Why is My TV in Spanish? Ways to Fix It

Occasionally, some TVs get stuck in their default setting language, which is usually Spanish. And if you are unable to understand the language, it can be pretty challenging to follow and understand any show airing.

This can be a significant issue, especially if you do not know how to change the language. This article will be recommending ways to fix language issues on your TV.

Why are Some TVs in the Spanish Language?

Most cable providers give users the option to have a language preference for broadcasted channels. Generally, the most prominent broadcast language comes in two languages; Spanish and English.

Some TV offers multiple language options, including German, Italian, Filipino, Chinese, etc.. even though the official language they air in is English. Users can always change their language preference by tweaking the settings of the TV.

Reasons Why TV Language Changes – TV Foreign Language

There are tons of reasons why your TV language might change. But the most common reason is randomly pressing the TV remote and messing up with the TV settings. Sometimes pets, kids, or anybody in the house can accidentally sit on the remote on the sofa. Butt-pressing your remote can alter the setting of the TV. In other cases, it’s simply a bug.

If butt-pressing is not the case; it could be issues from the TV provider or the device. To resolve this, you will need to contact the TV provider or customer support.

Ways to Change Language on Different TV Devices – TV Language Change

If the issue is not an error from the TV provider, below are ways to change your TV language from Spanish to English using different devices:

1. Set-Top Box

On your set-top box, do the following to change your TV language from Spanish to English:

  • Click on the Menu Button on the Remote
  • Select the Home Icon on the Quick Menu option – this option is located at the bottom
  • In the Main Menu, navigate to Setup and click on it
  • Click on Audio Setup
  • Change the Default Audio Track to English
  • Press the Exit menu on the remote to go back to Live TV 

2. For Samsung TV

Follow the guide below to change your Language from Spanish to English on your Samsung TV:

  • Click on the Home Button on the TV Remote Control
  • Scroll to Settings
  • Click on General
  • Select System Manager
  • Click on the Language option
  • Select English Language 
  • Then Exit the setting menu

3. For Digital Adapters

Digital Adapters come in HD and SDs. If you have an HD digital Adapter, do this:

  • Click on the Menu Button on the remote
  • Navigate to General Setup – Arrow down 
  • Then down to Audio Language – Arrow right
  • Press the right Arrow and highlight ENG.
  • Click on OK on the remote
  • Then press Exit on the remote to go back to Live TV

If you have an SD digital Adapter, do this:

  • Click on Lang Button on your Remote Control
  • Then Arrow down to Eng and Select it

4. For Armstrong Exp

To change your language option on the Armstrong Exp, do the following:

  • Click on the TiVo Button on your Remote Control
  • Select the Menu Option
  • Scroll to the Settings option
  • Click on Audio & Vido e Settings
  • Change Default Audio Language to English
  • Then Press the Live TV button on the remote to go back to Live TV

5. For HBO NOW

To change your preferred language choice on HBO NOW, do the following:

  • Go to Settings
  • Click on the Profile Menu
  • Then Select the Language of your Preference
  • Click on the language to save it

Generally, the most common method most TV uses to change language options is as follows:

  • Press the Menu Button on the Remote Control
  • Click on Settings
  • Select System
  • Then click on Language 
  • Select Language 
  • And choose your preferred language choice
  • Click on it to save it

Other Fixes to try

1. Go to your device’s audio tracks. Check if it’s been switched to “English – audio description”. If so, switch back to “English – Original”.

2. You might have your audio in English and it plays audio description in Spanish. Try changing the audio to Spanish and see if it changes to English. This is usually caused by a bug.

3. Under your device’s accessibility settings, check for the audio playback option. Under this option, there are multiple choices for language.

Choose a different language, including the second “English” option and it might eliminate the Spanish narration immediately.


Language barriers can be a tad bit frustrating, especially when your favourite show is airing. Fortunately, it is a minor issue and can easily be fixed without a technical team.

With the guides above, you can easily change your language setting on your TV set. However, if it is an internal error, that is an error from the TV provider, you will need to contact your TV provider’s customer support.

5 thoughts on “Why is My TV in Spanish? Ways to Fix It”

  1. IF THIS IS ON AN OTA (Over The Air )CHANNEL on a Roku TV and happens when watching NFL games hit “OK” program banner may show SAP/MTS, if so, good. hit the Options key “*” you’ll get amenu of options one of which may be “SAP Spanish”,hitting the right arrow key “> “will let you turn it to OFF OK, no more Spanish. hopefully. ( worked for me) Note that the LANGUAGE OPTION on th Roku TV does NOT apply to the audio broadcast, but simply to how the menus are presented.

  2. All I see is to change the SAP on the TV. I have cable but use my cable ready sets without a cable box and every TV I have is doing the something. TV Land, Comedy Central, Paramount, now Nick and others will change from English on one show and then the next will be in Spanish. Shows like Everybody Loves Raymond comes on in Spanish but the commercials are in English. I have made sure every TV I have is not set on SAP and they are all set to the English language. I have actually changed them to SAP to see it made a difference and it did not. So, I have checked all the TV’s to be sure they are not on SAP but TV shows are still in Spanish. I have had to quit watching many of the shows because I don’t speak Spanish. Does anyone have any idea if the cable companies are making the changes now or if there is another setup to look at? Thanks for any help.

  3. I have same problem. Programs randoml in Spanish or there is an audio narrative describing actions of characters which is even more annoying. Stopped watching much tv as a result. None of the advice on the internet is any help.

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