How to Fix TCL Roku TV No Picture

You are here because your TCL Roku TV has no picture. Find the solution to fix the problem here and enjoy entertainment on your Roku TV. During troubleshooting, it is best to start with the most straightforward approach as you diagnose the problem.

TCL Roku TV No Picture


How to Fix TCL Roku TV No Picture

Here are some quick fixes to try if your TCL Roku TV has no picture:

1. Check The Power Source

Check the power source and ensure that your device is plugged into power. Once you have determined the source is active, check the power on the device is on and that the indicator lights are operational.

If the picture on your TCL Roku TV device comes up after checking this out, then we do not need to move to the next stage.

2. Restart Your TV with The TCL Remote

Check that the TV is not turned off from the power source. Check if the Standby button on the TV is on and point the remote toward the TV sensor while pressing the power button.

If that does not work, then check the batteries on the remote. First, change them if you have been using the batteries for a long time. Then, try switching on the Standby power again to see if it will work after changing the battery.

Although there are several ways to turn on your TCL Roku TV without the remote, checking the standby from the remote before any other approach may save you a lot of trouble.

3. Check the Cable Connection

The picture will only appear on your Roku TV if you have good connections. This is because cables connect from the source to the Roku TV, and you must check to ensure they are tight enough.

No picture from the Roku TV may be due to a faulty cable connection, especially with sound coming from the TV. Roku TV uses an HDMI cable, which may come loose or defective after prolonged use. You can change to a new connection cord or tighten the connection if loose.

Tighten or change the cords on the power source and to the TV. Then check if the pictures are back on. If not, then you should proceed to the following approach.

4. Rebooting the TV

Picture may impair the TCL Roku TV due to some underlying issues. In such cases, the power source or cable connection may not be the cause of the problem.

You can reboot your Roku TV by leaving it on to warm up for a few minutes. Then remove the power source directly from the TV or the socket. Wait for about 15 minutes and over before you replug the power source.

The rebooting action will shut down the TV entirely and restart it. And it will shut down any software or computer glitch that may impair the picture. Your picture may come up; if it does not, you need to proceed to the following approach.

5. Hard Reset Your Roku TV

There are situations where your Roku TV may have been corrupted or gone black because the required settings to brighten it may not be accessible. Such problems may demand a hard reset on the TCL RokuTV.

You should not be taken aback by the term “hard reset”, for it does not require technical knowledge, and you can do it yourself. And there are two ways you can run the hard reset and return the TV to factory settings on your TCL Roku TV and get the pictures back on.

There is the manual approach, where you look for the reset button on the side or back of the panel. Get a sharp pointed object such as a toothpick or folded paperback and insert it into the narrow reset button hole. Press the sharp object in and hold for about 15 seconds to turn off and restart your TV. The TV will switch on, and your picture will appear as it is returned to its factory settings.

Secondly, you can hard reset your TCL Roku TV to its factory settings using your remote. Follow the steps below.

  • Press the home button five times.
  • Followed by the up button once.
  • Then the rewind button twice.
  • And lastly, the fast forward button twice
  • Your TV will restart

6. Update Your TV Software Connected to The Internet

Connect your Roku TV to your laptop, and you can update the software if it shows on the computer. In addition, at times, no picture on your Roku TV may be due to software malfunction, and you can update the software and restart the TV by connecting it to your laptop.