Fix Roblox Looks Like Something is Not Working Right

In this piece, you’ll learn the easiest ways to fix Looks like something’s not Working Right, Thanks for being patient while we Look into it crash report on Roblox.

Roblox is not just a game; it’s a community and a business of businesses. It’s a platform that allows gamers to create their games and launch them for others to play.

This article will focus on regularly fixing the most common error reports received by millions of Roblox players.

Read on to discover three essential hacks that will fix ‘Roblox not Working’ server errors in minutes and get you back online to finish your task.

What are the Causes of ‘Roblox looks like something’s not Working…’ and other crash reports?

  1. Roblox Server is down
  2. Internet/Connectivity issues
  3. Outdated PC drivers
  4. PC configuration
  5. System lags, glitches, bugs and frags
  6. Corrupted Roblox game app data and memory files
  7. Outdated Roblox game app
  8. Mobile Device incompatibility
  9. Incorrect system/device date and time

Best Fixes for ‘Roblox looks like something’s not Working Right, Thanks for being Patient while we Look into it’ on a Mobile Device

In this quick-fix guide, we’ll consider players who are accessing the Roblox game from a mobile device for possible fixes as well. 

Let’s get into it then.

1. Troubleshoot your mobile device network connectivity.

  • Ensure your internet speed is up to the minimum requirement (5mb/s).
  • You can restart your network by putting your mobile device on flight mode for 10 seconds before turning it back on.

2. Device Compatibility

Roblox is a very engaging and immersive game with many graphics that are bound to keep you glued for hours. Sadly, it’s only accessible to mobile and PC devices that meet its specific minimum requirements.

Roblox app requires a minimum of iOS 9 and above to run smoothly. So it’s only compatible with iPad 2 and above, iPhone 4s and above, or iPod touch (Gen 5 and above).

For your Android devices, Roblox is no longer supported on any Android device from 4.4 KitKat and below. You’ll need a 5.0 lollipop minimum on an android device to enjoy a smooth gaming experience.

3. Restart the Roblox app

Simply closing and restarting the app might be all you need to do.

  • If the Roblox app is not responding, go to phone settings > apps.
  • Select the Roblox app and hit ‘force stop’.
  • If that also doesn’t work, restart your phone/mobile device. Press and hold the power button for 8 seconds to restart.

4. Clear app cache and memory data

After restarting your device, go to settings > apps > select Roblox > storage/memory > clear cache. You can also clear app data, but that makes you lose all game data permanently, so only do that if you’re sure you have your login details safe elsewhere.

5. Uninstall and reinstall the Roblox game app

If none of these fixes worked for your mobile device, consider uninstalling the Roblox app and downloading the latest version from the Google play store or Apple AppStore. Ensure you clear all previous app data before installing a new Roblox app.

6. Roblox Server activities

You should also check in with down detector or Roblox social media handles to see if there have been any recent server downtimes. You may have to wait for server downtime to be fixed to continue your Roblox gameplay.

How to Fix ‘Roblox looks like something’s not Working Right…’ error report on PC

1. Check your internet connectivity

You can perform a speed test to confirm you have a minimum 5mb/s internet speed on your PC. Speed tests are available for mobile devices also.

2. Check for driver updates.

Outdated graphic drivers will significantly limit your gameplay experience.

On a Windows PC, go to ‘Device manager’ from windows home and see if any driver is not up-to-date. 

Get AMD, Intel or Nvidia drivers here.

You can find your System drivers on an Apple laptop by going to the address System > Library > Extensions

Driver easy is also available to automatically scan and update your system drivers.

3. Check your system Date/Time and timezone.

A significant feature of Roblox is the varying gameplay modes and packages, which are limited to a specific date and time. To enjoy uninterrupted gameplay, ensure your date and time agrees with your current time zone.

4. Stop other memory consuming programs.

You may need to close other concurrently running programs, especially video editors, sound/audio mixers, graphic design apps, etc., to create room for more virtual memory and processing speed.

5. Force-stop the Roblox app from the task manager

While holding ‘control’ + ‘alt’ keys simultaneously, press ‘delete’ and go to applications. Stop Roblox and other similar running apps by selecting ‘end task’ when you right-click on each app. Now launch the Roblox app again.

6. Uninstall the Roblox app, then reinstall an updated version

If the app fails to stop, you should uninstall it and download a new version.

Go to control panel > uninstall an application, and scroll to Roblox. Then select uninstall.

7. Restart your PC

Restart your PC by shutting it down for 3 minutes and then powering it on again. That should clear all app glitches and runtime errors. 

If none of the steps above worked for you, try out one of the three super hacks listed below. 

How to Hack Roblox ‘Looks like something’s not Working Right…’ error reports

1. DNS Server tweak

  • Go to control panel > Network and Sharing centre> change adapter settings > select your network ( LAN or Wi-Fi). You should set up both networks if available to you.
  • Right-click on LAN (or Wi-Fi) > properties > IP4.
  • Go to properties and enter the preferred DNS server.
  • Use this tweak: Preferred DNS server:

Alternative DNS Server: 

  • Restart your PC.

2. Using command prompt

In your windows search box, type CMD and select ‘Run as administrator.

Type the command ipconfig /flushdns and hit enter. (note the spacebar between ‘ipconfig’ and ‘/flushdns’)

Next type netsh Winsock reset 

Hit enter and allow to run, then restart your PC.

3. Using app data

  • Press windows (start) key + r and type %appdata% and select ‘ok’.
  • At the address bar, select ‘appdata’ to open the app data folder.
  • Select ‘local folder’ and go to the Roblox folder.
  • Delete all XML documents and cfg files.
  • Now reopen the Roblox game. If it still won’t work, uninstall the app and reinstall an updated version.


How do I fix display lags and screen freezes in Roblox?

Answer: Open Roblox. From Menu in the top left corner, select settings > graphic mode. Choose ‘manual’. Now go to ‘graphic quality’ and reduce the bar. That should fix it.

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