How to Fix Phone not Casting to TV

Through a function known as casting, you can stream videos on your mobile device on your TV. Casting prevents you from huddling around your smartphone to view content by providing you with a larger screen. 

Sometimes, you might want to cast to your TV from your phone to no avail. The inability to cast to your TV could be a compatibility or network problem. You should bear in mind that the problem is not unsolvable. You will discover reasons you cannot cast on TV and the solutions in this piece.

Why Won’t My Phone Cast To TV?

Cast phone to TV

The inability of your phone to cast to TV could be due to the following reasons.

Weak Internet Connection

An unstable WiFi connection can be why you cannot cast from your mobile device to your TV. For optimal performance, the casting must be done over a WiFi connection that is both reliable and robust. There might be issues with casting if the WiFi signal is not strong enough.

WiFi networks can operate on either the 2.4GHz or 5GHz frequency bands. 2.4GHz is the better option for a streaming device. Check your router’s operation frequency by going into your router’s settings. Choose the 2.4GHz option for your Chromecast device because it can only function on the 2.4GHz frequency. 

You should consider moving your router close to your TV to see if that will fix the problem. If it doesn’t work, you might try rebooting your router to see if that helps. If the issue does not stop, you can try to connect your device to another wireless network to see if that helps. You could also try to use a hardwired connection. A wired network is more reliable and is less likely to experience issues with the connection.


Your mobile phone being unable to communicate with your TV is the most probable explanation for why you are experiencing this problem. For the casting procedure to be successful, it is essential for the mobile phone sending the data and the device receiving the data to support casting. 

If your TV does not enable casting but does support screen mirroring, you may be able to use screen mirroring as an alternative. Screen mirroring does not come without its share of limitations, though. If you use screen mirroring, for example, you won’t be capable of transmitting audio from your smartphone to the television. 

If you are uncertain whether your tv is capable of casting, one of the easiest ways to gain out is to look for an icon named “Cast” among the applications on your television. You can choose to cast content to your television using either an Apple TV or a Google Chromecast when you get to this portion of the menu. Chromecast and Apple TVs are two examples of gadgets that make it possible to cast content from your phone to your TV.

Running an Outdated Chromecast

Operating on an outdated Chromecast is likely to be why you cannot cast from your phone to TV. A solution to this problem is to ensure that you are utilising the most recent release of the Chromecast-enabled application. Chromecast is typically updated automatically. However, this may not apply to all Chromecast. 

There is the option to update the Chromecast manually. It would help if you tried casting to it after updating the software to the latest version. The following is a guide on how to update your Chromecast via Google TV:

  • Start up your Chromecast with Google TV by turning it on.
  • Proceed to the Settings menu.
  • Proceed to the System.
  • Click the About tab.
  • Check for available updates by going into the System Update menu.
  • Update the software if a new version is available.

Hardware Error

An error with your device hardware is likely to be a suspect. It would help if you restarted your mobile phone to fix the error. Restarting your device would not consume much time. To restart your mobile device:

  • Hold down the power button on your mobile phone until you get a menu that gives you the option to ‘Restart your device,’ ‘ Power down,’ or ‘Power off’ the device.
  • Choose “Power off.”
  • You will need to press and power the button once more to restart your mobile phone.

Running on Outdated Firmware

The firmware may be at blame for the difficulties you’re experiencing with casting. The software used on your device is called the “firmware.” It can become out of date over time. When anything like this takes place, it can lead to casting issues.

Check your device to see if there is an available update on Chromecast firmware. If there is, upgrade the firmware on your phone to see if this resolves the issue. Going into the settings of your smartphone will allow you to upgrade the firmware installed on your devices.

Also, check to see if the firmware on your smart TV and network needs to be updated. If any component of the system requires a firmware upgrade, there is a possibility that you will be unable to cast content.

Wrong Configuration

Another possible explanation for why you cannot cast to your television is that the settings on your devices are not correctly adjusted. Ensure that the HDMI connection on your TV is set on “enable” by checking the appropriate setting. Ensure that your display is set to the HDMI channel that forms the connection. Consult the guide with your TV if you are unsure how to complete this task.

Copyright Laws Safeguard Content

If you attempt to stream a movie or any form of content from an internet source, the issue may be that the media in question is copyright protected. As a result, you will not be able to cast it on your television. To fix this problem, try looking for the content you wish to view or listen to through a different internet source. Viewing from another source can fix this problem.