8 Fixes for YouTube Not Working on Switch

Is YouTube streaming not working on your Nintendo Switch? Find out why, and the best Fixes guaranteed to work.

Nintendo Switch console can be used as a streaming device to access top-rated streaming channels like YouTube, Funimation, Pokemon TV and Hulu.

While it is not a competitor for the top spot in digital content streaming, the Switch streaming service has its unique perks.

YouTube streaming is accessible on Switch, and users can access millions of entertainment, sports, news, information, and lifestyle videos, using their mobile gadgets as a remote control.

Funimation is also an excellent option for lovers of animations, with tens of thousands of anime videos and series, primarily ad-free.

While Switch does not support YouTube TV and Netflix yet, we’re keeping our fingers crossed and hoping to get positive news in that direction any time soon.

What Switch doesn’t have in Netflix and YouTube TV, it makes up for in Hulu, offering premium content for only $6.99/mo, and Hulu combined with Live TV is for $64.99/mo.

This post will help you resolve YouTube’s not working on Switch issues.

Causes of YouTube not Working on Switch

The leading causes of YouTube not working on Switch include:

  • Connection errors
  • Wrong console time/time zone
  • Sound Settings
  • YouTube Servers experiencing downtime
  • YouTube app lags
  • Nintendo Switch Console condition
  • Nintendo Switch Software requires an update

How to Fix YouTube not Working on Switch

Before we attempt to fix these issues, let’s do some troubleshooting.

You may be experiencing a playback issue caused by an error in your network connection.

• To resolve this, confirm that your Switch console is connected to your internet.

• Check to ensure your wireless modem (router) is working fine.

• You can verify if your internet access is okay by using other devices to access the internet on the same network or checking a different channel on the Switch Streaming Console; if other channels are working correctly, your internet connection is fine.

• If you don’t have internet access, restart your Wi-Fi and router if available. Pull the plug for a few minutes and reinsert it.

• Confirm your internet speed is up to the requirement to stream YouTube.

• Confirm that YouTube is now working. That didn’t do it for you? Relax, we have a few tricks still, and one of them should work for you.

Change the DNS Settings

Many Nintendo Switch users use this to speed up their internet. The method is straightforward.

1. From ‘Settings’ on your Nintendo Switch, go to ‘Internet settings’

2. Select your network.

3. A small window opens, select ‘Change Settings’

4. When you scroll down, you’ll find ‘DNS Settings’. Please change it to manual

5. Enter your preferred primary DNS server from the ‘Primary DNS’ option. Google DNS server, for unbeatable speeds and security, is 6.

Enter your preferred secondary DNS server as well. Google secondary DNS server is

Your DNS server settings will significantly speed up your internet connection and improve video playback on YouTube.

Fix Wrong Time Zone Error in Nintendo Switch

You can change your time zone on Nintendo Switch for several reasons, including exploiting time travel events of certain games (e.g. animal crossing) and unlocking future or past events without waiting for the time clock.

Unfortunately, YouTube streaming works with your time zone, so whenever you tamper with it during gameplay, be sure to return to your original time zone to continue enjoying your YouTube streaming.

Follow these steps to fix your time zone on Switch:

Go to Home > Settings > System settings > Date and Time > choose ‘manually set date and time’.

Click on ‘ok’ when you’re done to save your changes.

If you want to return to your home time zone, follow the same steps; when you get to ‘date and time’, select ‘Synchronize clock via internet’ instead of manual setting.

Remember to select ‘Ok’ when you’re done to save your settings.

YouTube App Update

Another primary reason for YouTube not working on Nintendo Switch is the YouTube app might be outdated.

You should either update the app or delete and reinstall it.

Delete and reinstall YouTube on Switch

Go to Settings > Data management > Manage software.

You’ll see a list of all apps on your Nintendo Switch. Scroll down till you find YouTube, select and delete it.

To get YouTube again, go to your Nintendo eShop. Search for YouTube and download, or go to the user icon at the top and click it. Select ‘redownload’ from the list and choose YouTube.

Also, you should clean up your YouTube cache, cookies and all junk memory files that clog streaming playback. To clean up the YouTube app, go to Settings > Select Formatting options > Clear cache.

Choose your user profile to clear the cache.

Resolving YouTube Account login issues

YouTube doesn’t require an account for access to streaming. But Issues such as missing account IDs and incorrect passwords could hinder access to streaming when you’re logged in.

Ensure your YouTube account is not flagged, deleted or blocked.

Check your Nintendo Switch Condition

Ensure your Nintendo Switch isn’t broken or faulty in any way.

Check the ports and terminals, and secure all TV and sound connections.

If you notice any damage, get the help of your tech support.

YouTube is Down!

YouTube server often experience downtimes and most YouTube subscribers don’t notice; they get overly worried their screen isn’t showing.

Whenever your YouTube channel isn’t working, the first thing you should do is find out if it’s a general issue. Try to log in using other mobile or PC devices. You can also check on their social media handles to see what others are saying to them at that particular time. You can report this by sending a feedback here.

Fix Sound Settings error on Nintendo switch

Your sound settings can affect YouTube streaming quality, and poor sound settings will affect your playback quality.

Go to ‘Settings’ and select ‘System settings’ by scrolling down to fix this.

Select ‘Console Sound Settings’ and change it to ‘mono’ if you want a single channel sound output or ‘stereo’ for multiple channels sound output.

This should resolve your sound setting error.

Update Nintendo Switch Software

In conclusion, it’s also essential to keep your Nintendo Switch updated regularly. Avoiding updates will eventually lead to server connection errors and complicate your YouTube streaming options.

Updating your Nintendo Switch is fast and easy. Simply go to Settings > System settings > System Update.

Update YouTube Application

You should also keep your YouTube app updated. From the ‘system update’ screen, select the YouTube icon and dial ‘+’ or ‘-‘ on your remote to display the ‘software update’ option. Make sure you allow the update to run ‘via the internet for an instant update.

You can get more help with YouTube support, if nothing above works for you.


How do I resolve YouTube streaming turning black screen?

Answer: This is likely an account login issue. Try to log out of your account and play YouTube without an account. If that works, then your account is likely the issue.

How do I connect my phone to YouTube Switch?

Answer: your mobile phone can be paired with Nintendo Switch as a localized remote controller. Go to your YouTube on Switch and select ‘Link with TV Code’. Then go to the app on your mobile phone, select ‘Watch on TV, and enter the code. This pairs your mobile phone with your Nintendo Switch.

I can connect to YouTube on Switch, but videos don’t load anymore.

Answer: most likely a time zone Error. You should check and resync your time zone.

How do I fix the 2124-8007 error code? Every other system and game app works fine, except YouTube.

Answer: ensure your date and time are correct; check your time zone. The date and time must tally with your time zone.