options to resolve the problem. 

Check The Power Source

As stated earlier when there is an alternation from the power source or connected devices, it could make the TV get stuck on the logo. The first thing you need to do is find the power source. If the adapter or socket you are connected to is faulty or loose, you may need to change it. 

In case you can find another adapter, you can try connecting the television directly. Also, check the connected devices. If you are connected to a sound system or streaming device, check the HDMI cord. If the cord is loose, try to change it. Also, you should check the ports on the TV. 

Do a Soft Reset

If you have tried the first option and the problem is not resolved, you may need to do a soft reset of the device. Follow these simple steps to do a soft reset.

Step One:

Remove the TV plug from the power source. Go to the TV, press, and hold the power button on the TV. Hold the button for about 30 seconds. After 30 seconds you may release the button. 

Step Two:

After releasing your hands from the power button, wait for about 10 minutes before you replug the TV back to the power source. 

Step Three: 

Press and hold the power button again. Hold it until the TV is on again. If the problem is caused by a minor bug, this troubleshooting method should fix it. However, if the problem persists you may need to try other options that will be explained in the rest of the article. 

Do A Hard Reset

To do the hard reset, follow these simple steps:

Step one: 

Switch off your TV set. Do not unplug it from the power source. Grab the TV remote, press and hold both the channel buttons. 

Step Two

Press the Power button on the remote, and release the channels buttons. Locate the Vizio Menu button on the remote, and press it. Once you press it, the TV will try to show the menu. 

Step Three

By now you should see an “F” icon. You will find this in the bottom right. This icon is for factory set-up. Press down the Menu button for some seconds. 

Step Four

By now you should see the Service Menu. Click on it. From there you can follow the on-screen instructions to do the complete factory reset of your TV. 

Change The EEPROM

The EEPROM (Electrically Erasable Programmable Read-only Memory) is a modified Read-only memory for the user. With this, users can delete and review all saved pieces of information on the TV. 

If there is a fault in the EEPROM, it can affect the TV from functioning properly. You might need to change this device. The best way to go about this is to purchase a new EEPROM that is prescribed. To do this, put a call through to Vizio TV’s customer service, and give them the model of your TV. 

Once you purchase the prescribed EEPROM, change it on the IC board at the back of the television. 

Update The Firmware 

One of the things that can also make the Vizio TV to get stuck on the logo is interruption while updating the firmware. When you connect your TV to the internet, the system will naturally proceed to update the firmware. And while this process is going on in the background, if you, out of impatience, unplug the TV this could disrupt the updating process. 

When the system is updating the firmware, it can keep the TV stuck on the logo. The best thing you could do at this time is to wait it out. When the system update is completed, it will return the television to its normal state. 

It is important to know that firmware update is an integral part of using a Vizio smart TV. It improves the overall functionality of the TV. 

Contact Vizio Support

Contacting the Vizio TV support center is the last option available. It is the best bet in ensuring that your TV gets the best technical diagnosis and repair if needed. 

It is important to know that this option doesn’t come free. You might need to pay to get your TV repaired if need be especially if you don’t have a warranty. Interestingly, you won’t pay a dime if you have a warranty card and the warranty has not expired. 

To Conclude

Without a doubt, Vizio TV getting stuck on the logo can be tiring and it can affect the user experience. Use the troubleshooting options mentioned in this article to resolve the problem quickly.