Vizio TV Size Guide

The TV market is dominated by big players such a Samsung LG and Sony. In this mix of big TV manufacturers, Vizio is a brand that is carving out a unique position for itself. 

Vizio has managed to capture consumers by offering competitive prices and compelling features. They may not lead the market in the latest technology, and their offering may not be the most advanced screens, but are their TVs are difficult to ignore. 

If you’re in the market for a TV, and would not mind if you are purchase is not from the big boys of the TV market, then you should seriously consider getting yourself a Vizio TV. 

Vizio TVs have great picture quality at an amazing price. However, and their operating system needs a bit more work. We’ve noticed that there are some issues with responsiveness. Nevertheless, a Vizio screen is totally worth the price you will pay for it.

The Vizio TV line is straightforward. The entry-level offering is the D series. These really TV with 1080p resolution, for example, this 24-inch Vizio D series TV.

So, if you’re looking for a really small TV, say for your bathroom or your Kitchen, you may find a D series to be the right choice. However, we must warn you that the D series is difficult to find.

Except for the D series, you have the V series, then you have the M series, which is the mid-range TVs, and a step above the M series, you have the higher end of their offerings which is the P series.

Recently they also launched their OLED TVs. In short, you can remember V for value, M for mid-range, and P for premium. Their product series do not necessarily correspond to the TV sizes, you can find different TV sizes in each series of TVs.

Quick Overview of Popular Vizio TV Sizes

Vizio TV SizeRecommended TV Model
40-inch Vizio TVVIZIO M-Series 43-inch 4K HDR Smart TV 
50-inch Vizio TVVIZIO V Series 50-inch 4K Smart TV
55-inch Vizio TVVizio M557-G 4K Quantum QLED TV
65-inch Vizio TVVizio 65-inch 4K Smart TV
75-inch Vizio TVVizio P series 4K Smart TV
85-inch Vizio TVVizio 85 Inch 4K Smart TV

Small Vizio TVs: 24” to 43”

For small TV you will be looking at screen sizes that are smaller than 43 inches. This includes smaller TVs with 32-inch screens. You can choose from D series or V series TVs. There is also a Vizio M-Series Quantum 43” with 4K resolution.

Small Vizio V series TVs are either 40 inches or 43 inches. V series TVs come with Dolby Vision HDR that provides good brightness, contrast, and color. They also support TV supports HDR10+ and HLG high dynamic range formats.

All V series TVs have 4K Ultra HD resolution. You also get Smartcast. This helps your cast content from your smartphone or other devices.

Vizio TVs also have 4K HDR processors upscale your content to 4K, but this process is not as advanced as you would see in TVs by bigger brands like Samsung. Vizio definitely attracts gamers with its V-Gaming Engine that boasts a low input lag from your consoles.

If you’re looking for a TV at around 30 inches, we suggest you look at the D series. But as we mentioned earlier, they may be a little difficult to find.

Mid Sized Vizio TVs: 50” & 55”

We have categorized mid-size TVs as screens that are either 50 inches or 55 inches.  while these are only two sizes, you can choose from different series of Vizio TVs.

If you’re looking for a 50- inch screen then the VIZIO V Series 50 Inch 4K Smart TV can be a good option for you. It comes with all the features of V series TVs that we mentioned earlier.

M series options for mid-range TVs include VIZIO M-Series Quantum 50- inch TV.  The M series Quantum utilizes quantum dot technology that helps brightness, contrast and color saturation.

This TV also has Dolby Vision HDR and Smart TV capabilities. For a 55-inch screen, we recommend you look at Vizio M557-G with a Quantum QLED HDR screen.

It also has a ProGaming Engine for an improved picture while gaming that is found in the premium line, the P series. This TV has a good response time for gaming and a 120Hz refresh rate. A higher refresh rate means that your content will appear smoother.

Big Vizio TVs: 55” to 75”

As images go bigger, and videos become more commercial with larger TVs,  TV display technology starts to matter a lot more. You will be sitting close to the TV screen for an immersive experience and 4K will mean that your eyes will not see the small pixels that build up the screen.

You can find big Vizio screens from all their product series: V, M, and P. We have classified the Big TV range as upwards from 55 inches to 75 inches. And the most popular TV size,65-inch, sits right in the middle, and this is where most Vizio Big TVs start.

Vizio M-series TVs are good value for money in this category. VIZIO 65 Inch 4K Smart TV  has quantum color combined full array backlight that produced vibrant colors.

Full array backlights dynamically change the backlight to match what is on the screen, resulting in deep black depths with incredible depth and contrast.

Another great option for a 65-inch screen is Vizio P-series 4K Smart TV. The P-series has a higher refresh rate and better brightness compared to others. In terms of the build quality also, they have a better design with metal frames around the screen. 

P series screens also have an anti-glare coating that improves your viewing experience, especially if you have large windows in your room.

You can also find a Vizio V-series TV in this size range. Vizio 70-inch V-Series has a 4K UHD display and is a Smart TV with Apple Airplay and Chromecast built-in. This TV also comes with HDR10+ and low latency for gaming. You can also find a V-series with 75 inches.

Beyond 65 inches, you can opt for 70 inches and 75 inches. Vizio P series 4K Smart TV is a 75 incher that will fit nicely into a big room. For TVs of their size, it is recommended that the viewing distance should be 8 feet or more for an optimal experience.

Really Big Vizio TVs

Even if you’re looking for a really big TV Vizio has you covered. Their TVs peak at 85 inches, and compared to TVs from LG, Sony, or Samsung, these are priced competitively.

VIZIO 85 Inch Smart TV boasts an HDR screen and 4K resolution. It also has Chromecast built into it, so you can share your content on the big screen with ease. 

Overall, Vizio TVs can be a good bargain if you’re looking for a decent screen for a decent price. They have a TV of every size you would possibly want.