How to Fix Sony TV Sound Not Working

A sound problem is a fault your Sony TV can develop at any time. There are a lot of reasons your TV could develop this fault. It could result from an appliance you plugged into the TV or some other minor issue. This guide will show you how to fix your Sony TV when it develops a no-sound fault.

5 Ways To Fix a Sony TV With a Sound Problem

Fix Sony TV Sound Problem

Fixing a broken Sony TV might not be difficult. It could be a minor problem that you can handle without looking for professional help. Below are simple ways to fix a Sony TV with a sound problem. They include:

Restart Your Sony TV

Restarting a technological appliance is the primary way to get it working again. Conversely, restarting your Sony TV set is a simple way to solve a sound problem. Switch off your TV by removing the power cord from the wall outlet where the TV is plugged in, and then wait for a few minutes as the power is released from the system. 

After waiting a few minutes, turn the TV on and ensure every appliance has been plugged back in. Check the audio to see whether any sound issues are still present. Make sure that you are only utilising the speakers that are built into the TV because resolving an issue with an external speaker system requires a different technique.

Restarting your TV will help you solve a sound problem if it is a minor issue. To fix the problem, it may be beneficial to perform a similar reset on your cable box, external audio, and other linked equipment.

Modify the Audio Settings 

Problems may arise with the sound system if the sound settings are not adjusted appropriately. Sound problems are typically to blame for issues like the Sony TV’s inability to adjust the audio appropriately to produce sound. To modify sound settings, press the volume button on the remote control.

You can use the mute button to check that the sound is not silent. Check to see whether a cable is connected to the audio jack. It is possible that you previously removed the sound from the speaker and routed it through an external cable system using headphones or other external audio cords.

Disconnect any external sound systems to narrow the source of the problem down to the speaker system integrated into the TV. 

Check For Faulty Cables 

Sony TV Sound Problem

If the cable attached to your TV’s audio port is faulty, there is no way for you to hear any sound. There is a possibility that you cannot hear any sound from your Sony TV because your cables have been dislodged, making your television unable to pick up any sound.

To determine if a faulty cable is a problem, disconnect all your wires and plug in one cable at a time. Testing them one after the other will help you discover if a wire is the problem and help you figure out which is the root cause. If a cable is a problem, you can easily replace the wire and get your sound back on.

Check For Available Software Update

The sound from your Sony TV may be distorted because the TV is attempting to operate on an older software version. You would have to check to see if there’s an available software update to determine the cause of the problem. Ensure you do not disconnect your television before you check for available software updates.

To check for an update, select ‘settings’ from the menu, choose customer Support or product Support from the drop-down menu, click on ‘Software Update, then press on ‘Network.’ Once you take these steps, you can check for available software updates and confirm their installation. If this was the problem, installing a new update will solve the sound issue.

Factory Reset Your Sony TV

Resetting the Sony TV to factory settings is another way to fix a sound problem. You can take your TV back to factory settings either manually or using a remote control. To do this, locate the buttons either on the sides or bottom of your TV and turn off your Sony TV by first pulling out the plug. 

While the TV is disconnected, hold the volume down button while simultaneously pressing the power button. Continue to hold these buttons as you reconnect your TV’s power cord.

The process of resetting your TV may take a few minutes to finish, but once it does, ideally, the sound will be back to normal.

Simple Method To Improve The Sound Of Your TV

You might not be satisfied with the way your TV sounds. You can improve the sound with the use of soundbars. Beyond the speakers integrated into your television, a soundbar is the most common equipment for enhancing the sound quality. It is not only handy but only requires the plugging in of a single cable. 

There are single soundbars, a surround sound system, and a sound base. Soundbars are more suitable for TVs mounted to the wall, whereas sound bases are best placed for sheltering smaller TVs while sitting on top of an AV unit.

Soundbases can have compatibility concerns with televisions with their legs on either end instead of in the middle, which is why soundbars are the more popular choice of these two options.

Home gadgets can develop faults due to several reasons. Your Sony TV can lose its sound because of a minor problem which you can fix. Either way, the gadget might be old and needs to be changed. If primary troubleshooting does not resolve the issue, you should seek professional help.

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