How to Stream Spectrum TV

With the advancement of technology comes evolvement in all spheres of life. Also, the way we perceive and receive entertainment has changed. Unlike before, where we have to pay a huge fee for premium and blockbuster shows, Today, there are tons of TV services offering premium content at affordable prices.

With Today’s technology, we do not have to be at home or at the cinema to watch our favourite shows. Almost all streaming services allow users to stream their favourite shows remotely.

Tons of companies have sprung up over the decades that provide streaming services; while some are less popular, some brands have stood out and become a household names.

Some of these companies are Charter Spectrum, Xfinity, Cox, etc. These companies have stood the test of time and move with the pace of technology and innovation. We will be reviewing Spectrum and how their streaming service works.

What is Spectrum Streaming Service?

Spectrum streaming service is a product from Charter Spectrum. The product is designed for existing Spectrum Internet subscribers.

Charter Spectrum offers this service as an alternative to competing over-the-top (OTT) services. Spectrum streaming services allow users to stream Live TV alongside on-demand TV shows. In addition, it offers tons of channels options from cable providers. The Spectrum streaming service plans include On-Demand movies and shows, Premium network add-ons, Spanish networks, Cloud DVR and bundling option.

Two features make the Spectrum streaming service stand out. First, subscribers can access and view content on any screen through the Spectrum TV app remotely or in the comfort of their homes. Secondly, it is affordable. You get to stream all your favourite shows at a lesser price than what a conventional TV service will charge.

Spectrum TV Streaming Plans

The Spectrum streaming service is an affordable alternative for people who cannot afford Spectrum Select, Silver, or Gold packages. Instead, it offers subscribers 3-tier economical plans to choose from – Spectrum TV Essentials, TV Choice and Spectrum TV Stream.

  • Spectrum TV Essentials

The Spectrum TV Essential is the cheapest plan available – all under a $15 monthly subscription. It offers about 60 channel lineups and holistic programming covering lifestyle, news, entertainment, and kids.

  • Spectrum TV Choice

The Spectrum TV choice plan offers subscribers easy customization of entertainment plans. That is, users can customize the content they choose to stream with their individual preferences. This plan comes with some selected major broadcast networks, and subscribers also have open slots. As a subscriber to this plan, you can select up to ten different networks of your choice, all under $25 monthly.

  • Spectrum TV Stream

Like the other packages, the Spectrum TV stream plan features 25 major channel lineups, including NBC, FOX, ABC, CBS, etc. Subscribers also can select and customize channels they want to view, all under $25 monthly.

How to Stream Spectrum TV

Users can stream the Spectrum TV via the Spectrum App. The App allows subscribers to watch Live TV and On-Demand content. Also, subscribers can control DVR and customize their viewing settings. The Spectrum TV app is available on Apple iOS, Amazon Kindle devices, Roku players, Andriod devices, Samsung Smart TVs, and Xbox for free.  

Below is a guide on how to stream Spectrum TV:

  • Download the Spectrum TV app
  • Launch the Application by opening it
  • Sign in to your Spectrum account by entering your username and password

You can start streaming your favourite shows once you are logged in. Subscribers can also stream Spectrum TV on their computer by logging their username and password into the Spectrum Online TV viewing site.


Generally, streaming Spectrum TV is relatively easy. With the Spectrum App, subscribers can stream their favourite shows with ease. Also, this service is available remotely. Yes, subscribers can stream content anywhere.