Resolve Wii Black and White Screen with These 5 Solutions

The Nintendo Wii offers a wide variety of interactive gaming options for players of all ages. Its motion controls create a unique and social gaming experience, immersing players in a captivating and immediate gameplay experience. However, some users have reported challenges with the console.

These issues may be a result of Nintendo’s ongoing technical updates to the console based on user feedback. One common issue reported by users is the display of pictures in black and white rather than color.

Nintendo Wii

If you’re an avid gamer experiencing this problem, various factors could be responsible for this issue. This article explores five possible causes and also offers resolutions to them. 

5 Causes and Fixes of Wii Black and White 

Wii Black and White

1. Wrong or weak plug connection

This is the most common cause of having your Wii display in black and white. It could be that all cables connecting the Nintendo Wii to your television are not securely plugged in. Keep in mind that a weak connection can cause the color display to transmit inefficiently or, in worst cases, nothing at all.

Make sure the cables are connected correctly and securely. From the back of your Wii and the A/V of the component plugs of your television, unplug the Stereo A/V cable. Reconnect the cable, making sure it is secured.

Using a screwdriver, open the Wii opposite of the reverse side upward. Check if all the dial ports (usually yellow and pink striped) are correctly connected. Some TVs do not have the general yellow video input, called the AV connection. That is why carefully choosing the most adaptable TVs for Wii is pertinent. You can check the list of compatible TVs for Wii here.

2. Faulty Plug-in Ports

If you check and your connection is correct, but you still have pictures displayed in black and white, it is likely a faulty plug-in ports problem. In this case, the ports need replacing. Contact a Nintendo agent for help on how to replace the ports. 

3. Type of TV or Faulty TV

The type of TV is also a factor causing the display of Wii in black and white. Your TV is likely black and white; as such, it does not support other colors. Or perhaps, your television has developed a fault. 

To fix this, check your TV manual for color specifics. If it turns out your TV is supportive of black and white, you will need to get a TV that supports colors other than black and white for a better display experience. 

See a comprehensive list of best TVs for gaming 2021 here. If your TV supports colors other than black and white, it is most likely faulty. Contact a technician to help fix it. 

4. Wrong Screen Setting

If your cables are correctly connected, and your TV supports colored display yet Wii still displays in black and white; then your screen may be set wrongly. 

You will need to switch the setting of the input select to the one that has image in color. You can do this by pressing the “Input Select,” “Source,” or “Menu” button on your remote control to cycle through input channels.

You may also need to change the setting of the input select from a component signal to a standard AV signal, using the buttons mentioned above on your TV remote. 

The component signal may be labeled “Video,” while the AV signal may be labeled “AV.” In some cases, your screen will go blank for a few seconds, and then it will come back in color. You can also check the best tv settings for gaming here.

5. Wrong Component/composite Video Cable Connection

fix Nintendo Wii black and white display

If using a component video cable, locate component inputs on your TV. Usually, these connections cone in a row of five colored inputs – green, blue, and yellow go for video, while white and red for audio. Look for a set with a green input with yellow around it (sometimes the word “video” is inscribed above or below it.

Wii component video cable

Ensure to plug the yellow end of the Wii A/V cable into the green “Y” input. After that, you plug the white end into the audio “L” and the red into the audio “R.” Don’t worry about the blue and second red holes, and leave them open. You can now turn on your Wii console and switch your television to the input select you are using.

Again: Yellow in the ‘Y – Green’ White in the ‘L – White’ Red in the ‘R – Red’

If you make use of a composite video cable (the ones that come with one yellow video plug with red and white audio plugs), the console must be set to Standard TV (480i).

Other troubleshooting tips include:

  • Check that you are playing a game with color output. Some Wii games use color sparingly or not at all. If you can see color in all Wii games, barring a few, then the issue may be a game’s feature.

  • You can also disconnect the Wii from any intermediary devices and connect it directly to your television’s audio and video ports. Switch on the system and tune to AV or video channel.

  • If the settings and cable connections are correct, it is possibly a hardware problem. Maybe your Wii has developed a fault, probably due to a lack of ventilation, overheating, etc. In this case, check for dust and debris on the vents at the back of your console. If you find a lot of dust, you’ll need to use a vacuum cleaner with a brush attachment to wipe the dust. You can also disconnect the Wii’s AV cable from the back of the console and your television. Blow dust or other particles gently from the plugs to ensure nothing is obstructing the connection. Reconnect the cable by pushing the plugs back into place. 

  • Press and hold “B” to reset your Wii and load the game you are trying to play. Switch from scan mode to interleave. Then you press “OK” to load the game in a mode compatible with your TV. 

  • Check your TV resolution by switching on your Wii. Click on the Wii icon placed at the left corner. Select screen and scroll down to TV Resolution. Select “Standard TV” and click on “Confirm.” Your picture may not display in black and white if your Wii is set to a resolution too high for your television.


The Nintendo Wii is a widely popular gaming console that has introduced video games to new audiences, and its user base continues to grow in leaps and bounds.

The gaming console, Wii, gives a thrilling and euphoric experience for its users, especially its improved social activity, accommodating more family members. 

However, this experience can be limited when faced with a black and white display issue. It is frustrating and could potentially take away the fun from your gaming experience. Hopefully, with this troubleshooting guide, you can now fix this issue and enjoy the colorful display of the Wii gaming console.

If you have a different fix (that worked for you) not featured in this post, please share it with our community through the comment box below.

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