How to Get Rid of Small Screen on Dish TV

Whether you’ve had Dish for a long time or just got it, you’re undoubtedly asking how to get rid of the small screen on Dish TV.

Dish TV’s narrow screen is mainly due to an improper screen format, and screen formats are usually a personal preference.

While some viewers prefer to watch TV with black bars, others may not want to see any at all.

This article will go over the many options for getting full screen on Dish TV.

Small Screen on Dish TV – Causes and Troubleshooting

Dish Network is one of the most significant TV service providers in the United States. Dish receiver, Hopper, Joey, and ViP receiver are among the devices available.

After connecting your Dish device to your TV, you may get a “small screen” problem. Some of the reasons for this error are as follows:

Small Screen on Dish TV

1. Normal Format

Your Dish TV set to standard formatting is one of the most prevalent small screen causes.

Your receiver makes no changes in standard formatting and leaves black bars on your TV.

2. Stretch Format

Stretch formatting is another factor that contributes to Dish TV’s narrow screen. Stretch format copies the picture format from your old TV and pastes it onto the new one.

As a result, if you connect it to a widescreen TV, the image won’t be able to stretch from top to bottom.

3. Technical Error

It’s possible that if you use an old Dish receiver with your brand-new TV, your receiver won’t be able to provide the required formatting options.

As a result, part of the images crop out, or black bars appear on your TV.

It’s essential to mention that Dish TV offers four different picture formatting options.

Aside from “Normal and Stretch,” there’s also “Zoom and Partial Zoom.” When using Partial Zoom, your receiver zooms in too much to cover all the pixels, and some images crop out.

How to Get Rid of Small Screen on Dish TV

Now that you understand the differences between the various screen formats offered on Dish TV, it’s time to ditch your Dish TV’s small screen.

If you’re looking for a way to obtain full screen on Dish TV, we’ve put up a list of options for you to try:

1. Manual Screen Adjustments

Get Rid of Small Screen on Dish TV

Let’s begin with the most efficient strategy. This method requires using a Dish receiver and a Dish remote control.

This strategy will work for you whether you want your Dish TV to be full screen or have black bars.

Follow these procedures to adjust your Dish screen manually:

• Select “Home” or “Menu” from the menu bar.

• Select “Settings” and then the “TV” icon in the left corner.

• Select “Adjust Screen” from the drop-down menu.

• Use the arrow keys on your remote to make adjustments.

• Press the “Select” button on the remote.

You can use your touchpad to press down the center of the screen if you have one. That’s it.

You can change your screen to meet your needs using the six simple steps outlined above.

2. Use “Zoom” Format

Using the “Zoom” format on Dish TV is another way to get full screen.

This procedure is easy to follow. To get the “Zoom” format on your TV, follow these steps:

• Turn on the TV.

• Press the “Format” button on your remote.

• A screen displaying your current format should appear.

• Select “Current Format” from the drop-down menu.
It will present you with four choices: Normal, Stretch, Zoom, and Partial Zoom are all options.

• If you want to watch Dish TV in full-screen mode, select “Zoom.”

The Format button is commonly found near the “7” button on most Dish TV remote controls in the lower-left corner, and it’s near the bottom of older remote controls.

There will be no black bars on your screen after selecting the “Zoom” mode.

3. Adjust ViP Receiver’s Format

Remove Small Screen on Dish TV

If your Dish TV came with a ViP receiver, you might need to change the format to eliminate the small screen.

Unlike other receivers, the ViP receiver has five formatting options: Normal, Stretch, Zoom, Partial Zoom, and Grey Bar.

The grey bars are identical to the black bars, but they are colored grey. By turning on the full screen on your ViP receiver, you can get rid of the grey bars. Follow these procedures to get full screen on your ViP receiver:

• Turn on the TV.

• Press the “Format” button on the remote control.

• Select “Zoom” from the “Grey Bar” menu.

You can achieve a full screen on your Dish ViP receiver by following the three simple steps outlined above.

Other formatting options, other than “Zoom,” generate black bars or take off some images from the top and bottom.

As a result, we recommend using Zoom format when watching sports or news programs.

The Zoom option is the best format for you if you don’t want black bars on your TV and don’t want to cut off the image, and it’s effective and extends to the edges.

Why are dish channels not showing full screen?

This problem is mainly related to the screen format. The FORMAT button on the lower left of the screen is your greatest friend if you’re watching TV and want to alter things up.

How do I zoom my Dish TV screen?

While viewing TV or watching a video, press the LIVE ZOOM button on your remote control. You can also press the lower-right corner of the screen’s START LIVE ZOOM button. The subscreen shows the original screen before enlargement, which denotes the expanded area visible on the main screen.