How to Fix Element TV Remote Not Working

The TV remote is a great asset for couch potatoes and TV enthusiasts. It’s a small part of the television, yet it wields great power. 

Element TV Remote

The whole TV operation is not complete without it. With the power of the remote, flipping from channel to channel is seamless. A long time ago, TVs came with a series of buttons, but today, the TV remote bears those buttons. 

Without buttons, TVs now come thinner, simple, and more stylish. Now imagine pressing your Element TV remote, and nothing is happening; that can be frustrating. 

Thinking of a replacement remote is not the immediate solution when that happens. Continue reading to discover the ways to fix a faulty Element TV remote. 

What Causes the Problem With Element TV Remote?

When your Element TV remote is acting up and not working as it should, then you can associate it with one or all of the following problems:

The Batteries 

If the batteries are out of power, the remote will not work and cannot send any signal to the TV. 

In addition, if the batteries are not properly installed (with the correct polarity) in the remote, it will not work. Do the needful, and the remote will work.

The IR Sensors

The remote communicates with the TV via the Infrared (IR) sensors, and it would not work if the following happens:

  • There is an obstacle in the way of the sensor. 
  • The remote is not aimed correctly at the TV
  • The remote did not send any signal to the TV 

The Remote and Its Settings

The remote itself might have issues that would affect its functionality. It could be issues with the buttons, debris in the remote, etc. 

Also, if the remote is damaged due to a mechanical or liquid spillage accident, it will not work. Not setting the remote in the correct mode (i.e., TV mode) would prevent the remote from working.

Fixes for Element TV Remote not Working

When facing challenges with your TV remote, the following troubleshooting steps are what you need:

Fix 1: Check the Battery

There is no battery indicator on the remote, and the best possible way to confirm the battery is working or not is to replace them. 

Put new batteries in the remote control and see if it would work. Besides that, at times, incorrect polarity installation would make a remote malfunction. 

To reset your remote:

  • Remove the batteries from the remote.
  • Locate the power button and press it down for 20 seconds. 
  • Disconnect the TV from the power source, then locate the power button on the TV. 
  • Press and hold the button down for 30 seconds. Plug it in and try it. 

Fix 2: Check the Mode of the Remote

If you still have issues with the remote, you might have set it in the wrong mode. 

Check if the remote is set to TV mode to control the TV. If not, then set it to TV mode.

Fix 3: Check the Infrared Light

The infrared light is the link between the TV and the remote. 

You need to check if the Infrared signal is going out in the first place. How can you see infrared light with the naked eye? 

Well, it’s simple, just put your phone in camera mode or use your digital camera. Point to the tip of the remote where the infrared is installed to the camera and press any button. 

If the diode blinks, the remote sends a signal to the receiver, and it’s functional. 

Fix 4: Check the Remote Buttons

Inspect the remote control and press all the buttons to see if they are functional. Some of the buttons may be having issues, and it would affect the remote. 

Use your phone camera to confirm the functionality of all the buttons. Press each button one after the other to see what will happen. 

If the light flickers when you press a button, the button is okay. However, if after releasing the button, it continues flickering, then the button is stuck. 

To help resolve the issues, move on to the next step to restore the buttons, but if the next step fails, a replacement would be the ultimate solution. 

Fix 5: Clean the Remote Control

As long as the remote is used, it picks up debris and dust, which collect in the remote. Some of them find their way under the keypad making the buttons unresponsive.

When this happens, the affected buttons will not respond or work. First, remove the batteries, and press all the buttons hard, one after the other, to break out anything under the buttons. 

Use a hot air blower to blow out the dirt or debris in the remote. After this exercise, your remote should work fine.


Now you know what to do when you have any challenges with your remote control. 

Whatever your remote problem, the troubleshooting steps above will help you out. 

However, after trying the steps and the remote still did not work, get a new remote or reach out to the Customer Support Team for further assistance.