7 Fixes for Sony Tv Not Connecting to Wi-Fi

Sony has tons of unique features that allow users to enjoy their favourite shows, movies, music, etc. Generally, you can stream content online without interruption. However, it is recommended that you have a reliable internet connection to enjoy these smart features.

With technology comes flexibility. Yes, there are tons of things you can achieve with technology. And with most gadgets, like the Sony TV, connectivity is very crucial. You have to connect these gadgets to a network to be able to optimize it. Today, different network providers offer internet connection services.

Regardless of the network connection you are using, if you keep having connection issues, whether, on your TV or Smartphone, it is time to check out the possible issues and find solutions. 

Unfortunately, sometimes your connection might be acting up. This article will be recommending seven ways you can fix Wi-Fi connection issues on Sony TV.

How to Connect a Sony TV to a Wi-Fi

Like every other device that uses an internet connection, linking your Sony TV to a Wi-Fi network is pretty straightforward. Below is a guide on how to go about it:

  • From your Sony TV remote, press the home button
  • The Home button will lead you to a menu option where you will find the option – “connect a Smart TV to the Internet.”
  • Click on the option mentioned above
  • A Network Setup menu will pop up; click on Wi-Fi from the Connection Type option
  • Then Connect to your Wi-Fi network and enter the passcode

Sony TV Wi-Fi Connection Issues

If you follow the guide above and still cannot connect your Sony TV to a Wi-Fi network, there is an issue somewhere. The most common reason why you are having a connection issue may be from your service provider. Other reasons include:

  • Wrong password
  • Far Router Distance 
  • Multiple devices are connected simultaneously
  • Outdated TV software

Regardless of the reason for your connection issues, we will be providing some of the most straightforward solutions to these problems.

7 Fixes for Sony Tv Not Connecting to Wi-Fi

Below are seven fixes to resolve some of the issues you might be having with connecting your Sony TV to a Wi-Fi network:

1. Reset your TV

Resetting your TV is the most common fix to any connection issue. Below is how to reset your Sony TV:

  • Power off your TV
  • Unplug all the cables linked to the back of your TV set
  • Leave your TV unplugged for about 2 minutes 
  • Then plug back your TV power cord and restart your TV

The above solution refreshes your TV and restores normal performance.

2. Reposition your router

You might be having connecting issues if your router is far from your TV set. You may not get enough signal strength if your router is far from your TV.

It is advisable to place your router close to your TV set. Ensure that the router is not hidden from view – behind any walls or objects. 

3. Connection Timing

Yes, the time you decide to log on might be the issue. Generally, there are high and low internet traffic periods. Within these periods, you might experience slow or swift streaming.

So, when you try logging on when the traffic is high, you might encounter a slight connection issue. To resolve this, you can try connecting when internet traffic is usually low.

4. Update your Sony TV Software

If your TV software is outdated, you might be experiencing tons of issues aside from connecting.

Updating your Sony TV software can resolve any connecting issues the TV might be encountering. In addition, updating your software also fixes bugs on the TV and ensures all security files are updated.

Updating your Sony TV software is relatively easy, depending on the model of your TV set. Nonetheless, this is a general guide on how to update your TV software:

  • Use a USB drive to download and install the Software updates from Sony Website
  • Connect the USB drive to your TV
  • Press the Home button on your TV remote
  • Navigate to Apps, then scroll to Help
  • Click on “Check if updates are available for your TV” under the System Software Update option
  • Proceed to turn automatic updates on
  • Then download and install any available updates

While your software is updating, connecting your TV to a stable power source is advisable as the process can take about 30 minutes. 

5. Change the Date and Time Setting on the TV

If you were once connected to the Wi-Fi network and suddenly started having connection issues. It might be a firewall issue; your TV might have gotten out of sync with real-time and date. To fix this issue, try manually changing the time and date on the TV. To do this, follow this guide:

  • Press the Home button on your Remote
  • Navigate to setting
  • Click on System Settings, then Date and Time
  • Uncheck Automatic Date and Time setting
  • Proceed to enter the correct date and time manually
  • Then restart the TV and reset the network 

6. Reset Your Router

As mentioned above, sometimes, the issue might be from your router. If you have tried some of the solutions recommended above and still have issues connecting to Wi-Fi, it is time to reset your router.

Just like resetting your TV, resetting your router is pretty straightforward. 

  • Find the power button
  • Long press on it for a few seconds 
  • Then release your hold

This process will automatically disconnect you from the Wi-Fi network. You will need to input your password to get reconnected. However, this is an excellent way of resolving any possible software glitch the router might be experiencing that might be causing connection issues.

7. Power Off other wireless devices

Most Routers have a limit. That is a limit of the number of devices that can be connected to it. Most times, when a router reaches its limit, it does not accept any more connections.

Generally, most Routers have a limit of ten devices. You can resolve this issue by disconnecting devices that are connected which is not in use. This will leave room for other devices to connect to the Wi-Fi network.


So, if you have been having connection issues, our guide above should help you navigate through different solutions. However, if none of the solutions mentioned above works, it is time to contact Sony support.

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