Sony TV Size Guide

Sony is a great TV brand, no matter the size. You can always find the perfect Sony tv size for your needs.

Sony is one of the most well-known TV companies in the industry, providing highly polished TV sets with exceptional performance. Sony TVs are a safe option when shopping for the best TV for your needs.

small Sony TV Size

They have good image quality, a few extra features, and high color accuracy. Their construction quality is superior too.

Sony also boasts some of the best sound systems available, thanks to technologies such as Acoustic Surface Audio+, which generates sound effects using the glass of an OLED screen, allowing viewers to immerse themselves in their viewing experience.

However, deciding on the brand is one thing, deciding on the size can be a different game by itself. To address your size conundrum, we have prepared this Sony TV size guide.

We will mention some popular models along the way, and at the end, you will have a good grasp of Sony TV sizes, and also a better understanding of their technology.

In recent years big manufacturers like Sony, Samsung and LG have focused their energy and resources towards producing big screens and creating a portfolio of mid-sized and big televisions.

They are also the prime innovators of the TV industry, so each year there is something new that appears in their models. In this advancement, the small TV category has been left unattended. It is also because consumers tend to upgrade to bigger models.

So, if the market is currently served with 40-to-50-inch TVs, the demand now is going to shift towards 60-inch screens.

For this guide, we have classified Sony’s TVs as small TVs, mid-sized TVs, and big TVs. Your choice of TV size should be guided by how far you will be sitting from the TV. This is called Viewing distance.

Sometimes this can be a personal preference too. But the general recommendation is that if your viewing distance is between 4 feet and 6 feet, you can go for a small TV.

If your viewing distance is going to be more than 6 feet, then you should go for a mid-sized TV. And for viewing distance more than 9 ft, you should consider getting a big screen TV.

Quick Overview of Sony TV Sizes

Sony TV SizeRecommended TV Model
32-inch Sony TVSony 32-inch HD TV
50-inch Sony TVSony X90J 50-inch UHD TV
55-inch Sony TVSony A80J 55 Inch TV
65-inch Sony TVSony A80J 65 Inch TV
77- inch Sony TVSony XBR-77A9G
85-inch Sony TVSony Z9J 85 Inch TV

Let’s get into the details.

Small Sony TVs 

Despite many manufacturers’ ignoring small TVs, they are still relevant. They may not be the primary TV for many people, but they can still fit well in an average household as a Kitchen TV or a bedroom TV. Or even a dorm TV for a student.

For Sony’s portfolio, we can consider any TV under 50 inches to be a small TV. Their smallest offering is a start from 32 inches, which is the Sony 32-inch HD TV, and this is a really old model.

Reasonable choices start at 43-inches, which is the Sony X85J 4K TV. This model has a 120Hz refresh rate, which is not very common in the small TV category.

It also has Dolby Vision HDR and also works with Alexa. If you’re looking for a TV for a small room, your kitchen, or even your bedroom, this TV can be a good option. You can also get this same TV, Sony X85J.

In a bigger size, all the way up to 85 inches. This is a testament to how good of a small TV it is. The Google TV feature in this TV combines all content from multiple streaming channels into one searchable interface and makes viewing recommendations based on your history and searches. 

You can get another small Sony TV which is 49 inches, which is the Sony X950H 49-inch TV. This TV comes with a 4K Ultra HD display and smart capabilities. It also has HDR, and the design language is a minimalist slate. This TV also comes with a 120Hz refresh rate.

The biggest smallest TV from Sony, is a 50-inch TV, Sony X90J.

Mid-Sized Sony TVs

Mid-sized TVs are wider; therefore, your TV experience becomes more immersive. They are perfect TVs for most living rooms. You also have a lot of freedom when it comes to managing prices and features.

While the upper end of the mid-sized segment can be expensive the lower end at 55 inches is relatively value-driven. It is perhaps this balancing act that has made 65-inch screens the most popular size.

We have considered any TV between 55-inch and 75-inch to be a mid-size TV. Among these sizes, you can choose from OLEDs and LED panels.

Sony A80J 55 Inch TV uses an OLED panel, this results in a wider viewing angle and better color reproduction. With Acoustic Surface Audio+, the screen is the speaker!

This advanced technology produces sound from the entire screen creating acoustics that is perfectly in sync with the picture. If you want to go bigger than 55 inches you can also get a 65-inch and a 77-inch variant of this TV.

Some mid-sized TVs, like this one, also come with Sony’s Bravia Core. If your TV has a Bravia core app, then you can watch a selection of movies from Sony Pictures and IMAX.

Sony X95J 65 Inch TV is another TV in the mid-sized category that can be worth looking at. It also has a 65-inch and 75-inch model. It too comes with Bravia Core, but this model has an LED panel.

This TV also features Bravia game mode, which enables increased frame rate and reduced input lag. So even if you’re looking for a TV for gaming this is a good choice. 

Big Sony TVs

Big TVs are ideal for big living spaces. They can transform a big empty space into an entertainment center. Big-screen TVs attract a lot of attention, but they are not as popular as mid-sized TVs simply because many consumers do not have room for it.

However, if you do have room for it, and you have the budget for these screens you should get one. Watching TV on a big screen brings out a cinematic experience like no other.

We have considered any TV above 75 inches to be a big TV. The biggest screens also boast 8K resolutions with HDR, like the Sony Z9J 85 Inch TV, where you get crisp and vibrant pictures.

But mind you, the big screen TVs from top brands like Sony do not come cheap. Another big Sony TV, the Sony A90J 83 Inch TV is a wonderful OLED display that is sure to impress anyone who looks at the screen.

Perhaps for some consumers, the Sony XBR-77A9G, which is a 77-inch OLED screen, might be the right option. It is big enough, but not too big.