10 Fixes for TV Picture Shaking

One of the unexpected issues that can happen to your TV set is a blinking/flickering image. This issue can be incredibly annoying as it can disrupt and distract you from whatever you are watching.

Fortunately, there are some simple solutions to this issue. This article will be recommending ways on how to fix your TV if the image is shaking.

Blinking/Flickering TV

A Blinking/Flickering TV screen is the dimming of your TV screen. It affects the TV picture and quality. This error appears like a strobe light and shows flashes of black and makes the image on the TV shake.

The most prominent solution for this error is restarting your TV set. Once you power off and on the TV, it should do the trick. However, some others reasons could be causing this error.

Troubleshooting TV Picture Shaking Error

As mentioned above, there are tons of possible reasons why your TV picture is shaking. Below are some reasons and possible solutions:

1. TV Reset

Resetting your TV is one of the easiest and most prominent hacks to fixing most TV issues. A TV reset involves powering off and on your TV set. Power the TV off for some minutes to readjust, then power it on. If this doesn’t fix the issue, continue reading for possible solutions.

2. Turn Off Energy Efficiency

Most smart TVs come with the Energy Efficiency option. And once this is enabled, it could cause the TV screen to be flickering. Try disabling the setting; if the flickering stops, it means the TV was not getting enough energy to run correctly.

3. Unplug the TV

Another solution to resolving the picture flickering issue on Tv is to do a hard reset. Unplugging the TV power cord from the wall outlet will automatically reset it. This action will force the to Reset, which can help remove flickering/blinking. Unplug the TV for a few minutes before plugging the power cable back to the wall outlet.

4. Change the TV Location

The TV might be in a bad angle that is affecting the screen. Try moving the TV to a location in the house.

5. Inspect the Power Cable

Ensure that the power cable is not damaged and properly connected to the TV. Do this by checking for loose connections, bent/burnt wires, damaged cords, etc. If you notice the picture shaking only happens when using a particular input, that could be the problem. Change the cables that are faulty or breaking.

6. Check Power Supply

Sometimes, the power supply to the output the TV is connected to might be faulty. To check if that is the issue, it is advisable to check other power supply output. You can change the TV location from living room to bedroom to test for power supply issues.

7. Inspect the Wi-Fi Router

If you are streaming live, a bad connection with your router can make the picture flicker. To fix this issue, reset the router or move it closer to the TV set. Alternatively, you can place the router in an area with a better connection.

8. Inspect the Video Source

The video source might be the reason why the picture displaying on your TV is shaking. This happens when the TV receives corrupted frames from the broadcast. If you are streaming, try rebooting the TV or resetting the router to clear the error.

9. Room Lighting Conditions

Typically, TV screens flicker, but it is so fast that it is unnoticeable. However, in some cases, extreme lighting conditions make the flickering noticeable. You can fix this issue by changing the light condition of the room either by brightening or darkening the room. Alternatively, you can adjust the TV’s screen brightness via Settings.

10. Update TV Software

The TV software might be outdated, which might be causing different connection issues and bad refresh rates. It is advisable to update the software of your TV regularly. To update your TV software:

  • Press on Settings on the TV remote control
  • Click on Support and Software once the Menu option comes up
  • Then select Update software

Wait for the update installation to finish, and your TV picture should stop shaking.


As mentioned above, tons of reasons could be causing your TV to flicker/blink. But with the recommendations above, you should be able to resolve the issue. However, if none of the above recommendations works, it could be an internal hardware problem.

Unfortunately, it is not an issue you can resolve unless you have the technical knowledge. If you don’t, you will need to employ a trained professional to check the TV out. Alternatively, you can consider replacing the TV if the warranty is still valid.