How To Reset Proscan TV

The Proscan TV often encounters some hiccups that affect the functionality of the device. Like other home entertainment devices that sometimes develop temporary glitches, Proscan TV is not exempted from having faults. You may encounter problems changing the channels, getting enough signal, or screen display problems and might need to reset it.

Interestingly, you can fix many of these problems without employing the service of a technician. While some faults can be fixed by a mere change of settings, power cycling, or factory reset, others may require a total repair or replacement.

Reset Proscan TV

You should consider a factory reset if you have tried the power cycle option and the problem persists. The Proscan TV comes with a reset button. The reset button on the Proscan TV is relatively small, so you might need to use something to pin it down.

You can use a paperclip and straighten it out so you can use it to press the button. For most models, the reset button is usually located near the control panel. You will have to insert the paperclip into the pin-sized hole and press down the button. Hold down the button for about 15 seconds before you release it. After this, the TV will start the reset process.

Wait for few minutes for this process to be completed. A reset should fix the problem. If the problem persists, that means you have a more severe problem.

If the problem persisted after you have done the factory reset, you have two options left. You can either return to the manufacturer for a repair or replacement. Better still, you can employ the service of a professional for a repair. However, before you make any decision, first you must confirm the warranty status of the television.

Confirm The Proscan TV Warranty

Before you call a technician to fix the television, first you should confirm its warranty status. If the status is still active, that means you stand a chance of getting it repaired or changed for free. Typically, the warranty often lasts for one to three years. The best thing about this is that you can have a replacement for the television.

Manufacturers of home entertainment devices offer a warranty against defects, while Proscan provides a minimum warranty. The warranty ensures that a buyer gets the best product that can be repaired or replaced if any defect or error is noticed. Reasonably, the warranty doesn’t cover any fault that is not a result of the manufacturing process. If the user caused the fault, the manufacturers would not take responsibility for it.

You can purchase a warranty from the retailer that sold the product. For instance, if you purchased the television from Amazon, it comes with an option to purchase a warranty. The manufacturer does not manage this warranty but Amazon. Sometimes, an added policy is introduced by the retailer. It provides more coverage options for the buyer should anything happen to the device. So, before you do anything, check if your Proscan TV has this warranty.

Professional Repair

For professional repair, you can either contact the manufacturer or employ a technician. The manufacturer has a team of seasoned technicians that help users fix any problem on their television. You can use the manufacturer’s phone number assistance to reach the manufacturer. Discuss your problem with them, and they will take it from there. Call 1-800-736-6837 and tender you complain.

Meanwhile, if you still find it challenging to reset the Proscan TV, contact the support team for help. Also, they can walk you through the process of fixing other common problems on the TV.

You should consider a professional repair if the television has an issue with physical electronics and a circuit board. These are delicate parts of the television that need the hands of an expert.