What To Do with an Old Rear Projection TV

Rear projection TVs aren’t bad, especially the bigger and better ones that can display 1080p quality. However, by today’s standards, they are severely limited. It was popular in the early days of what is now known as LCD televisions when LCD technology was prohibitively expensive. Their physical bulk and weight make them difficult, if not impossible, to wall mount.

Why you should not throw your TV in the trash

Your old projection TV is now obsolete due to the changeover to digital broadcast signals and Blu-ray technology. However, merely tossing your projection TV into an alley or dumpster is not an environmentally friendly option. It is prohibited in the United States and a few other nations across the world.

Toxic chemicals in old televisions can harm the environment. These chemicals are dangerous because electronic devices contain harmful substances such as lead, mercury, and cadmium

Because of these harmful chemicals, it is a must you dispose of them correctly. Throwing your old TV into the trash or a dumpster, won’t do any good. Not only will the chemicals contaminate the soil, but they can also pollute water and air as well.

How best can you dispose of your TV then?

How to get rid of your old rear projection TV

1. Give a recycling company

Find a recycling center that takes projection televisions. The finest sites to give are Gazelle.com and Wm.com. Some companies, such as Sony, have partnered with recycling companies. Others run their own businesses to assist customers.

Rather than recycling your projection TV, Gazelle.com will pay for it. You may be asked to bring your projection TV to the recycling company’s facility, or you might be sent a package in which you can ship your TV. The majority of recycling organizations will cover the cost of shipping your TV to their approved recycling center.

You may also look for recycling centers in your area by using Google.

2. Join a freewill organization

Freecycle is a non-profit organization that allows members to exchange electronics and other useful items. If you prefer, you can direct that your projection TV be donated to a non-profit organization rather than an individual.

Otherwise, choose the member who will receive your TV. Set a pick-up date and time. If you are unable to schedule a pick-up, you and the receiver may need to make shipping arrangements.

3. Donate to charitable organizations

You can also donate your old projection television to charitable organizations around you. In fact, depending on your location and the organization to which you’re donating, your projection TV may be picked from your door.

4. Repurpose it.

Some people have transformed their projection televisions into entirely new objects, such as aquariums. You can disassemble it and turn it into a television stand with a little effort. Most people use the base to create something else. There are several options to consider.

5. Sell the parts

Because these devices have many parts, you’ll most likely be able to sell them in a bundle or a few at a time. To find out what’s in demand, conduct a search and visit online auction sites. There are people and businesses who require various parts from your old television.

6. Sell your TV

You can also trade in your television at an electronics store. You can sell it on eBay Marketplace, Best Buy, Craiglist, or OfferUp.

Best Buy is committed to disposing of electronic waste responsibly. However, a rear projection TV must be less than 32 inches in order to be accepted at your local Best Buy.

When selling an old television, make sure it’s in good condition and still works. After all, no one wants to buy something that turns out to be defective. Check that the TV’s buttons and plugs are in good working order.

7. Return to Your Manufacturer or Retailer

You can simply return your TV to the manufacturer or retailer for free, though some may require you to pay a recycling fee.

Make sure to check with the manufacturer to see if your TV is eligible for the takeback program.

8. Junk it

Because recyclers, trash collectors, and charities might not accept an old projection TV, you could simply have it hauled away with any other junk on your property.

Your old projection TV should be disposed of properly. This will aid in the reduction of waste and clutter on the planet. Please share your thoughts in the comments section.