How to Fix TCL Roku TV Screen Mirroring Not Working

Let us show you how to fix your TCL Roku TV screen mirroring problem. You are in the right place if your screen mirroring is not working on your Roku TV. There are easy troubleshooting solutions you can try to fix this problem, as shown below.


How to Fix TCL Roku TV Screen Mirroring Not Working

Now you can enjoy your entertainment as you navigate these troubleshooting steps to fix your screen mirroring issue.

1. Check that Your Airplay is On

Airplay is one of the software available for Roku TV used for screen mirroring. If you are experiencing screen mirroring, it may be likely that your Airplay is turned off.

Many Roku TV users are unaware that the Airplay is off once they check and turn it on. And after that, the screen mirroring started working fine. So please check that your Airplay for screen mirroring is on if you notice it is not working. To access your Airplay on your home screen, navigate to settings and move to Airplay and Homekit, then turn on the Airplay if you notice it is off.

After doing so, restart your TV and connect the screen mirroring features; it will start working now.

2. Disconnect and Reconnect your Devices

There are times when you will need to disconnect and reconnect your devices to fix certain problems. Reconnecting the cables connecting to and fro the devices may fix many issues affecting your TCL Roku TV. This can be a working solution if your screen mirroring on your Roku TV is not working.

Check all the connections, and remove and fix them back immediately. Do this and start screen mirroring, and if it works, good. Also, try connecting your Roku TV without HDMI to fix the screen mirroring not working. But if it does not work, you can try other methods discussed to fix it.

3. Updating Device Software

Connections for screen mirroring may be affected when the device tries to connect with outdated software. The outdated software may not have certain functions or security features that will prevent quick and easy connection. Smart devices are regularly updated to protect your devices from the latest malware and viruses.

Try updating the software on your devices to the latest version. After updating, Connect the devices and try the screen mirroring again; it may work as all devices are in sync after the updates.

To update your software and apps, follow the steps below:

  • First, navigate to your TCL Roku TV settings.
  • Then, click on the My Apps tab.
  • Find updates and tap on update all to update all apps on the device.
  • After the updates have been completed, restart your device.
  • Then, check the screen mirroring to see if it has started working.

4. Place your Connection on Private

Your screen mirroring will not work if the device firewall keeps blocking your connection. This is because the firewall will protect your device from connecting with unknown sources for security purposes.

To overwrite this and allow an unrestricted connection, switch your connection to private if it is in public. When placed on private, the firewall will allow your device to connect, and you try screen mirroring your device.

5. Ensure the Devices Have Compatible Operating Systems

Your screen mirroring features on your Roku TV may not work if the Operating System OS are incompatible. Only Roku TVs with Operating System OS 7.7 and above work with the screen mirroring features.

To check your operating system, go to settings from your home screen, navigate to the system option and go to About to get the details of your device.

If the system runs on OS below OS 7.7, you will need to upgrade your operating system.

6. Restarting your Roku TV

Restarting your Roku TV can solve many issues facing the Roku TV. And it can fix your screen mirroring issues like other issues. However, the process usually resets the system and may turn off some applications affecting the screen mirroring features. You can quickly restart your TCL Roku TV from your Home Screen by navigating to settings. Then, go to system restart on the menu, and when you tap on restart. Your TV will go off and come back on, and your screen mirroring feature will work fine now.