Turn off screen mirroring

10 Ways To Turn Off Screen Mirroring

Screen mirroring is a technology that enables you to display your computer, phone (Android and iOS), or tablet screen onto another device that has a more prominent display for better viewing. Perhaps because it’s a new technology, most people forget to turn off screen mirroring during their previous TV casting … Read more

What Is HDTV Cable And How Does It Works

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What is an HDTV Cable?

HDMI is a standard cable that transmits video and audio to and from the various components of a modern multimedia (audio/video) system. HDTV is the … Read more

HD Resolution


What is HD Resolution?

HD is a marketing term that means high-definition. It is a specification for video and television screens with a high number of pixels in both … Read more



Are 8k TVs Worth it?

Resolution is one of the most defining characteristics of TVs today. A television’s resolution and pixel density are key indicators of how good the image … Read more