Setting Up a Magnavox Universal Remote: Step-by-Step Instructions

Finding the proper instructions for programming your Magnavox universal remote can be challenging.

Unlike all the other instructions you’ll find online, you may not be able to discover a guide as detailed and easy as ours.

In this article, we’ll walk you through each step of programming your Magnavox universal remote so you can decide which method is best for you.

You can use either the “Search Code Method” or the “Magnavox Remote Codes Method” to program your Magnavox universal remote.

Program A Magnavox Universal Remote

What devices are your Magnavox universal remote compatible with before we get into the procedure or method of configuring it? What devices are you able to program it with?

Devices You Can Program the Magnavox Universal Remote To

It’s a universal remote, which means you can use it from anywhere on the planet.

However, the advantages of using a universal remote don’t stop there; you can also use it to program other devices and equipment, such as:

Players for DVDs.

• Set-Top Boxes.

• Streaming Media Players.

• Auxiliary Devices.

• And others!

You must follow a specific procedure, just as you would with any other brand of universal remote.

So, here are the steps to programming your Magnavox universal remote:

How to Program Magnavox Universal Remote

You can use two (2) methods and approaches to program it: the Search Code Method or the Magnavox Remote Codes Method.

Don’t worry; we’ll teach you both methods so you won’t have difficulty deciding which one to use!

How to Program Magnavox Universal Remote Using the Search Code Method in Programming (Auto Search Option)

Most users use the Auto-search option or the Search Code technique.

Why? – Because most of us aren’t aware of the necessary Magnavox codes.

Follow this procedure if you are unclear of the TV, DVD, cable box, or even VCR codes and can’t find the exact ones to help you with your problem:

1. Switch on the device

First, make sure the device to which you’re programming your Magnavox universal remote is turned on or engaged.

Put it on if it’s a TV, DVD player, cable box, or any other form of auxiliary device.

2. Check for the presence of batteries

Make sure the remote control has batteries fitted before starting the process. Replace the batteries if you’re not sure they’re still okay.

Purchase a new set of AA batteries and replace them in the remote.

3. Hold down the TV + SEL buttons

The next step is to begin the programming process when the remote has been prepared and set up. On the remote, press TV/DVD/VCR and [SELECT] until the LED indicator lights up.

NOTE: To pair it with another device, press the relevant device.

If you want to program it to a TV, press [TV] + [SEL], and if you want to program it to a DVD, press [DVD]+ [SEL].

Then, hit [POWER] to enter Code Search Mode on the remote.

4. Press [CH +] or [CH -] to activate the [CH +] or [CH -] buttons

The next step is to press either [CH +] or [CH -] until the channel changes (for TV and cable box).

Continue pressing either of these buttons until something changes; you haven’t yet reached the necessary code if nothing changes.

What if you already know the Magnavox universal remote codes and want to use this approach over the auto-search?

Programming Using Magnavox Universal Remote Codes

The following way we’ll go through is using known Magnavox remote codes.

You’ll have to enter the remote code immediately, also known as direct code entry.

Without further ado, here’s how to go about it:

1. Switch on the device

Make sure the device you’re programming the Magnavox remote to is turned on and activated, just like the Search Code process.

Avoid plugging it into a weak power source.

2. Replace the remote’s batteries

After then, check to see if the remote has new batteries.

If you’re not sure whether the old batteries are still functional, it’s preferable to replace them with fresh ones to ensure the operation goes smoothly.

3. Turn on the programming feature

After that, press [SELECT] + TV/DVD/AUX/CBS/CATV/VCR on your remote to start programming.

When the LED indicator lights up or blinks, you’re already in the programming function.

NOTE: The button you choose will be determined by the device you’re trying to configure.

4. Enter the Code

So, the next thing you want to do is to enter the code corresponding to the device.

5. Store and Save the Code

To finalize the process, store the code by pressing TV/DVD/AUX/CBS/CATV/VCR on your remote. The code will lock when the LED indicator on the Magnavox remote flashes.

Whatever device you’re programming it to, following these steps will help you get what you’re looking for!

Program your Magnavox universal remote using all the given and available codes and lock it in properly!

VCR Codes for Magnavox

Each device has its own set of codes you can experiment with. There are hundreds of them, but here are a few of the most prevalent ones to get you started:

• 321

• 3036

• 312

• 313

• 316

NOTE: These are only a few of the most popular Magnavox universal remote codes; they aren’t all, but based on client feedback, these have shown to be the most effective.

Press and hold the Code Search Button for about 2 seconds, or until the LED indicator lights up, then let go. Then press and hold the device’s selection button for the corresponding device (i.e., the TV Button).