9 Ways to Fix Spectrum Remote Not Working With Cable Box

Spectrum Remotes are one of the most popular TV remote controls in the market. They are known to have programmable keys, allowing you to turn on multiple devices and consoles with the same remote control.

If you’re having trouble with your Spectrum remote, let’s look at how we can fix it.

How to fix spectrum remote not working with Cable box

Spectrum Remote and Cable Box

When your Spectrum remote stops working with your cable box, you may notice the following: volume keys are not working, you cannot change channels using the remote, the red infrared light is not flashing as expected, the infrared light flashes nonstop, and many more.

You must immediately repair the Spectrum remote. Otherwise, you will be unable to use the TV channels or the Cable box. Calm down and follow these steps to repair your remote:

1. Check Remote Battery

This is the first step I’ll suggest. A pair of batteries power each remote. When the batteries run out, the Spectrum remote will no longer work with the cable box.

The first step is to remove the batteries by opening the back cover. Close the back cover after installing the new batteries. Check to see if the Spectrum remote is operational.

2. Check Remote if any button is stuck

If any of the remote’s buttons fails, the remote will not work with the cable box. Check which buttons work and which do not by pressing all of them. This could be caused by dust and debris in the device.

If any of the buttons refuse to budge, you can order a replacement from Amazon.

Spectrum TV Remote Control

3. Pair Remote to TV correctly

The spectrum remote should be properly paired. However, if the pairing is not done correctly, the spectrum remote will not work.

4. Configure remote correctly

There is a good chance that you did not set the remote correctly. Because the spectrum remote has so many modes and options, you will definitely run into issues if you don’t set it up correctly. Make sure that the Spectrum remote is properly configured.

5. Check Spectrum server

Another reason for the Spectrum remote not working could be a malfunctioning Spectrum server. To see if the Spectrum server is up and running, use down detector or this link.

6. Factory Reset Spectrum Remote

After completing the above-mentioned steps, factory reset is the next option if the remote still does not work with the cable box.

Locate the reset button and hold it down for a couple of seconds. The cable box can then be restarted. When both devices are turned on, the Spectrum remote should work.

7. Power cycle Cable box

If your remote isn’t working with your cable box, it’s possible that there are bugs and caches on your TV. Technical issues can cause the Spectrum remote to stop working with the cable box. You must reboot your TV to clear the bugs and caches.

I’ll walk you through the process of restarting your Spectrum cable box.

• Disconnect the Spectrum receiver from the power source.

• Hold down the power button on the remote for 10 seconds.

• Press and hold the power button for 60 seconds to allow it to process.

• Reconnect the cable and turn on the television.

8. Reset Spectrum cable box

If your Spectrum remote isn’t connecting to your TV after rebooting your TV, you’ll need to reset your Cable box.

You can reset the Spectrum cable box using one of two methods.

a. Resetting TV manually

b. Resetting TV using the Spectrum app

To reset your TV manually, follow the steps:

• On the left pane, click the services tab.

• Select the TV tab.

• On this interface, next to the equipment of your choice, you will see the option “experiencing issues?”

• Select reset equipment.

To reset your TV using the Spectrum app, follow this simple guide:

• If you don’t already have My Spectrum, get it now.

• Access your account by logging in.

• Select the Services tab.

• Select your television

• Select “Are you having problems?”

• Press the Reset Equipment button.

9. Replace Remote

If none of the above methods work, replacing the remote control with a new one is the last option. Make sure to get the remote we recommend.

A one-year replacement warranty covers the Spectrum remotes we recommend. You can look at the first one shown above or buy this one right away.

Spectrum TV Remote Control


Thank you for spending time reading this article. Try out each of the steps outlined here and share your results in the comments below.

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